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5. 9.No 1. 10. Particular Introduction Mission Overview Business Model Revenue Model Customer Value Proposition Main Competitors Advantages Over Competitors Conclusion Appendix References Page No .Table Of Contents Sr. 6. 3. 11. 4. 2. 7. 8.

Business Week’s Top 25 young entrepreneurs in Asia. car research etc. dealers. They are often described as Peer-toPeer. 3 . The used car listings have been gradually increased from 500 in Oct’05 to around 15. the third party charges a flat fee or commission. owns CarWale. It specializes in the sale of both new and used cars and facilitates purchases through tieing-up with manufacturers. Generally.  Automotive Exchange Pvt. financiers and insurance firms  Carwale has been accepted as the market leader in its category from the beginning.000 pages of tipsadvices. Red Herring Asia Top 100 for best automotive website.  CarWale is very rich in its contents.INTRODUCTION  Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) is a process which involves business between consumers through a third party website. It has been awarded with many prestigious awards including the PC World Web Award. It offers around 400.com is a leading Indian automotive portal in the country.000 listings presently. An online auction site is a very good example of C2C e-commerce website.  CarWale. Around 8000 used car value checks are performed everyday and in total it has served around 2 million so far. Ltd. Here a consumer posts an item for sale and other consumers bid to purchase it.com and India’s leading early stage venture capital firm Seedfund and top tier US venture fund Sierra Ventures backs this web portal. road-tests.

the cheapest loan and the lowest insurance quote In 2010. Site offer on-road prices of all cars available in India for 200 cities and towns. owner reviews. along with several tools and features such as Recommend-Me-A-Car. Site also brought together loan processing and insurance options so a buyer could actually get the best available car price. Since then we have been credited with several initiatives for Indian car consumers. depending on the car’s model. A small but precious achievement for us. . a used car buyer or seller could see what was the actual market value of their vehicle. For the first time. age.WEBSITE HISTORY CarWale was launched in October 2005 by Mohit. Site started a unique model of offering free car consultation to car buyers across India. Site became the first website in India to consolidate used car inventory across dealers and present it to car buyers as an online marketplace. Site launched India’s most comprehensive resource on car research. Site also helped them with dealer quotations and test drives at their doorstep. Site launched India’s first Used Car Price Guide. compare cars. variant. complete with industry-class equipment to test cars to their limit and publish our own expert reviews. Tufail and Arun. city and whether they were transacting with a dealer or an individual. In 2006. mileage. and one of our most popular features –on-road prices. condition. In 2005. Gaurav. In 2009. In 2007. CarWale’s Used Car Price Guide stands as India’s most comprehensive and credible source of information on used car prices. Site also became India’s first car website to have it’s own full-fledged editorial team. Today. Site became India’s single largest source of car sales.

detailed specifications and comparisons. owner reviews. 5 . To achieve this goal. We understand that a car is by and large the second-most expensive asset a consumer associates his lifestyle with.MISSION Our mission is to bring joy and delight into car buying and ownership. we aim to empower Indian consumers to make informed car buying and ownership decisions with exhaustive and un-biased information on cars through our expert reviews.

OVERVIEW  Industry: Consumer Internet  Sub-Industry: Content / Information  Ownership: Subsidiary  Parent Company: Automotive Exchange Private Limited  Headquarters: Navi Mumbai  Status: Operating  Company Size: 102 employees  Inception : 2003  Estimate Visits Per Day : 15.035  Estimate Value : $341.605 USD and makes $483 USD a day .

com has become more professional over time. The business model of CarWale.BUSINESS MODEL CarWale.com follows a simple business model of bringing buyers and sellers together on a common platform and charging a commission for the business between them. 7 . but also for businesses. providing a platform not only for consumers.

It also deals in selling of insurance.com also deals in selling of various new and old car accessories which adds on the source of generating revenue. Nearly 151. CarWale. the website may charge the consumer for exhibiting his product or might charge a commission when a transaction is made.com‘s overall value is approximately $341. It has served nearly millions of people through its web portal. after sales services and many more. There is a heavy traffic on CarWale. lighting devices. CarWale. navigation systems.REVENUE MODEL In online consumer to consumer (C2C) business model. There are many ways of earning profits besides charging a commission on sale of every used car. CarWale. audio systems.com is continuously expanding its business to its users and customer base through its very effective sales force and through its alliances.com generates its revenues from its portal by giving satisfactory services to its customers.395 people visit the site per day which in turn generates daily revenue of $483 USD. .605 USD. All of these add up for the generation of revenue. seat covers.com (shown in figure 1 in Appendix). CarWale. alloy wheels. A heavy amount of money is generated from the advertisement displayed on the website.

Mohit Dubey. 500 for listing a used car.com. It differentiates the product from competitors.com is generating the revenue with local commerce and also within the community. founder CEO of CarWale. CarWale. It has launched a classified magazine for used cars in Mumbai.CUSTOMER VALUE PROPOSITION:Customer value proposition of CarWale.com offers a variety of used cars on its portal. Some of the benefits of customer value proposition are:     It helps in convincing a customer to buy a product. And also sharpens the marketing. user. Around 50. In order to avoid fake sellers on its portal CarWale charges a fee of Rs.generated content and also focus on social media” according to Mr. 9 . This is because CarWale gives impartial recommendations for the car buyers.000 recommendations have been given by CarWale. The figure is around four thousand. Bangalore and New Delhi. Helps to keep the company staff to remain focused and clear about the company goals and objective. Helps in promotion of the product by understanding customer needs.

com  www.com  www.cartradeindia.carsalesindia.MAIN COMPETITORS  www.com  www.carazoo.automartindia.com  www.autonagar.com .

Seedfund.com that lists over 10. AE owns car portal CarWale.  Its car buying and selling tips and information.ADVANTAGES OVER OTHER COMPETITORS  The recommendations given by CarWale are generally impartial or unbiased.  It provides sophisticated tools and information for buying and selling used cars as well as new cars. has made its first investment by taking a 30 per cent stake in Automotive Exchange. information about institutions providing finance and insurance for automobiles are really appreciable.com conducts various workshops form time to time that educate car owners about the basics of car care that they can do themselves to keep their car running trouble-free.  CarWale. Around 50.000 recommendations have been given by CarWale to its customers.  Seedfund acquires 30% stake in CarWale.000 cars from 200 cities in India.com. a $10-million fund recently launched in India. 11 .

CarWale. air fresheners. The comparison between different cars clearly differentiates the cars on the basis of technical specifications and features which help the customers in choosing the car of their choice.com have helped many of the customers in choosing the best suitable car for them. . alloy wheels. body covers.CONCULSION CarWale.com improves the relationship between it’s customers by accepting the positive feedback given by them. The unbiased recommendations given by CarWale. It is a complete platform in which a consumer can get information on cars and there related accessories like music systems. It’s the best car portal site in its category. wheel covers. Any complaint or suggestions given by the customers are seriously looked in as they believe most of the innovation comes from the customers itself.com has a very bright future in the coming years. navigation systems and many more.

APPENDIX Traffic Graph: Screenshot: 13 .

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