Cassandra Ramirez

Cassandra Ramirez David Corpus Diana Olvera Harcoover Bhatti 10 July 2013 English 1A U.S.

History Content Civil War:  The Civil War occurred in 1861-1865, it was between the North and the South.  This war killed 600,000 soldiers and more than 400,000 were wounded during the time fighting.  The war resulted in the abolition of slavery and of the preservation of the Union, it brought a vast expansion of presidential power  Abolitionist in North called for an end for slavery, while southern politicians resisted federal intrusion into the affairs of their states. .  Lincoln had proposed a lenient Reconstruction plan for the South that was intended to reunify American society. Mexican/American War  The Mexican/American War occurred April 25, 1846 till February 2, 1848, it was fought between the United States and Mexico  Texas lead this war, in 1836 Texas had declared its independence from Mexico and indicated that it was interested in becoming part of the United States.  Annexation had been achieved, but the boundaries of Texas were uncertain, and Mexico had warned that it regarded U.S. annexation of Texas as a hostile act.  On February 2, 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo granted U.S 522,568 acres of land for $15 million Technology -Automobile  Henry Ford made the first affordable car for the average American  Became the first gasoline powered carriage.  Made inexpensive and reliable automotive company with help of assembly line so each individual specified in one task  He shocked the industrial world in 1914 by paying his workers the very high wage of $5 a day. -Rail Roads  Emerged from a combination of technological and entrepreneurial innovations  Technological breakthroughs included the invention of tracks, the creation of steampowered locomotives, and development of railroad cars that could serve as public carriers of passengers and freight.  Railroads had so many advantages that when they were able to compete freely with other forms of transportation they almost always prevailed. -Light bulb

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