For the poem, I had selected Humpty Dumpty because I found out that the poem is short and comprehensive for Year 3 pupils. Since the poem has rhyming sounds, it will develop interest in the student and rhyming words are easily produced by a Year 3 student. Other than that, they would be able to identify some of the words that rhyme in the poem for example, “fall” and “wall”. Thus, as for a start I am able to expose them to how to create rhyme words in order to stimulate the confidence that the student are also able to create their own which is equal to giving them the ownership of learning to themselves. Whilst for the song, I have selected the song “One two three four five” because the song can be a cross curricular learning experience for the student in Year 2. For example, the song introduces numbers to the student even in an English language lesson and at the same time it focuses on English language as well. In addition, the song was selected because of the simple sentences that it has and I can be easily comprehend by Year 2 students. Other than that, gestures and performance are easily conducted since the words in the song can be translated into action as well. In conclusion, I had selected these two materials due to its suitability in terms of language, availability of gestures and promoting the student multiple skill rather than just memory skill. The action and creativity are well developed by using these two materials as teaching materials.