LESSON PLAN SCHOOL: Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII Nerău NAME: Buru Florin CLASS: 5 LEVEL: Elementary TITLE: Nice

to meet you TYPE OF LESSON: Acquiring new knowledge AIDS: textbook LESSON AIMS: 1. to describe actions using the Present Continuous 2. to acquire new vocabulary (verbs related to meeting people) 3. to read for specific information 4. to write about romanian customs CONTENTS: ACTIVITY 1: Checking homework Time: 10’ ACTIVITY 2: Lead-in Context: knowledge acquired the previous class Time: 5’ Organization : T asks questions related to meeting people (What do people do when they Meet and say good-bye?). S answer individually. T elicits verbs related to Greeting gestures. Language: all and any Possible problems: the students may have a poor vocabulary so they will hesitate to answer. T will prompt them. ACTIVITY 3 Context: matching exercice Time: 10’ Organization: In pairs, S do ex.5 / pg.18. After matching the sentences with the pictures, S Report to the class – S answer individually and read the sentences aloud. T explains the new vocabulary and corrects pronunciation mistakes. The others take notes. Language: all and any. ACTIVITY 4 CONTEXT: short texts about greeting customs Time: 25’ Organization: S read aloud the texts in ex.6 / pg.19 and sum up each text in their own words. S answer individually. T explains new vocabulary and corrects pronunciation mistakes. In pairs, S fill the chart with the information they must find in the texts. Evaluation: The pairs report to the class under the form of a presentation. The others take notes. Possible problems: S may be tempted to use Romanian in their conversations. T will closely monitor each pair. HOMEWORK: ex 7 page19

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