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Tricyclazole Technical's Supply in China a Bit Tight Recently(20130711)

Tricyclazole Technical's Supply in China a Bit Tight Recently(20130711)

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Published by: CCM Intelligence on Jul 30, 2013
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Tricyclazole technical's supply in China a bit tight recently

Summary: The supply of tricyclazole technical in China is a bit tight recently mainly due to the under-capacity operation among major domestic manufacturers. Tags: tricyclazole technical, fungicide, environmental protection, supply, ex-factory price According to Fungicides China News issued by CCM in July, the domestic supply of tricyclazole technical, one of the conventional triazole fungicides, is a bit tight recently mainly due to the under-capacity operation among major manufacturers in China, such as Hangzhou Southern Suburb Chemical Co., Ltd. (Southern Suburb Chemical) and Jiangsu Fengdeng Pesticide Co., Ltd. (Fengdeng Pesticide). In detail, Southern Suburb Chemical, the largest manufacturer of tricyclazole technical in China, is conducting related inspection and maintenance for its production equipment with the arrival of the high temperature season, including tricyclazole technical production lines, to ensure its safe production in the future. This directly reduced the company's production of tricyclazole technical. Moreover, some foreign orders of tricyclazole products were scheduled by the company in priority order. As a leading company in the domestic tricyclazole technical industry, Southern Suburb Chemical has been ranking first place in both capacity and output of this fungicide in recent years. In detail, the company's capacity of tricyclazole technical maintained at 4,000t/a in the recent three years. Moreover, its output of the product reached about 1,600 tonnes in 2011, far exceeding that of other domestic companies. It is conceivable that the under-capacity operation of Southern Suburb Chemical has already brought a major negative impact on the domestic supply/demand of tricyclazole technical. Moreover, Fengdeng Pesticide's normal production of tricyclazole technical was seriously affected mainly due to some problems in relation to the environmental protection and the land requisition. Under the circumstances, the company's production of this fungicide was intermittent, making it difficult to ensure product orders especially from domestic pesticide formulation manufacturers. It is well known that Fengdeng Pesticide is mainly engaged in the production and sales of triazole fungicides in China, and its capacity of tricyclazole technical reaches around 1,000t/a in 2013, ranking into the top three in China. The output its tricyclazole technical, one of the company's major products, hit about 500 tonnes in 2011, which brought it handsome profits. However, Fengdeng Pesticide confronted a dilemma caused by the environmental protection problem with the strict environmental protection policies from the local government and the increasing environmental protection consciousness of people. With the tight supply of tricyclazole technical in the domestic market, its ex-factory price witnessed a rise to a certain extent in the recent few months of 2013. Specifically, the

ex-factory price of tricyclazole 95% TC climbed to about USD9,563/t in June 2013, up 2.54% and 4.43% respectively compared with those in May and Jan. 2013. It is estimated that the tight supply of tricyclazole technical will be alleviated with the ending of the export peak of fungicides and the ex-factory price of this triazole fungicide will see a slight fall back in the near future. Table of Contents of Fungicides China News 1307: Tricyclazole technical's supply in China a bit tight recently Trichoderma SP: market promotion makes great achievement Qianjiang Biochemical to receive USD16.06 million as relocation compensation in 2013 Changqing Agrochemical plans to construct 1,000t/a 2-coumaranone production line Huihuang Chemical to build 4,000t/a tebuconazole technical production line Hubei Yizailing's production license for 100t/a prohexadione calcium technical approved Analysis on biological pesticide export in China in 2012 Fluazinam technical export down in 2012 Registrations of azoxystrobin mixtures significantly increase in China in H1 2013 Overview of fungicide registration in China in H1 2013 Fungicides China News, a monthly publication issued by CCM on 10 , releases a wealth of exclusive analysis on market dynamics, company dynamics, import and export data, and other more brief news inside the industry. You may find cooperative opportunities with domestic and international manufacturers, supplier and exporters. About CCM CCM is dedicated to market research in China, Asia-Pacific Rim and global market. With a staff of more than 150 dedicated highly-educated professionals, CCM offers Market Data, Analysis, Reports, Newsletters, Buyer-Trader Information, Import/Export Analysis, and Consultancy Service. For more information, please visit http://www.cnchemicals.com. Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 17th Floor, Huihua Commercial & Trade Mansion, No.80 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou 510070, China Tel: 86-20-37616606 Email: econtact@cnchemicals.com

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