1. Concerning The Meta Sigil:
Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos join to form a Greater Darkness, but only slimy, tentacled Mythos seems to be charging ahead, erupting with determined force into uncharted territory… places where even pentagrams and pitchforks fear to tread. I challenge the Satanic faiths and philosophies to rear their demonic visage in our direction, to watch what we have accomplished and to support those aims which are so very similar, not to mention necessary! For decades, these two branches of the Left Hand Path have delved farther down into man’s disturbing unconscious than any other religions. Both paradigms frequently find common ground, yet a wealth of untapped potential still lies unrecognized. You see, both Satanism and the Mythos try to uncover something dark and secret. This esoteric unwholesomeness could be about the world, mankind, or the unknown forces that exist outside reality. And then there are some who don’t view Satanism or the Cthulhu Mythos as particularly religious; but what is religion? Prioritizing. Arranging things in order of importance. How better to prioritize than assigning a super-natural significance to certain concepts? Such areas as obtaining what we desire, living by an honorable and noble code, becoming more than who we currently are…that’s all religion is for. It is merely a strongly held beliefsystem to keep us mindful of what has the highest value. Deities and other pious trappings are almost incidental…almost. There’s still something fruitful in realizing that we are not the biggest fish in the universe. Getting back to Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos, these extreme religions are each onto something fundamentally truthful. One could say they court the same woman: the possibility of attaining more…exploration with an eye towards conquering! Creating lasting change for our benefit. Who among us does not crave transformation, power, control, fulfillment, accomplishment, and recognition? So why not embrace these similarities? Why not join forces? Because it’s fashionable to put down “the other”, that’s why. Together, the Lovecraftians and the Devil worshipers can unmask whatever it is that extends beyond our human reach. We were all born under a nameless sign… one that requires us to seek out gruesome mysteries and unspeakable lore. Yes, it is our calling… to penetrate the blackest reaches that lead toward salvation! But don’t forget Chaos Magic, Luciferianism, Setianism, Wotanism, Voudoun, Hermeticism, Enochian, Kabbalah, Theosophy, and so forth… All of these paths have something to contribute. Let the Ancient Ones ( A:O ) who are the beginning and the end, our origin and final destiny, recognize this mark of Greater Darkness. Hail the A:O!

then by all means she should be allowed to speak. consecrating and making sacred the vessel which nurtures the unborn. Reference to the Ancient Ones collectively or a certain A:O in particular is a good place to start. Tonight. alienated. then proceed to rub it around as the Cultist feels inclined. Any kind of greenish liquid can be used to symbolize green slime. I hope you enjoy the miraculous pleasure of anointing your own spawn in the Cthulhu Cult tradition. had been an enormous success. Joshi and Robert M. If the mother-to-be has something she’d like to add. My Scarlet Princess and I are extremely proud of what we’re about to bring into this world. Green represents life. happiness. and cosmic horror. For those wondering about words… one should mark the occasion with whatever intuitively seems appropriate. The Anointing Ritual: Wise is the Cultist who anoints the pregnant belly carrying his imminent spawn. This ritual is very much like a baptism. I did what I could to make the best of it. the thicker the better though.T. and often thought of as a foul secretion. it is the hue favored by our religion. Yet. I performed my second yet far more important blessing. except anointing comes before the birth. The anointing is to be done with green slime made out of non-toxic substances (such as green food coloring and clear Karo Syrup). The Cultist could voice his desire for health. It was so sparsely attended that I might as well not even organized the event to begin with. Green is the traditional coloring of Dread Cthulhu. Preparation for Briella Emerald Satanis has been made. I performed my first anointing ritual a couple years ago. The May Eve ritual would have to be powerful and evocative enough to over-compensate for the otherwise dismal . Price were the guests of honor. To the creation of a new and better race… 3. It paves the way. however.2. was another matter. This was a key moment because I anointed the vessel and forthcoming child which sprang from my very own seed. Cthulhu Two held on May Eve 2009. Cthulhu One. unclean. My recommendation is to wait until at least seven months have transpired before performing the anointing ritual. The Lost Ritual Of The Ooze Of The Void And The Tentacled Worms: It was a time for high hopes and a time in which I saw all hope dashed upon the watery rocks below. Mention of the expected baby’s name is another anointing staple. Slime is considered to be disgusting. however. organize it I had. and a certain propensity for darker virtues. I feel satisfied with my magic… extending my slimy green hand out to the similarly coated tentacles erupting from the great outer blackness. the first convention held on May Eve 2005 in which S. As some might remember. Simply drizzle the jade ichor upon the vessel’s baby bump. As different from water as day is from night.

