Bryan Teruya Publications with Deba P Sarma CUMC: 2006-2012 1. Sarma DP, Teruya B, Wang B (2008).

Paraganglioma-like dermal melanocytic tumor: a case report. Cases Journal 1:48. PMID: 18638402 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] 2. Sarma DP, Teruya B (2009). ‘Lint ball’ omhphalitis, a rare cause of umbilical discharge in an adult woman: a case report. Cases J 2: 7785 PMID:19830013. [Pubmed- indexed for MEDLINE]. 3. Repertinger S, Teruya B, Sarma DP (2009).Common spindle cell malignant neoplasms of the skin: Differential diagnosis and review of the literature. The Internet J Dermatol 7(2). Indexed by Google Scholar.

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