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WI Manual New

WI Manual New

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WI Manual New 2012
WI Manual New 2012

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jul 29, 2013
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1. Check for trafc in your mirrors and blind spot. Signal right. Pull over
as far right as possible and stop. Slow as you are moving out of trafc.

2. Turn your wheels sharply to the left if there is a curb and you face uphill.

3. Turn your wheels sharply to the right if there is no curb or
if you face downhill. See the illustrations. Tis way, if your
vehicle starts to roll, it will roll away from trafc.

4. Set your emergency brake and place your vehicle in park.
If your vehicle has manual transmission, shift into reverse
if parking downhill or into the lowest gear if parking uphill.

5. To resume travel, put your turn signal on, check mirrors
and blind spot. When safe, pull out into your trafc lane.

No Parking Zones: Tere are many areas where you cannot park.
Check for signs which may prohibit or limit parking. Some parking
restrictions are indicated by painted curb markings (usually yellow).

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