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Uncitral - bibliografie

Uncitral - bibliografie

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titluri reviste juridice
titluri reviste juridice

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Published by: Andreea Voiculescu Ex Paunescu on Jul 29, 2013
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Uncitral - bibliografie 1. Restitutio - Octavian Capatana. Aplicarea in Romania a legii-model si a regulamentului de arbitraj al UNCITRAL.

In honorem Octavian Capatana. Pag. 11. RRDP 5/2007 2. Modificarea Regulilor de Arbitraj UNCITRAL - noi reglementari in arbitrajul comercial international. Johan Billiet. Pag. 8. RRA nr. 4/2011 3. Proceduri arbitrale - perspective multiple. Reguli de arbitraj UNCITRAL 2010, Regulile de arbitraj CCI Paris, Reguli austriece de arbitraj, Regulile poloneze de arbitraj, Regulile romane de arbitraj. R. Bobei. Pag. 38. RRA nr. 1/2012 4. International developments – Remedies for Breaches of Procurement Rules and the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement (Model laws; Public procurement procedures; Reviews; UNCITRAL). Caroline Nicholas. NA151. PPLR nr. 4/09 5. Forum for Review by Suppliers in Public Procurement: An Analysis and Assessment of the Models in International Instruments (Choice of law; EC law; Judicial review; Public procurement procedures; Reviews; UNCITRAL; World Trade Organisation). Zhang Xinglin. 201. PPLR nr. 5/09 6. A critical evaluation of the revised UNCITRAL Model Law provision on regulating framework agreements. Caroline Nicholas. 19. PPLR nr. 2/2012

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