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Training Schedule ARAI

Training Schedule ARAI

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Published by: rudey18 on Jul 29, 2013
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ARAI, over four & half decades, has provided its design and development expertise to the Indian automotive industry, focusing on the testing and evaluation of components and systems to meet national and international standards. ARAI strives to achieve international recognition in these areas. In keeping pace with the globalization of economy and business, ARAI continues to enlarge its scope of services to meet the requirements of automotive industries around the world. In addition to utilizing state-of-the-art technology, laboratories and highly-skilled personnel, ARAI recognizes the need to develop a new generation of engineers to meet the demands of the automotive industry, not just in India but across the globe. It has embarked upon a programme of building up human resources by commencing undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs with specialization in Automotive Engineering. It has tied up with VIT University (Vellore), VEL TECH University (Chennai), College of Engineering (Pune), University of Alabama (USA), Loughborough University (UK) and Braunschweig University (Germany).

Brief summary of joint programmes is as follows:
UNIVERSITY VIT, Vellore www.vit.ac.in PROGRAMMES B. Tech. M. Tech. M. Tech.

SPECIALIZATION Mechanical Engineering with specialization in AutomotiveEngineering Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering with specialization in Engine Technology Automotive Engineering I. C. Engines Automotive Electronics & Embedded Systems Automotive Materials & Manufacturing

DURATION 4 years 2 years 2 years 3/6 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

NO. OF SEATS 60 50 40 10 25 25 25

(for Industry Professionals)

Ph.D. M. Tech. VEL TECH, Chennai www.vel-tech.org M. Tech. M. Tech.

College of 2 years Engineering, Pune M. Tech. Automotive Technology 36 www.coep.org.in ALABAMA M. S. Mechanical Engineering with Automotive BIRMINGHAM, USA 2 years Engineering Emphasis www.uab.edu For further information and registration, please visit respective university website or contact Mr. K. P. Wani on 020-3023 1244 or wani.pga@araiindia.com.

It has collection of around 12,000 books, standards and technical reports, seminar/conference proceedings and around 50,000 SAE technical papers. It subscribes to national and international journals. It publishes a monthly magazine 'Automotive Abstracts' and supplies CDs of Automotive Industry Standards (AIS), Gazette Notifications and MoSRTH/CMVR/TAP-115/116. It also conducts literature / patent search for customer's projects. To become a member of Knowledge Centre or to subscribe for Automotive Abstracts, please contact Mrs. S. S. Das on 020-3023 1192 or das.lib@araiindia.com.


to be taught by ARAI. Dy. Pune-411 038. Academia & Industry Experts. K.com. venue. Germany BPCL. Post Box No. For Further information and registration of Training Programmes.com or contact: Mr. Off Paud Road. Vora.pga@araiindia.3rd May 13 13th – 17th May 13 15th – 19th July 13 29th July . etc. IOCL.102. Vibration & Harshness Engine Material & Failure Analysis Powertrain Engineering Automotive Safety & Regulation Engine Testing & Certification Automotive Testing & Certification Powertrain NVH Analytical Fundamentals for Driveline Systems Design Automotive Functional Safety in Accordance to ISO 26262:2011 2 & 3 Wheeler Technology Automotive Lighting Vehicle Dynamics & HIL CAN & CANopen technology for Automotive Application Alternate Fuels and Energy DATE 4th – 8th Feb 13 4th – 8th Mar 13 1st – 5th April 13 17th . USA Underwriters Laboratories Dr. through optional modules. PROFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMMES (PIPs) TITLE OF THE COURSE Engine Electronics & Management System Automotive Fuels & Emission Engine Design & Development EMI & EMC for Automotive Applications Automotive Noise. ARAI Academy has devised various Proficiency Improvement Programmes (PIPs). Avinash Kulkarni at 020-30231247 (training. ARAI Academy at vora. Postal Address: ARAI. schedule. faculty and student’s knowledge and technical expertise in a wide range of automotive disciplines. Pune – 411004. . Kothrud. 832. for the programme without any notice. with specific skills in formulating automotive engineering solutions in terms of their function and performance.2nd Aug 13 19th -23rd Aug 13 7th – 11th Oct 13 21st – 25th Oct 13 To be decided To be decided To be decided To be decided To be decided To be decided To be decided DURATION IN DAYS 05 05 05 03 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 02 03 05 05 03 02 05 VENUE ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI ARAI PARTNER/S Wissen Baum AVL TUV Rheinland & VRDE LMS Univ.TRAINING CENTRE In line with Post Graduate and Doctoral Programs conducted by various universities abroad. Certificates are issued on the basis of written test conducted at the end of the programme. Rajesh Patil at 020-30231245 (patil.araiindia. so that the graduate engineers can attend various modules and sum-up the credits required for Master’s or Doctoral Programs. Mahindra Reva Note: ARAI reserves the rights to change the dates. It helps in understanding system ’s view point for automotive design and manufacture.pga@araiindia. We also conduct Training Programmes through WEBEX and Domain Training Programmes for Automotive Industry. PIP gives engineers. Participants also get chance to visit related laboratories of ARAI and get hands on experience. please contact Dr. Based on the present system in Universities. of Alabama. Gillespie CIA. proposals & partnership.com) / Mr. Director & Head. Thomas D. For more details. ARAI: The Automotive Research Association of India.pga@araiindia.No. contents. C.com).19th April 2013 29th April . speakers. S. credits are proposed for each module. Vetal Hill. please visit www.

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