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Reading Schedule 39 Chapters, 487 pages Chapters 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 25-28 29-32 33-35 36-39 Pages 1-37 38-90 91-156 157-208 209-260 261-315 316-377 378-415 416-444 445-487 Due Date

Homework: For each date that we set, the homework will be: (1) Finish reading the assigned section, (2) complete the reading questions for the assigned chapters, and (3) complete the double entry journal using a quote from anywhere within the assigned section. With the journal, we will be focusing on three different skills: Making and supporting inferences Analyzing characterization Analysis of tone

Model for the INFERENCE double entry journal: Character: Beatrice Evidence (quotation or detail and context) Quotation: In my reflection, I see a narrow face, wide, round eyes, and a long, thin noseI still look like a little girl, though sometime in the last few months I turned sixteen. The other factions celebrate birthdays, but we dont. That would be self-indulgent. Context: This is when Beatrice is getting her hair cut before the Choosing Ceremony. She is rarely allowed to look in the mirror, so she is studying her reflection. InferenceCommentary Inference: She is about to change a lot and will no longer be living the life of a little girl, but will instead live a much harder life requiring her to be mature. Commentary: Though she appears young and helpless, she realizes that now that she has turned sixteen, she will face a new, harder life. Her wide, round eyes will be filled with new images and will have to embrace a new world. We can also infer that people might not take her seriously because she looks so young, which could be important later.

Divergent: Ch. 1-4 Discussion Questions 1. What is life like for the Abnegation? 2. What happens to Beatrice in the factionless section and what can you infer about what choice she will make? 3. What does Caleb say to Beatrice before the ceremony and what does that show about his character? Double Entry Journal: See the model on the reading schedule page for an example of how to do this journal. Character: Evidence (quotation or detail and context) Quotation: InferenceCommentary Inference: Commentary: Context:



Commentary: Context:

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