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Math - Problem Solving : The Value of an Education part 1

Teacher Name: Salisbury

Student Name:

________________________________________ 3 - Above and Beyond Task 1 and Task 2 reflections are well thought out express insight. First task: All answers are correct. 2 - Accomplish ed Task 1 and Task 2 reflections show substantial understanding. First task: Only one error 1 - Developin g Task 1 and Task 2 reflections show some understanding of the concepts. First task: Two errors

CATEGORY Education by Age - Concepts

Education by Age - Accuracy

0 - Beginning Task 1 and Task 2 reflections show very limited understanding OR were not written. First task: Three or more errors.

Second task Compare and represent

Student follows directions and correctly compared and plotted as instructed. Analyzed, completed and exceptionally well done.

Student typically follows directions, comparing and plotting most of the data. All but one of the main tasks are completed.

Student attempted to compare and plot data.

Education by Age - Extra Credit Completion

Student shows limited understanding or did not complete the comparison or failed to create a plot An attempt was Not attempted. made but is incomplete.

Education and Earnings Working with others

Education and Earnings Procedures

Student was an engaged partner, listening to suggestions of others and working cooperatively throughout lesson. All procedures followed, well thought out and analyzed.

Student was an engaged partner but had trouble listening to others and/or working cooperatively. Most of the procedures were followed, no more than two items missing. The work was mostly on target.

Student Student did not cooperated work effectively with others, but with others. needed prompting to stay on-task.

Education and Earnings -Creativity

The work was creative and appropriate.

Unsure of procedures. More than two items missing. Evidence of effort was shown. The work needs improvement

Rarely follows instructional procedures and/or incomplete assignment. Work was not checked by classmates OR no corrections were made based on feedback. Budget is not realistic or is incomplete.

Education and Earnings -Budget

The budget was believable and very well thought out.

The budget was mostly on target

Education and Earnings - The 3 people

Detailed, well planned and properly researched. Well Done!

All the important elements are there. Missing no more than 2 key things Well done. Your analysis was mostly on target with no major difficulties

Students attempted to create a budget but left out some important items. Many of the important elements are present but 3 or more items are missing Getting there. Your analysis needs some refinement. Showing good trends but lacking something.

Education and Earnings Presentation

Wow! your analysis was spot on.

Incomplete or lacked significant development to portray any realism that could coincide with data. Incomplete or missing key elements. Analysis is lacking credibility.

Date Created: July 28, 2013