SERIES H High pressure polyurethane system


Easy-to-change mixing head without washing Data display and programme cell change button .

Control panel for setting and/or viewing: • temperature of components • pressures • effectively foamed component ratio A:B • amount of product delivered in kg • program number (memory cell) • any alarms and instructions on how and where to act The system can operate in: • manual mode • automatic mode: pre-set amount of product required for each cell • number 20 programmable cells (others available optionally) .

new programming or simple checks via modem (optional) gun display possible interaction with automated systems Overall dimensions .• • • • • flow rate control possibility of installing a data printer (optional) possibility of technical assistance.

and subsequent modification 93/68/CEE.5 m 6. 89/336/CE. electrical requirements electrical socket 380-400 VAC 23A 3P + T 30 A 50/60 Hz .5 m 6.5 m Data refers to a viscosity of about 500/700 CPS and foamed component A:B ratio of 100:130 Other on request The machinery in question have been manufactured in conformity with the regulations of the machinery directives 98/37/CE. 73/23/CE. 91/31/CEE. 93/68/CEE.Dati tecnici per sistemi Standard model H/300 H/400 H/500 flow rate max 20 kg/min max 35 kg/min max 50 kg/min absorbed power 15 kw 18 Kw 22 Kw chemical lines length 6. and subsequent modifications 91/263/CEE.

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