Paper Name: PG 105: Accounting for Managers

1. Introduction: An overview of the Accounting Theory, Double Entry principles, Accounting Standards and convergence to IFRS. 2. Corporate Accounting Environment: Statutory Accounting books and records, preparation of accounts, financial reporting as per statutory requirement, introduction to Annual Report. 3. Management Decisions and Interpretations: Ratio analysis, Common Size Statements, Analysis of Financial Statements, corporate case study relating financial health. 4. Cost accounting: Cost Accounting – Objectives and importance, Cost control methods and techniques, Responsibility Accounting, Lifecycle Costing, Total Cost Management concept. 5. Cost Control Techniques :Marginal costing , Standard costing, Target costing, Kaizen costing concept, Activity based costing, Responsibility accounting, Transfer Pricing. 6. Budgetary Control: Budget and Budgeting, Types of budget, Zero Base Budget, Master Budget Concept. 7. Green house gases: Global warming potential, a special focus on carbon credit concept.

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