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Please Read The Home Page Before Reading ANYTHING ..

----------------------------The Definition Of The Terms .. Ki And Dan-Tien ..
Ki/Chi = Spirtual Energy That Flows Through Us And All Things Around Us .. And Effect In Living Creatures .. KI IS THE STRONGEST SHAPES OF ENERGY .. Tan-Tien Or Dan-Tien = Your Dan-Tien Is Located Down The Navel .. About 3cm In .. This Is The Storage Center For Ki .. Please Master Ki Before Moving To Fighting With Powers Techniques .. Mastering Ki Will Make Everything Easy For You .. Chakra Control .. Psion Control .. All Kinesis .. Fighting With Powers .. Also a Lot Of Great Attacks Will Be Easy .. JUST TRY TO MASTER KI BEFORE EVERYTHING .. Do Your Best And Be The Best .. With Love & Respect .. SilentShadow ..

Ki Breathing ..
First You Have To Relax Body The Inhale Slowly Through Your Noise To Your Stomach Exhale Through Your Mouth Slowly Too .. And Your Back Should Be Straight All

.The Time It Does Not Matter If You Were Standing Or Sitting Clean Your Mind From All The Thoughts This Style Is Important To Master Whole Of The Dynamic Performance In This Page . =-=-=-=-= 1. In All The Time And Believe Her Existence And If You Deny It YouWill Not Going To Be Able To Use It The Best First Of All Start With Meditation And Make Sure That You Do The Breathing Of Ki And Fucos On Your Tan-Tean .. Stand With Your Feet Apart Heel Lightly In Witch Your Feet Thoes On The Ground With Lefting Your Heels And Your Hands Are Relaxing By Your Side But Your Tongue Tip Lightly Up Your Mouth (Roof) Breath From Your Noise And Look Straight Towards And Relax Your Joints Stay Like This For a Few Minutes Them Rise Your Arms Slowly Ravel Your Fingers Above Your Head & Your ForeHand Upside Down Is Like Your Supporting The Sky And Rise Your Heels a Little At The Same Time Now Get Back To Beginning And Repeat Those More Then a Time ... The Next Exercises Is Traditional And you Have To Practice It Daily Because Its Increases Your Full Power To Turn It To JING And The Jing Is The Strongest Shapes Or Energys And You Will Learn How To Develope It To Do These Exercises .... If You Cannot do That Try To Fucos On Your Hand Because Its Have To Move According To The Trend Set By You Now Try To Send Signales To All Your Body Its VERY IMPORTANT To Master This Skill Before Moving To Other Stages It May Take From You a Week Or Two Or Maybe Just a Few Days .. Understanding The Inner Power . Order It To Move To Your Hands Then Imagine It Moving Towards Your Hands Talk to Your Mind And Say : Go to My Hand . . The Center Of Energy ... Ki Practical Exercises . And Realize That You Energy Is Stored In It To Be a Good Fucos On Then Imgine It While She Starts Glowing And You May Start To Feel Agitation Or Light Tingling Or Heat In This Stage . At The Beginning And Before Anything you Have To Know That Your Inner Power Running Through You .. And Remember Ki Breathing . Supporting The Sky ...

In The Same Time Form a Punch With Your Right Hand And Extend It To The Right Shoulder Level And Curved Arm Like Your Drawing an Arc Now .2...... Drawing an Arc On Both Sides Stand With focus And With Comfortable Now Take a Step a Side With Your Left Leg Flection Your Legs . 3. . Rising One Arm . 4... Locking On Breating & Release It . Drawing In Ki . Go Back To The Starting Position And Repeat The Same Previow Steps But Versa And Repeat It a Few Time . Stand With Attintion And Your Heel Feet Joint Together And Shoulders Apart And The Arm Laying Normally Now Rise Your Right Hand Above Your Head And Forehand And Fingers Are Joint And Targeted To The Left In The Same Time Press With Your Left Hand Downward And Your Forehand To The Ground And Fingers Pointing Forward Stay Like This For a Few Seconds Then Go Back To The Beginning And Repeat It Versa And Repeat It Like This . Must Be Slow And Relaxing Repeat Those Moves a Few Times . Stand With Your Shoulders And Foot Apart Hold Together Your Forehand Infront Of Your Chest And Your Fingers Pointing To The Top And Thumb Tip Pushed Towards The Chest And Dont Forget That The Thumbs Are Only Bending Keep The Elbow In Your Side Level While Breathing And Slowly Move Away Your Forehand Also Keeping The Thumbs Pushed Lightly Towards The Chest To Get To The Axilla In Mean Time The Body Will Shake So Strong Your Hands Will Come Back To The Beginning While Inhaling The Moves Should Mach With The Breating Way .. Market-making On Both Sides Or ... This Called Riding Unhorse To Intersect Your Arms On Your Chest And Extend Your Right Arm Outside And Left Arm To Left Side With Signaling Your Forefinger To Upside And Thumb Tight Back Other Fingers Should Be Tucked Turn Your Head To The Left And Look At The Forefinger ..

