#57 Beaver blade 1% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine 15 Bard-Parker blade 15 blade 30-degree telescope Afrin

-soaked pledget alligator forceps Armstrong beveled PE tubes Armstrong grommet ear tube ArthroCare Coblator aryepiglottic fold Asch forceps backbiter back-biting forceps Baron #5 ear suction Buck curette Caldwell-Luc incision Caldwell-Luc procedure cephalic trim coblated Coblation Coblator II wand cocaine and 1% Xylocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine cocaine-soaked nasal pledgets

concha bullosa Cottle elevator cottonoids cricopharyngeus muscle Crowe-Davis mouth gag curved Allis clamp curved microdebrider curved single-guarded Neivert osteotome Davis-McIvor mouthgag Dedo laryngoscope Denver splint Donaldson tube dorsal hump reduction dorsal spreader grafts Doyle splint ethmoid bowl ethmoid labyrinth ethmoid sinus roof Floxin drops Frazier tip suction Freer elevator Freer knife Gelfoam .

Gorney scissors greater palatine foramen Guthrie hook halothane induction hemitransfixion incision Hopkins rod telescope Jansen-Middleton forceps Keith needle Kerrison sphenoid punch Killian incision lamina papyracea LandmarX navigation system L-strut Mayo stand Merocel Kennedy sinus pack morselizer mouth gag mucoperichondrium mustache dressing myringotomy knife nasal vault Nasopore nasal dressing Neiman splint Neo-Synephrine impregnated cottonoid .

open septorhinoplasty oropharyngeal pack osteotomy done in low-to-low fashion otoabrader planum sphenoidale Pope tympanostomy tube pull-type rasp pull-type rasp quilting stitch Ray-Tec sponge reosteotomized Reuter bivalve splint Richards modified T-tube septal cartilage sandwich graft septorhinoplasty sharp iris scissors sickle knife Skeeter drill soft palate retractor St. Clair-Thompson forceps stair-step incision Stammberger side-biting forceps straight-biting Blakesley forceps .

StraightShot microdebrider subperichondrial plane subperiosteal plane supratip break of the nose Takahashi forceps Takahashi rongeur tonsillar fossa tonsillar pillar tonsillolith transcartilaginous incision transcolumellar V incision transnasal red rubber catheter transoral sphenopalatine block Tru-Cut forceps uncinectomy undersurface of sella uvulopalatopharyngoplasty uvulopalatopharyngoplasty vallecula vomerine groove Zeiss operating microscope zygomatic arch .

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