there are none so blasphemous as you. wandering purple mage. As our Cult has taken your name. hand-written pages materialized a couple of nights ago. Architectural crystallizations of radiant fear. the revealed face beneath our mask – reveal your greatness to those who worship you. Savagery emanates from your blood-soaked celebrants. but after months of searching I had given up hope of ever finding it. and copies of Liber A:O… cold off the presses. albino madman. Black Pharaoh… give your worshipers strength! Dread Cthulhu. Yog-Sothoth. Loosed. glorious and repulsive. in particular. dreamer of change. It was somewhere. Those who participated were spiritually raw upon the dark rite’s completion. so we ask that you grant us your favor… Hail Cthulhu! . in a trance-like state surrounded by green lights. Void Ooze and Tentacled Worms! We have come to open the gate… Nothing human. the ritual performed was subsequently lost. the original. just as mysteriously as it disappeared. Your kingdom now and forever. teacher of night wisdom and master of absent stars. their hearts and minds taken to a place unfathomable. nothing gained. our messenger. I was sure. chaotic – unimaginable terror oozing out like jaundiced wounds over the monolith’s eyes. Nyarlathotep. felt ripples in the magical water – ripples that would continue to resonate throughout our universal ocean. I submit this ritual in all its purity for your viewing pleasure. apocalyptic voyager into the beyond and the vastness of inner space. the ebony man of syrupy tentacles and foul secrets – so alien is your hypnotic visage. You are the God who speaks to his servants of delicious cruelty and lustful conquest. Then. blasphemous idols. Behold. I had no clue. unholy lord who has no equal. I wrote it the day of. Where the manuscript had disappeared to. With only a few small corrections. emerald divinity. Yog-Sothoth! Nyarlathotep. Deep archives of emerald vibrational sendings. The horrors from outside have arrived. here is The Lost Ritual.failure of our second convention. You who are the first shell. I. A thousand and one beasts crawl upon the mud-caked altar where abhorrent dreams live in deathless triumph. viral. Something had broken free that night! Amidst the confusion of life and my own personal struggles.

The things which hang from the sky.Together. sustaining those with the hideous lore of ghastly. Talek oola loth n’thsoon. foetid. Within the flesh. Our children? Our ancestors? Let our women give birth to Shoggoths! A magician’s mastery is force under control and appetite slowly unleashed. Streams of ichors. crimson. perchance to worship… This is the ninth phase. loping beings barely hanging onto a semblance of humanity. his work was born. yammering entity ambles out of the water and onto the precipice. viridescent aeons. reflected upon the mirrored souls of those who tirelessly seek absolute truth in limitless gulfs that only demonstrate the void’s true nature. tumescent tentacles crushing and ripping through time and space until all enemies are vanquished. Loathsome. Yog-Sothoth. forever watching. rotting. Carved from fresh green onyx. Cthulhu. so our work continues. we summon your form – spheres which encompass all possible realities. by worm and God alike. you slither down the mountain as a gigantic. sliming the cyclopean stones belonging to another age… a time of dreams and flopping. we plumb such aborted depths that suggest the last nightmare – a final exhumation of nocturnal depravity from which there is no escape. eyes of an alien hue… watching. The world is not ready. tentacled worm. The unbound terror which goes beyond. An unutterable breach shall be felt. A thick. With the collective force of our will. We who have emerged from the natural order to refute the demiurge and his plans of slavery and nourishment. and unwholesome. glowing faintly in the gibbous moonlight. Our will be done! . such a yellowish green coagulation of elder blood drowns the world. As our dead masks are sacrificed. Effortlessly showing the way to salvation. such infinite soft bilious green illumination. A cycle broken through. Nyarlathotep. To sleep. succumbing to all that is degenerate. A far more gruesome reality seeps down into us. harlequin slime oozes beneath reality. below every surface of skin and pore. K’zin than r’zith oola yev. nor should it ever be. it kneels with nervous anticipation before the unquiet void. At once our desire shall be delivered unto us as a flowing ocean of void ooze. As Lovecraft died. swim untamed rivers that are so black they shine sickly green for those who have the eyes to witness such eldritch sights. To destroy natural creation is our purpose. demonic servitors – a sculpture of reptilian bloodlines from which we might be fashioned. Subjectively and objectively. Where only the darkness itself can be seen. A howling.

