A defective drugs lawyer can fight Reglan Tardive Dyskinesia injury

Despite FDA warnings, many doctors prescribe Reglan, Octamide or Maxolon to treat digestive disorders. The metoclopramide contained in these brands can cause a severe muscle malady called Tardive Dyskinesia, which makes the face, arms and legs twitch or jerk uncontrollably. Jim S. Adler & Associates can hold such defective drugs’ manufacturers accountable for their negligence via Reglan lawsuits. Simply submit the free case review form on an Adler website and a legal representative will get back to you promptly about your Reglan side effects legal options.
Reglan lawsuits can gain for victims financial compensation for their medical bills, their lost present and future salary, and their pain and suffering. When an innocent person is harmed by a negligent manufacturer, a personal injury lawyer can hold such a manufacturer responsible in the legal realm and gain economic recovery for the victim. Tardive Dyskinesia, or TD, triggers involuntary muscle jerking and twitching in many areas of the body. Sufferers can have trouble breathing, swallowing, walking or talking, and their legs, arms, hands, feet, fingers, toes, torso and head may move without their control. Victims also may manifest Reglan side effects via involuntary pursing, puckering and smacking of the lips; rapid movements of the eyes, which also may blink and bulge uncontrollably; thrusting out of the tongue; and grimacing of the face. Sadly, TD has no known cures, remedies or treatments at this time. If you or a family member is suffering such Reglan side effects after taking a drug with metoclopramide (Maxolon and Octamide are others), see your physician as soon as possible, and then alert an Adler Reglan lawyer or defective drugs attorney who can fight for your legal rights. (Common misspellings of Reglan and Tardive Dyskinesia include Ragland, Raglan, Raglun, Raglund, Raglind, Raglen, Raglend, Reglend, Regland, Reglind, Reglund, Reglun, Reglen, Reglin, Tardiff, Tardif, Tarduf, Tarduff, Tardiv, Discanesia, Disconesha, Disconesia, Disknesha, Diskonesha, Dyskinesis, Disconeishia, Disconeishe, Dyskinesias, Diskinesia, Dyskenesia, Diskoneishe and Diskoneishia.)

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