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UNT Master’s Program in Curriculum and Instruction

Learner-Centered Professional Development
The teacher, as a reflective practitioner dedicated to all students’ success demonstrates a commitment to learn, to improve the profession, and to maintain professional ethics and personal integrity. Contents of Division and Courses Reflected EDSE 5001 The Ron Clark Story EDSE 5002 Piaget Project EDCI 5360 Evolution EDSE 5002 Love and Logic EDSE 5001 Learning Research EDSP 5730 EDSP 5730 Class Discussions EDCI 5320 How to Conduct Action Research Professional Professional Development Transcript Goal for Division My goal for this division is to show how I use professional development opportunities to grow as a professional and become a better educator for my students. I attend several professional development opportunities to become a stronger educator, and to grow professionally as an individual and as an educator. Every professional development opportunity I had selected because I believe it will ultimately have a positive impact on students in my classroom and building. Rationale for Inclusion of Work Samples I have included the above work samples to demonstrate my professional disposition resulting in my continued professional growth. It will also show my current and active engagement with professional peers both at school and at work. In addition, evidence of my contribution to the teaching profession and my participation in professional development activities is shown. In each artifact, the impact on student learning is evident. Reflection of Personal/Professional Growth in Division Area I have grown so much as a professional since I began teacher, and more so since I began the masters program. By reading and conducting researching throughout the program, I have learned so much about educational research and the impact it can have on a classroom. It is important as a classroom teacher to if not conduct, read current research on classroom practices to ensure I am teaching students in the best way possible and with the best educational practices. My contribution and participation in conference and other professional activities is essential in maintaining professional growth. Communication and contact with other professionals is another way I share great ideas and learn new techniques to use in my classroom. The educational field is a community in which I have chosen to be an active member of to ensure my continuous development as an educator.