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Questionnaire for Intel Final

Questionnaire for Intel Final

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Published by Rahul Sttud
a questionnaire on the intel to find out its potential
a questionnaire on the intel to find out its potential

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Published by: Rahul Sttud on Jul 29, 2013
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As a valued Intel Technology Provider, your feedback on our products is very important to us.

Please take a moment to help us improve those services by filling out the short survey below.

1) In which area of the world are you located? Latin America North America Japan Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East, Africa 2) Are you aware of any of the Intel Products? Yes No

3) Which PC / Network communication product do you own? Processors Ethernet Products Motherboards Chipsets Other Products

4) Please specify your intention of purchase Business Personal

5) How did you come to know about Intel products? Company website Mail Recommended by friends Tie up with the Company Journals and Magazines Advertisements 6) Would you recommend Intel products to others? Yes No

Other reasons 8) How would you rate products offered by Intel after a product launch? Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor 9) Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding Intel products in general (please mark a X for your opinion) Strongly Disagree Neutral Disagree Specification is met Price is reasonable Agree Strongly Agree . are you aware of any other similar products of Intel? Yes No 7(a) (1) If yes.7) Which of the following company would you prefer to purchase the above products? (if Intel skip questions 7(a) and 7(a)(1) Intel IBM AMD Others (if others please specify)_______________ 7(a) If not Intel. Durability is less. why didn’t you choose Intel? Specification not met. Price is too high Quality is low Technical support is not good.

*********************** THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COOPERATION!!!!! .Good Quality Good technical support Durable 10) Suggest some Measures to improve? Personal Details: 1) Name: -----------------------------2) Designation------------------------ We thank you for your valuable time and effort. Your suggestions are greatly valued.

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