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International Telecom,
Plot 4 Upper Naguru Hill. P. O. Box 22212 Kampala Uganda. Tel: +256 312 299 800 Mob: +256 772402924 Email: info@itlsky.com Website: www.itlsky.com


Virtual MMSC Professional Services: Our teams of experts are available for design. Groups and Channels via an online Interface Global Network: 10 Data Centers + 500 Wireless Networks Not Just SMS & MMS: Use our same interface for sending Email and Fax Application Integration: IVR Toolkits. Africa and Uganda ITL is proud to launch the integration of data. ITL focuses on making telecom dreams of technological advancement adopted in Africa and the rest if the world. Our services are provided on our distributed. SMS Broadcast. Our services provide a cost effective delivery capability. We provide outsourced. Virtual SMSC / SMS Router 2. Asia. E-mail to SMS 4. Our carrier grade and banking services also provide extra levels of resilience and performance. Basing on wide experiences of world telecom.1. Bulk SMS is a WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider). We are able to offer a range of wireless services to a wide range of markets. wireless & messaging services (Bulk SMS. UDH. We maintain a network of data centers and nodes and transmit over 10 million SMS. ITL has adopted the scientific way to bring Technology closer to Africa. PID and DCS changes Outlook Plug In: Send and Receive Fax and SMS from within Outlook Content Delivery: Manage Lists. The range of free plug-ins and tools help you integrate quickly and effectively. SMS To E-mail 2 . Fax and Voice messages per month. Tracking Advanced Messaging: Class 0. Voice and Video Digital networks across Africa. Delivery Receipts. Virtual SMSC. What we are propose:           SMS Delivery: Bulk SMS Delivery to 500 Wireless Networks 2 Way SMS: Send and Receive Bulk SMS Messages Multiple Interfaces: Cost Effective Bulk Pricing. global messaging network. integration and consultation. Services include 1. SIM Messages. consultancy. and MMS).INTERNATIONAL TELECOM LIMITED (ITL) is a UCC licensed communications company based in Uganda. Europe. Inbound SMS Router 3. program plug-ins.2 & 3. 7/8 Bit. Through partners in USA.

6. 8. "Write It Once" Features With the Bulk SMS Content Delivery system you only have to write or enter in your Story ONCE.5. You can also get advertisers to sponsor channels. It can then be sent to not only SMS but also E-mail. As such we are able to negotiate and aggregate bulk rates and pass the savings on to our partners. One Simple API to Integrate: Bulk SMS provides multiple interface methods from the simplest (an emailed spreadsheet) right up to the most powerful and flexible direct protocols such as SMPP. 3 . Fax. we are the experts. Not only can you charge the user for stories or channels but you can also make "kick back" revenue via the reverse charging billing arrangements Bulk SMS has with cellular operators. Service. . All you have to do is use our simple API to connect your application to the wireless world. Gain Unrivalled Access to Wireless Providers: Bulk SMS has connections to over 500 Wireless Providers around the world. Think how your business could benefit by engaging Bulk SMS to snap in Wireless for you. How Can We Help your Business. From Bulk SMS and Broadcast SMS to secure messaging. Take Advantage of our Bulk Rates Bulk SMS is a bulk transport agent of SMS messages to the Wireless Network Providers. SMS Broadcaster SMS Voting Application Ring tone and Logo Manager SMS Broadcaster The Benefits of adding Wireless & SMS to Your Application. 7. We have already done all the negotiations with the providers on your behalf. Voice and ICQ. Add a Wireless Channel You will find that a lot more people get the message if you can make that message available to them wherever they are. Channel Based Opportunities Revenue Generation opportunities. Sell More If you are an E-commerce store or portal with a user base content delivery of "special offers" can act as a great triggering event to drive new sales.

It is also true that Uganda has the most high call rates in the region. Reporting: we offer extensive reporting facilities on sent messages. connection time and most of all. Thanks. we are able to negotiate attractive pricing and in turn offer very competitive pricing to our clients. International Provider Connections: direct connection into various International Networks provides the highest quality in message speed and delivery and varied SMS services on the continent.000 500. price. High level of support: Our support staffs are always keen to help resolve any difficulties one might experience using our service. we can route messages.Proposed Tariffs Quantity 50. Cost: by our sheer traffic volume. Range of Services: our product suite covers ALL SMS needs. Please say yes to ITL. Whether direct connection via our gateway or via one of our many interfaces.000 100. International Telecom Ltd Price (Ushs) 55 50 45 40 4 . according to which providers are currently available (and even the biggest networks are sometimes unavailable). We are by far the best in quality. And that’s why we at international Telecom are proud that we have the most convenient and cost effective methods. SMS Provider redundancy: by connecting to multiple providers simultaneously. our experience in this space is second to none. Every thing in this proposal is due to discussion.000+ Why ITL Extensive Experience: ITL Staff have been providing SMS Services in Uganda from the beginning.000 200.

5 .

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