ES 15 Problem Set #2 To be submitted on August 11, 2011 (Thursday) 1.

The pump-turbine system shown below draws water from the upper reservoir in the daytime to produce power for a city. At night, it pumps water from lower to upper reservoirs to restore the situation. For a design flow rate of 15,000 gal/min in either direction, the friction head loss is 17 ft. Estimate the power in kW (a) extracted by the turbine and (b) delivered by the pump. Unit weight of water is 62.4 pcf.

2. A jet of alcohol strikes the vertical plate in the figure shown below. A force F=425 N is required to hold the plate stationary. Assuming there are no losses in the nozzle, estimate (a) the mass flow rate of alcohol and (b) the absolute pressure at section 1.

Using Bernoulli’s Equation with no losses. unit weight of water = 9790 N/m3 and density of water is 998 kbg/m3. show that (a) the exit velocity V2 depends only upon gravity and the distance H and (b) the lowest (vacuum) pressure occurs at point 3 and depends only on the distance L+H. If V1=5m/s and manometer reading is h=58cm. For the pipe-flow-reducing section of Figure P3. D2=5cm. 4. At 20°C.3. the siphon in the figure below will run continuously as long as reservoir fluid is available. and p2 = 1 atm. Once it has been started by sufficient suction. D1=8cm. unit weight of mercury = 132800 N/m3. estimate the total force resisted by the flange bolts. .54.

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