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Blender Art Magazine #19

Blender Art Magazine #19


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Published by: mefjak on May 20, 2009
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3D WORKSHOP:Perpetual Motion Machine Rigging

by William Edstrom



Issue 19 | Nov 2008 - Rigging and Constraints

In the IPO window, select the X location curve and
open Curve>>Extend Mode>>Cyclic Extrapolation. Now
this lead should cover the top of the piston housing
during a downstroke and uncover the housing during
an upstroke. Name the IPO curve “lead_outside”. Delete
the Loc X keys in the IPO window. Add lead outside to
the other outside lead.

Select a middle lead block. Since the middle pistons are
on the opposite stroke, they need to be timed different-
ly. Push the number next to the IPO title so that
changes made to this one won't affect the others. Re-
name it “inside_lead”. Move the motion curves back 15
so that the first keyframe is at 14. Add “lead_inside” to
the other middle block. The lead blocks should now be
synchronized with the rest of the machine.

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