For not many can discern their will. drifting into non existence. We Cthulhu Cultists make our own way in life – disturbing the vast. A providential darkness rolls in under a current of chartreuse madness. rambling. The change is for us to decide… 4. emerald veined and conscious. The Walpurgisnacht Ritual: As the celebrants whispered the well-known phrase. Necromantic slithering Pagan-folk. asymmetrical. Praise the Ancient Ones! So it shall be! The diseased head. The natural laws avert their eyes as we partake of the loathsome membrane that is reality. Come unto us. Nothing left but broken atoms that watch the decline of yet another crumbling civilization. vomiting. bleak oceans of the ultimate. Horned Depravities… consecrate this mad distortion. reaching. tentacled nightmare worms with such voracious appetite leading to the world’s demise. I spoke the words from the Cthulhu Cult’s Grimoire. hear my call…! . weak reality hides away. hear my call…! All-pervasive Evil of Hellish and Nonsensical Gulfs peering outward in fungous illumination.The Cult’s allegiance to indescribable Gods manifests in the sinister devotion of its priests. Ready to be peeled back to reveal new and greater horrors. found by deep ones on the shore of a spectral beach. Your servants lost in the fog. The change is for us to decide. Dread Cthulhu. Those who strive for the great answers and the ripe fruit may receive the enlightenment that is as nameless as it is potent. this Lovecraftian grotto is beyond constraints of space and time. hear me as I say that this ritual chamber. “Ia Ia Cthulhu Fhtagn” throughout the ceremony. The Serpent People march beneath Saturn’s obsidian pyramids. Hesitant. Flesh Stealing Shadows: Prophecies of Terror. hear my call…! The Satanic Doctrine of the Old Ones. slithering obscenity! Spread thy legs for your disciples… Ia Ia Cthulhu Cult! The change is for us to decide. Triumph and jubilation! Now is the way of black rivers. This is our home – where men’s minds come to frolic in the bloodletting.

The Cultist can re-shape his waveform by dipping his hand in green slime and then placing it upon his forehead. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl Fhtagn In His R’lyeh tomb. as well as. Alternatively. another magician participating in the baptism could place his slimy green hand upon the Cultist’s head. The truth of our non-existence is apparent. The Baptism Of Jade Ichor: This is a self-initiation ritual performed in order to resonate one’s vibrational frequency (or soul signature) at a higher level. We are the key. To sleep. By all the degenerate. I am His name writhing as midnight tentacles. A great chasm in space. His Octopoidal Eminence. it is our Will to alter the way of things. the gateway to infernal dimensions. You have sent these visions to your servants – half remembered cities weird in angle and mesmerizing in ambition. but some remain the black sand that answers to no one. We are the pioneers of the strange. Hail Cthulhu. gloved in Deathless Nightmare. throbbing vibrations. corrupting us with his barbarous. is now open. Venger Satanis. Cthulhu lurks below the waves of consciousness. Let all tremble before a new Age of Cthulhu! Let the pulsating stars drip their foul ichors before a new Age of Cthulhu! Let the unclean. shambling Fiends of the Pit. my Master. Mindful of entities older than time… our Brothers. I. AM the High Priest of the CULT OF CTHULHU…! Our malevolent God is the alien form of humanity’s unspeakable soul. The dark croaking of your demon dreams gives us pause before the Crimson Throne of Satanis. incongruous minds of his worshipers kneel in supplication before a new Age of Cthulhu! Now the hallucination masque has fallen. perchance to worship… I am the slimy guardian thirsting for blood. preparing to awake. So it is done! 5. madness. Our Drowned Lord. . we ask for nothing less than the Destruction of Reality! The structure and substance of our world is dying by our hand. Bringing a new aeon of shadowy emerald drippings.Humanity may be as sand. Unknown Usurper whose bilious taint bathes us in annihilation. Tis a delicious time. the sleepers who must become the Accuser! A Dark Current infects our universe. and power.

