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WA Manual New

WA Manual New

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WA Manual New 2011
WA Manual New 2011

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jul 28, 2013
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Some travel lanes are designed
to carry traffc in one direction
at certain times and in the
opposite direction at other times.
These lanes are usually marked
by double-dashed yellow lines.
Before you start driving in them,
check to see which lanes you
can use at that time. There may
be signs posted by the side of
the road or overhead. Special
lights are often used. A green
arrow means you can use the
lane beneath it, a red “X” means
you cannot. A fashing yellow
“X” means the lane is only for
turning. A steady yellow “X”
means that the use of the lane is
changing and you should move
out of it as soon as it is safe to do

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