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The Department of Biological Sciences, in collaboration with the Aquarium of the Pacific and the California Science Center, presents newly designed …

BISC-587 FALL 2013 Open to undergrads and graduate students. Frame your future with the best tool available in our fields to learn, do research, and communicate. This course is designed by premier scientists and educators, and taught by gamers, animators, directors of education, scientists, policy makers and more. Application of cutting edge ideas new research concepts and methods Scientists, medical students, animators, journalists, engineers, gamers should not miss out!
Please contact for any questions Testimonials:

“It is one of the best courses I have ever taken at USC…this connection [with the Aquarium of the Pacific] led to a paid internship inspired by the course.”
“This course taught me how to communicate science effectively, it is [an] invaluable tool that will serve you well in any field you go into.” “…the most applicable and useful class that I have taken to date.”

Prof. Myrna Jacobson –

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