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Nursing Theorists

Nursing Theorists


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All about nursing theorists and their theory!
All about nursing theorists and their theory!

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Published by: enelrah on May 21, 2009
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Nursing Theorists

N- Nightingale, Florence (Environmental Theory) - Neuman, Betty (Stress Theory/ System Model) - Newman, Margaret (Health as Expanding Consciousness) H- Henderson, Virginia (14 components) - Hall, Lydia (Core, Care, Cure) R- Roy, Callista (Adaptation Model) - Rogers, Martha (Unitary human Beings) P- Peplau, Hildergard (Interpersonal Relationship/ Psychodynamic) - Parse, Rose Marie Rizzo (Human Becoming Theory) L- Leininger, Madeiline (Transcultural Nursing) - Levine, Myra (4 conservation Theory) O - Orem, Dorethea (Self-care) - Orlando, Ida (Deliberative Process of Nursing) K -King, Imogene (Goal Attainment Theory/Wholistic Approach)

B- Benner, Patricia (Stages of Nursing Expertise/6 Power of Caring) - Johnson, Dorothy (Behavioral System Model) - Jacox, Ada (Professional Socialization)

A- Abdellah, Faye (Typology of 21 Nursing Problems)

W- Watson, Jean (Science of Nursing) - Wiedenbanch, Ernestine (Helping art of Clinical Nursing) S- Swansons (Theory of Caring)

T- Travelbee, Joyce (Human to Human Relationship Model)

P and Z – Paterson and Zderad (Humanistic Nursing)

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