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Blender Art Magazine #14

Blender Art Magazine #14

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Published by mefjak

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Published by: mefjak on May 20, 2009
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TheGame Engine forum has a number of excellent tutori-
als and demos explaining various parts of the Game En-
gine, as well as methods to set up a number of different
types of games assets such as menus, Computer/enemy
AI, shooting projectiles, etc. The forums contain a wealth
of information that would be far too lengthy to list here.
So I am going to mention just a few that I have seen re-
cently that have caught my eye as extremely useful and
resourceful uses of GE abilities.

Level Editor Template

Autonomous bots without python

Simple AI

3rd Person Adventure Game Template

Ray sensor shooting tutorial

BGE FPS Template

Official Documentation can be found on the

Blender Wiki:

Game Engine Documentation

BSOD Introduction to the Game Engine

Good composition can
make a boring image
stand out and make you
sit up and say 'Wow'!

IZZY SPEAKS :The Importance of Composition



Issue 14 | Jan 2008 - Cartoon & GE

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