develop his powers. . the human mind can rarely concentrate long enough and with the necessary intensity to alter reality. Man is asleep and therefore he has no will. It is a malleable thing which rejects thought-forms projected by the average human. Dead Spheres of Kaleidoscopic Nightmare! Antediluvian Harbingers of the Great and Awful Change! Forces from the Absolute… Horned and Tentacled. and it starts with Self-Remembering. speak these words… I am reborn in the Jade Ichor that drips from His foul tentacles. and disturb the universe. Reality is the space around us allowing energy to flow. I visit the sunken grottoes of endless. and leave with all that drains our energy. My flesh baptized with slime and my essence purified by the eldritch green flame. you must become one who knows. No longer a slave in this prison. Performing this arcane sacrament will allow the cultist to acquire control over himself. By the hideous glory of Cthulhu. our inner selves a dreamlike paradise of demonic truth. Slimy and Infernal – hear me! I AM your servant. then things would be different. I AM your master. This is a ceremonial magic ritual for the Cult of Cthulhu. Aggression breeds the strength which darkness needs. Finally. He cannot keep his attention on himself while focusing on the matter at hand. These entities bring the knowledge of all things hidden. I turn in order to face myself as I become the divinity’s reflection. The reptilian insect things hang in the air like dripping. The overcoming washes over the inner and outer cosmos like magenta moonlight. bloodthirsty war! Confrontation is needed. if only briefly. Unfortunately. Energy is constantly manipulating us just as we send out similar vibrations. I am Awake. chattering. They enter this world at my command. My soul a savage night of stars. It will help the mage to awake. Conviction grows from the blood. Everything depends on changing one’s being. however. Only those individuals who have broken out of their prison can achieve a symbiotic relationship with the world around them. Man would be able to launch his sorcerous desires with enough power to create change. First. Desire is not passive. meditate for several minutes. If he could. I am cut from this warrior race. corpulent bodies. our will is revealed! 6. I AM that I AM… Whosoever journeys to K’thana visits the chaos of crimson and jade.While the Jade Ichor oozes over the celebrant’s head. The Ritual Of The Old Ones: Reality is an alien fluid that resists our molding as it simultaneously accepts it.

I can extend my will.Here I stand to honor the Old Ones. I AM your master. When all of reality is understood to be an illusion. Only the elite can rule. and each voice emanates from a horrible red mouth slurping the green vital juices that ooze from the foul source. looking upon my flesh from outside myself. The Meta (Mind) Sigil: . a Godlike being. Certain forces must dominate others. Dead Spheres of Kaleidoscopic Nightmare! Antediluvian Harbingers of the Great and Awful Change! Forces from the Absolute… Horned and Tentacled. Here I stand. Picture Of Kort’thalis. Simultaneously. Within myself there are many voices. Consciousness is a gift from Cthulhu and Satan! Those who understand are near… I envision myself in all the unclean shades of rain bowed hideous paradise. Secret laws have to be observed before we can become a singularity. Ia Ia Shemhamforash! Narrow is the Dark Way and few are the black magicians who may walk its path. Slimy and Infernal – hear me! I AM your servant. the many “I’s” peer inward. Every I within me gazes upon the violet flame growing like a loathsome flower in the abyss. I AM that I AM… So mote it be! 7. now.

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