Translated into English by Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com. Translator ‘ Muslim Saints and Mystics’ (The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid al-Din Attar) Email :

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Preface This book is very new and which is written and published in the year 2013 for Suleiman Rabbani, Usman Rabbani and Shezan Rabbani as they are much interested in the story reading in holidays. In this book all stories which are published in Hyderabad in the Urdu news papers are translated into English from Urdu language. This is small book in which there are brief stories are added and which are not yet known to the some boys and other small kids are published in very interesting style so for this reason the readers will find great interest and attention in this matter for lower kindergarten level so much importance was given for the story side than the level of language to avoid extra burden on the small kids in this matter. For the above facts and details, if the readers will starts reading this book’s first chapter and will not stop its reading till they will reach its last chapter as in this book due to some interesting events and as well as other details which are added in it. Even though this is small book but due to its importance it is so great due to coverage of many interesting events and positive information in it so it is like an ocean of knowledge and information for the kids . This book is edited and formatted as per the great books of stories which are very famous in the Western world among the English knowing persons. So for this reason there will be some small differences in it while comparing with the Urdu books and its literature. The aim of this book is to present to English medium students through out the world so for this purpose it is published on the face book as there is great search and demand of these books of kids. Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com. Translator ‘ Muslim Saints and Mystics’

(The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid al-Din Attar) Email :

Published by © MOHAMMED ABDUL HAFEEZ First Published 1433/2012. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher.

1. The Cunning Fox.

There was a cunning fox that used to live in a jungle. Not only was she very cunning but she was very proud so for this reason she used to impress the small animals. One day she told all animals that nobody should not drink water from the well and she will alone will drink water from there. So rabbit replied her that it is not fair and not good for all other animals. The fox warned all animals that they should obey her order otherwise she will beat anyone who will not obey her order and threw him out of the jungle. Giving the above warning the fox left from there. The rabbit told that this is not the fairest thing and from where we should drink the water? So frog told him that we will drink water from this well only. But the fox will beat if we drink water from this well; the cat told her idea to them. Jackal told we will drink water from this well only and see what will be happen. On the next day all animals went to the well to drink the water and cunningly they also took with them the black faced big monkey. Fox up on watching all of them drinking water from the well from some distance and she left from there due to the fear. All animals began laughing upon watching the going of fox from there. Rabbit told them the fox left from here due to the fear. Lesson. The jackle told that the barking dogs never bite. -------------------------------------------------

2. The mischief of cubs. In the jungle there were many animals used to live there. They used to wander and move here and there without any fear in independent atmosphere. The king of the jungle tiger has two cubs that were very mischievous so for this reason the tiger instructed them do not do many mischievous things and do not go far from their house otherwise they will face difficulties and problems. As cubs were very mischievous so they could not follow their dad’s instruction in this matter. One day a hunter came to the jungle and fix a net in the jungle and hid himself on the tree to catch the animals. In spite of their dad’s instruction the cubs went away from their house . So the hunter gets down from the tree and caught the beautiful cubs and took them to the city. For this reason the tiger was very upset in this matter. At that time one fax came there and she told her the story of a hunter and catching of the cubs by him from the jungle. Due to loss of cubs the tiger was very sad in this matter and he told the fox that he was always used to tell the cubs not to do mischief and not to go far from the house but they have ignored his advise so they got punishment for not obeying the elder’s advise . Upon saying this the tiger began weeping while remembering his cubs. So the fox told him as follows. “ Oh : king of jungle be patient as we are helpless in this matter as so sow so shall you reap -----------------------------------------------------------

3. The Wisdom and mocking.

There was one monkey who was very mischievous and was very cunning and he used to live in the wild fig tree. When tired persons used to take rest under the tree then the monkey used to take their goods and climb on the tree and used to show them things and broke the same. One day one barber came there and he was tired there and slept under the tree.When the monkey saw this he took away razor from the kit of the barber and climb on the tree. When the barber wakes up and saw all his kit items here and there in bad condition so he was upset and angry in this matter. When the barber looked upon the tree the monkey was laughter at him. The barber tried to take back his razor from the monkey but he did not give him back to the barber. As the barber knows well that monkeys are perfect in the copying work. So he tried another razor on his nose and by seeing this the monkey also copied this work on his nose and due to this work his nose was cut and there was a flow of blood from it so for this reason and problem the monkey began weeping and crying and due to the pain he was running here and there and due to his anger he was thrown the razor on the ground. The monkey was punished due to his mischief. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. The wise Rabbit . In one jungle there were used to live many animals in harmony and they were used to live in happy condition and they never used to fight with each other. They used to live in an atmosphere of love and affection. The birds fly in the sky and rabbits run here and there in happy mode. In all animals there was one rabbit his name is called as Mona and he has three sons and they were very mischievous and they always play here and there in the jungle. One day they were playing in the jungle and at that time one tiger came there and he caught one rabbit and ate it. The other two kids of rabbits hid there and went to the house and informed all details to their father. So Mani called all jungle animals meetings and asked them to help him in this matter and solve this problem.All animals thought in this matter but they could not find the solution of the tiger’s problem to save their lives. Till the solution of this problem all animals instructed all their kids not to play outside of their houses. Next day some somebody knocked the door of many and he opened the door with fear but he finds his brother Babu was there who used to live in another jungle. Mani welcomed his brother into his house and closed the door securely. Babu asked the reason of his fear of his brother and Mani has explained all details in this matter. Babu was wise rabbit so he told him the solution of the problem of the tiger. Upon hearing his idea all animals were going to their resting places and Babu also left from there. On the way he finds one hunter who was ready in the jungle for the hunting. Upon seeing the hunter Babu went to see him and the hunter followed him to catch him so Babu slowly took him to the tiger’s den and the hunter find the tiger there. So he

