Mita Centre Proposal of Octopus Car Park System 1. Introduction
Nowadays, many car parks in Hong Kong have installed automatic car park system, which is very convenient and reliable device for both car park owners and users. Following the popularization of using Octopus Card, most of the automatic car park systems accept the parking charges to be settled the Octopus Card. For the sake of minimizing cash handling on-site and raising efficiency of the car park operation, an Octopus Car Park System, namely as Smartcode Octopus Car Parking Access Control System, is recommended to be installed at the ramp between the car park entrance on G/F and 1/F. The Octopus Card System is mainly for the hourly car park users, whereas, the private or monthly licence car parking spaces user will use proximity card system for entering in and exiting the car park.


System and Cost
The respective system includes: Item 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Description SmartCode Entry / Exit Terminals (Single- or Double-Deck). Monthly & Hourly Payment Database Server Central Stations. Octopus Database editing & reporting workstation. SmartCode Barrier Gate with straight arms. Octopus mini MOP unit, report & receipt printers. CCD Colour Camera c/w Lens, Housing & Bracket, 4-way digital video recorder with storage hard disk and 17” LCD monitor. On-site builder and electrical works.

Price quoted by Access Control Systems Limited:

Single-deck Double-deck

Amount (HK$)
306,810.00 417,240.00


3. Photos of the System

Octopus Car Park Control System

Octopus Car Park Control System

Single-deck Control Station

Double-deck Control Station


Proposed Location of the System at Mita Centre

Proposed Equipment Plan



Entry / Exit Terminal in the middle of the ramp

Entry / Exit Terminal in the middle of the ramp

Barrier near the wall-side


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