MOC-Term 1 Case: Prodigy Services Company

1 What is the case about and what are the key concerns from a communication perspective ? 2 What are the main issues that Prodigy needs to address? 3 How did these come about ? Please elaborate from the communications angle 4 What options does Prodigy have to combat the situation on hand? 5 If you were the head of communications at Prodigy, what top three solutions would you recommend? 6 What are the three main learnings from this case ( in terms of communication as a key component) 7 Please be prepared with any other observations that in your view are important as points to ponder reflect and apply in a work situation

Important Note: All students are expected to read the case and be ready to provide insights and discuss issues raised in addition to the above seven questions pertaining to the subject of critical, sensitive and crisis communications ( as relevant to the case) which will be raised by the faculty.

The performance in these discussions will count for the award of marks allocated for class participation as outlined in the assessment parameters in the course outline provided to the students. .

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