killed the tiger with his gun and took the dead body the tiger to the city zoo park. Upon the death of the tiger there was great happiness and joy in the jungle and all animals were returned back in their past life of living togetherness in a jungle life with cooperation and love. For their freedom of lives all animals thanked Babu in this matter.

5. The enmity of the cat and mouse. Dear boys do you how enmity in the cat and mouse was started and for the details please read the below story. Once upon a time in one jungle a cat and mouse were used to live and they were best friend in the jungle. The king of jungle tiger was very good and kind heart ruler of the jungle. All animals were used to live in peace and happy condition in the jungle and used to share happiness and problems with cooperation and love. The king tiger will use to organize a yearly race in the jungle and give away prize to that animal who will win the race. The current race for the year was declared by the king tiger. The race distance and its point of start and end were also announced in the jungle. The cat and mouse know one secret way of the race and which was very short and near and this was known only to cat and mouse. They both have participated in the race and from the starting point they reached the secret place from there the ending point was very near. As both were very near to the ending point so both of slept there to take some rest. The cat slept deeply and the mouse heard loud voices and wake up and started running in the race and reached at the final point. The king of jungle awarded him a gold medal and at that time cat woke up and scolded him for his un-fair method to win the race wrongly and ran to catch him and to give punishment to him in this matter. But the mouse took his medal and ran very fast in the jungle and the cat could not find him anywhere and since that race day the enmity between cat and mouse was started.

6. The mischief of the deer. One day one deer was wandering the jungle and he was heard voice of a tiger and he knows well that the tiger will eat him. So one idea came into his mind. When the tiger came near to him he pretended that he was watching the dry leaves. So the tiger asked what he is doing there?. The small deer told him that he is guarding the royal food. So the tiger told him he will eat it so he should not touch it. Upon this deer ran from that spot. The tiger was very un-happy upon eating sour and untasty leaves of the tree. The deer found one big snake which was sleeping under the tree so he sat there and pretended there to watch it. The tiger went there in angry and asked him what he is doing there.? So he told him that he is watching king tiger’s belt there and this is magic belt and whoever will use it and demand anything in this matter than his will and wishes will be fulfilled. First the deer were not agreed in this matter. The tiger requested him that upon wearing it he will demand for one wish and upon its fulfilling he will return back to him. So the deer agreed in this matter and told him that he can use it by himself as he will leave the place for him and he went from there to jungle area. When the tiger tried to use the big snake which was sleeping was wake him bite him and covered his whole body and in this way tiger of the jungle was fooled by the small wise deer and he was injured severally and he ran from there to find the small deer and find him in the other part of the jungle where he was guarding something. So the tiger asked what he is doing there.?. So the deer told him please silent here as he is guarding royal drum and its sound is very nice and well but I will not allow you to beat it. So for this reason the tiger was angry and cried in loud noise so he ran from there. Upon beating the drum which was a beehive of honey bees and all bees were attacking him so the tiger

was injured and in this way he was made three time's fool by small animal deer in the jungle. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. The duty of the friendship. There was a tree of wild fig at the river side and which was a very old tree. On it a one and crow used to live on it in their nests. The bird has two kids which were very beautiful. But crow was living there alone in his nest. The bird and crow were becoming good friends. One day crow become ill and he could not go outside to search for his food outside.So he requested the bird to bring some grain for him when she left outside in search of food for his kids. When the kids were sleeping the bird left her nest to bring some grains for her kids. When the bird left the nest then the crow heard some noise in the tree so he looks outside of his nest and find onehangerr cat there who was trying to eat the kinds of the bird. Due to fear and problem the crow become upset in this matter. So he began thinking to save the kids of the bird.So he fled and went on the upper branch of the tree and where as the cat was there on the lower branch of it. At that time birds were waking up and began crying upon looking the cat due to fear in this matter.The crow began thinking that if he will save the kids then the cat will blame him in this matter. So he began cutting the wild figs from the tree and thrown on the cat so for this reason the cat was injured due to fall too many fruits on her and she was badly injured and there was a flow of blood on her head so for this reason he fled from there while crying and weeping. Due to this work the beak of the crow was also injured due to cutting of the wild grapes from the tree. After this event the cat came back there with food items for her kids and crow. The kids have told her the story so she was very happy for his help and duty of his friendship. The cat has called the crow into her nest and all have breakfast together and cat also helps the crow to put jungle flowers on the injured part of his body.

