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WI Manual New

WI Manual New

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WI Manual New 2012
WI Manual New 2012

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Published by: drivershandbooks on Jul 29, 2013
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Be alert so you know well ahead of time when you will need to stop.
Stopping suddenly is dangerous and usually means a driver was not
paying attention. When you brake quickly, you could skid and lose
control of your vehicle. You also make it harder for drivers behind
you to stop without hitting you, especially if the road is slippery
and/or there is a large vehicle behind you that cannot stop quickly.

Try to avoid panic stops by seeing events well in advance.
By slowing down or changing lanes, you may not have to stop
at all and if you do, you can make a more gradual and safer stop.

Do not coast (transmission in neutral or clutch depressed) while driving.
Stay in “gear” so you have the braking power of the engine available.

Correct hand position

Incorrect hand position

Incorrect hand position


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