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The Swarm Chapter 1 - Prologue

The Swarm Chapter 1 - Prologue

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Published by Vashish Ramrucha
The Swarm They Have Taken Over Paris!
The Swarm They Have Taken Over Paris!

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Published by: Vashish Ramrucha on Jul 29, 2013
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The Swarm Chapter 1 – Prologue

“Captain, The Swarm they made it through” “I will send reinforcements you’re way hang tight just proceed to the LZ Asap Captain out” I said back into my intercom as I boarded the helicopter. “We are in position Captain we are waiting for Task Force to arrive” “It’s too late for that now” I said not to sound too nervous. “Captain Hostiles heading our way” “Weapons Free” I replied “Yes Sir!” then gunfire started picking up on my intercom. I finally made it to the LZ “What is Your Status Delta 225” I said with order “We are fine but we are running short of ammo” The leader of the squad replied “That’s fine I will have I shipment of ammo In 5 hours meanwhile be on high alert” I Said. Meanwhile… “Truck im taking heavy fire!” I rushed to Frost as soon as I could but the Swarm was closing in “Hey Cobra we need extraction now!” I shouted. He quickly alerted something on the intercom “Ok! We need to go 2 clicks up north to meet up Delta 255” he said. 2 Hours Later At Delta 225 “Captain we have Sas 1 for some backup” “Rodger that” “Captain the swarm they are heading you’re way” “What are we dealing with?” “The whole Swarm in the city” “Everyone prepare for battle” 24 Hours later… “Commander! Delta 225 is not responding!” “Send Omega they are being relocated to Paris”

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