So we should fulfill our duty of our friendship as the crow did in this matter. 8.The cunning mouse and lazy cat. One village was known as the chohaper because in that village there were large numbers of mice were there. For this reason the villagers were facing many problems in this matter. If there will no person in the house then mice will eat everything in this house. A village girl was married in another village which was known as Catpur because in that village there large number of cats were there. For their large number villagers were facing many problems with cats in that village as the cats used to eat everything in the house if somebody will be out from there. The bride wrote one letter to her father in Catpur to send one cat as there were large number mice are there in the village which are causing too many problems to all villages and food damages. When the cat came in the village and began eating mice there upon her hard work. So in this way large number of mice was eaten by the cat. Some time she will face difficulty to catch the mouse so she will face no food on that day. One day one cunning mouse called her and told aunty cat I am mouse here and request you not to eat me and my family and daily I will mark the places where the mouse hide and you can easily catch them and eat them easily. The cat agreed in this matter as daily the mouse used to point out the places where the mouse will hide and in this way the cat used to hunt for the mouse and eat. In this way the cunning mouse and lazy cat were becoming true friends in Chohapur village.

9. The donkey and Fox. In one jungle one donkey used to live there and he was very rude and bad nature animal. One day he was called one rabbit and talked him with for some time and when he was careless while talking with him then he kicked him with his leg so the rabbit was fell down at some distance and his some ribs were broken due to this reason. Upon this donkey was happy in joyful mode. Due to his bad habit all small animals in the jungle were upset and angry with him. So for this reason the elder animlas advised him not to do mischief in this matter but the donkey not followed their instruction. Upon hearing any advice the donkey used to reply all that what he can do as it is his old habit and so he is helpless in this matter. By saying this donkey will feel happy in his mind that he is making fool the other animals in this matter. At last the elder animals warned him that he should leave his bad habit otherwise the result of his bad habit will bring bad results but the donkey ignore their final warning and continued his practice of kicking to small animals. Even the donkey kicked the elder animals who advised him in this matter. One day one fox was going to the jungle so the donkey has called her to come to see him as he want to talk some important matter with her. The cunning fax knows well the tricks of donkey. So she told him brother donkey come near to her as she is very tired and she could not come near to him. The fox slowly went to the side of one big stone and she was stood there with the help of the stone. The donkey came near the fox in happy mode to kick her and started talking with her for some time. But the fox was not careless at that time as she knows well that the donkey will try to kick her. When the donkey tried to kick her while talking with her then the fox went back side of the stone so the donkey’s leg was touched with stone and broken suddenly and the donkey was fell down on the ground and called for help form the animals of the jungle.

All animals came there and watched the bad condition of lame donkey and the fox told the donkey to be careful in the future otherwise you will lose your another leg and do not repeat your bad act because if you do any mischief again then all will catch you and throw you in the water well. The donkey got lesson that he should not tease and do harm to others animals because due to bad habit which brought bad results to him for his whole life. The donkey now used to walk with his three legs only with great difficulty and problem. The donkey always used to remember that if he would have followed the advice of the elders then his one leg would not have been lost.

10.The turtle and scorpion Once upon a time one turtle and scorpin were best friends and used to live at the bank of one river near a jungle. They were much interested to wander in the jungle and other areas to see new place and new things. One day there was storm and flood in the river and on that day they decided to go to the other side of jungle by crossing the river and the scorpion requested the turtle to help him in this matter and to carry him on his back and take him to the other side of beautiful jungle in which there are available beautiful flowers and wild fruits. The turtle accepted scorpion’s request and ask him to sit on his back and they started their journey in the rising river in which there was storm and flood and for this reason they were facing much difficulties to cross the river in the rainy season.

With much hardships they reached in the middle of the river and at that time scorpion due to his bad habit bit the turtle on his back so the turtle was angry and upset in this matter and asked him why he is doing such mischief with him as he is helping him to cross the river for his visit to jungle of fruits and flowers. The scorpion told him that it is habit so he is helpless in this matter. Due to the pain turtle was very angry and upset in this matter and told him that he was helping him for his journey to another side of jungle of fruits and flowers but he is doing mischief in this matter. As turtle is water animal and he is having habit of dipping in the water daily to become happy and fresh so he by saying this he began dipping in the water to catch the fishes and eat as well as to give a lesson to the scorpion. For this reason the scorpion began crying and shouting for help in this matter in the river but no one came there to help him and the scorpion was drown in this water and died due to dipping of the turtle. The turtle gave lesson to the scorpion that bad habit will bring bad results so one should behave well with other so that he will also behaved well by them. The End.

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