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Patient-Centered Healthcare Solution

Expanding access to quality care without expanding government assistance
The  Patient-­Centered  Care   Act  (SB  459)  would  create   a  free  market  alternative   to  the  Medicaid  Expansion   proposals  currently  under   consideration.     The  legislation  creates  the   regulatory  infrastructure   that  enables  a  low  cost,   high  quality  care,  free   market  environment  within   the  confines  of  the  ACA.     The  conversion  of  current   Medicaid  enrollees  to  low   cost,  high  quality  Qualified   Health  Plans  featuring   direct  primary  care   services  and  high   deductible  health  plans   will  be  addressed  in  a   subsequent  bill.  

A  patient-­centered  healthcare   solution  would:  
‡   ‡   ‡   ‡   Expand  access  to  quality  care  without   expanding  government  assistance   Return  healthcare  decision-­making  to   doctors  and  patients   Promote  the  return  of  insurance  to  risk   management  not  benefit  management   Limit  government  control  of  health  plans   to  definition  of  minimum  essential   benefits   Protect  patient  health  information  from   government   Significantly  reduce  the  costs  for  quality   care  yielding  savings  for  taxpayers  and   a  boost  to  our  economy  

‡   ‡