1.. Stand In a Fighting Position And Your Legs And Shoulders Apart Now Imgine Roots Comes Out From Your Feet To The Earth To Drink Ki From Earth Then Continue The Series Of Ki To All Your Body Untill You feel a Great Feeling . This Skill Will Turn Your Full Power to JING And The Jing Is a Strong Attack So Use It Wisely as Usual Stand Feet Apart Now Close Your Eyes And Imagine Yourself as Just a Skeleton And Fucos On The Ki In Your Arms as Its Flowing Inside Of Your Arm Bones And Even Pulp Of Your Bones And Everytime You Apply It Imagine Your Arm Bones as It Decreasing And Do It a Few Times And Your Ki Should Merge With Your Jing And Repeat That For 5 Minutes . Stand Shoulder Apart And Relax Your Arms On Your Sides And Your Forehand Extended To The Top Close your Eyes And Look Higher To The Sun Imagine Your Hands Gathering Ki From The Sun Rays Directed To Your Body Breath Through Your Noise And Exhale Slowly From Your Mouth Repeat That For 5 Minutes .. ---------------------------------------This Technique Does Not Include Your Arm Bones . 2. Just Try as Possible To Fucos Your Thoughts On Your Full Power ... 3... You Have To Stand With Shoulders Apart And Thats Mean You Have To Be Outside Now Close Your Eyes And Imagine a Root Comming Down From Sole Of Your Feet To Enter Inside The Earth Then Imagine Ki Flowing To Your Body Try Now To Link Between This Ki And Your Tan-Tean And Use It To Increase The Power Of Your Attack .. Never Its Just Helps you To Merge Ki And Your Hand Bones Does Not Affected With That If You Can . It Is The Most Common Way To Gather Ki And For Applying It . Grounding Positions .. Ground Position . . Sucking The Sun ....[ Turning Ki to Jing ]... Now You Can Eather Turn It Back Or Use It And I Dont RECOMMAND To Save It Because This Skill Helps Relieve Stress .

Making and Drawing a Ki Ball .. Multiple Ki Balls ... I Will Explane The Easyest Way I Know First You Have To Start Meditating If You Were a Beginner Then Focus On You Tan-Tean And Feel The Ki In It And Send It To Your Hands And Dont Forget To Do The Ki Breating While You Do That You Have To Move The Ki In a Slow Motion Now Keep Thinking Of Moving The Ki And Put Your Left Hand About 4 Inches Above Your Right Hand Or Versa And Focus On The Space Witch Is Only 2 Inches Between Every Hand Close Your Eyes And Imagine Ki Flowing From Bewteen Your Hands To The Space And Your Hands Should Feel Worm And Tingle They Should Attract and Diverge Like Magnet . After You Mastered The Way Of Making a Ki . What We Do With Ki Balls ?? This Is a List Of The Things you Can do After Making a ki Ball If Someone Gets Hurt All You Have To do Is Making a Ki Ball And Put It Above His Body Willing From It To Heal Him And Focus On It While She Heals Him Or You Can Merge Ki Ball With One Of The Powers You Developed . Like Left Hand To Left Side And Right Hand To Right Side And Your Forehand Should Be Then Send The Ki To Each Hand .... Ki Stream . First You Have To Make a Ki Ball Then Close your Eyes And Imagine a Package Of Light Going Out Of Your Hands And Going Straight To Penetrate Your Opponent Charge a Lot Of Power In The Ki Ball And Your Wrist And Strain All Of You Muscle Then Be Determined To Hit Your Opponent With Your Stream And Blow All Of The Energy To The Outside Towards Him And Throw Him With It .. Above Two Inches Over Every Hand And Thats It And Takes Willing To Master It Because All Is About Time And Patience . Try To Make Two Try To Make Two Ki Balls But Every Hand To Every Side ....And Gather It Down Your Arms And Dont Think Of Your Arms Bones Just Try as Possible To Focus On Your Full Power And Thats Better .

. Ki Flame .. And To Apply That Focus On the Ki In Your Tan-Tean And Release All That Ki Through Your Body And Speed Up Ki And Fucos On It Like a Flame Of Fire Think Of It as a Fire And Now Release It In Your Hole Body Imagine It as Flame Of Fire . Jing Stream ... And Tell The Energy To Leave Your Hands And Walking On a Line Towards Your Target Remember This IS a VERY DANGEROUS STYLE So Use It Wisely . Thats Will Help You Increase Your Enthusiasm It Is Not Hard . Its Just Requires Some Skills .. Start Focusing On The Ki In Your Arms And Not Your Hands And Close it To Your Wrist Now Turn Your Full Power To Jing And You Already Learn That It Is Expected Now That The Jing In Your Wrist And Dont Create a Ki Ball With Jing It Is Dangerous It Can Hurt Your Hands .. Alpha Jing .. And To Apply The Stream Simply focus On Your Target And Imagine There Is a Delusive Line Between You And Your Opponent Push Your Hands Towards ... Amulet or Buckler Of Ki . And Repeat This With Jing Style And Now Explode The Ki From This Region To a Sheet Metal And Focus On It To Be Above The Point You Set It Is Hard To Apply That But Keep Trying Even If You Didnt Master This Skill .This Style Is One Of The Hardest Styles That Can Be Mastered Dont Be Surprised If You Didnt Find It In The First 10 Attempts And I am Warning You .. It Is Known as an Energy Supplier ....... It Can Hurt Somebody Some of us Thinks That This Technique Will Destroy Cars And Buildings But The Truth Is That This Power Affect On Ki Flowing In The Organisms Witch Makes Them Feel Pain And Sick And Maybe Leades Them to Death The Stream That Causes Harm To Inanimate Objects Is The Stream Of Jing . This Style Is a Hidden & Powerfull Style And I Cannot Teach Him To Anyone . ====================== . First Focus On a Certain Region In Your Body Witch You Wanted To Make From It a Shield Then Send a Lot Ki To It .

..These Trainings Was Brought To You By The Shidoshi Abdullah Minor . . God Bless Him And Be With Him .

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