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Chap.2.CaseStudyA January 2007

Chap.2.CaseStudyA January 2007

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Level 2 Chapter 2 Case Study A

unclear statements. For example. when measured using 2.5 mils (89 µm). most specifying engineers are conscientious in their efforts to draft a coating specification that reflects the needs of the owner for a given coating project.” “A profile may appear different with different methods of measurement. What do you think are the possible conflicts or consequences for the specifier? You might advise the specifier as follows: 1. however. Coating Inspector Program Level 2 © NACE International. Specifying both type and size may lead to conflict. At times. to an anchor profile of 3.5 mils (63 µm). the specification should state something like this: “The surface profile shall be no less 2.0 mils (76 µm). To eliminate confusion. “If you specify the abrasive type and size. The following is an example of a problem area taken from an otherwise well-prepared specification “Surface shall be blast-cleaned with ABC black beauty grade D.Case Study A 2:1 Introduction Generally. and no greater than 3. 3. you effectively have pre-determined the profile you will get.” “To properly specify surface profile. you should require a range. or other problem areas that could lead to conflict between the owner and contractor. 2004 January 2007 . even the “best-prepared” specification may contain conflicting requirements. The coating inspector should thoroughly review the specifications for any problem areas and work to get them resolved at a pre-job conference. For example.” You are the inspector who spotted this problem. you should state what method of measurement is to be used. and that at the same time provides the contractor with realistic guidelines to follow in doing the work.

Case Study A 2:2 replica tape.” Coating Inspector Program Level 2 © NACE International. Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Abrasive Blast-Cleaned Steel Using a Replica Tape. 2004 January 2007 . method is in accordance with NACE Standard RP0287.

3. Apply one coat of Flyer Epoxyclad # 3 or equivalent. to a DFT of 5. state what is wrong with each one. Ensure the finished coating is holiday-free.” 5. clean the surface with clean water to ensure surface is chemically clean prior to coating. you mark up a series of statements that require some discussion and/or clarification. After removing the old coating with chemical stripper ABC. While reviewing the coating specification prior to the pre-job meeting. Workmanship “Work shall be performed in accordance with good industry practice. Review each of the following statements. Coating Inspector Program Level 2 © NACE International. 2004 January 2007 .0 mils (127 µm). Ensure blast-cleaned surface is free of dust and debris.Case Study A 2:3 Case Study You are the coating inspector on a construction project. 4. You have worked for the construction company before and know that the engineer’s response to your questions will be to ask for your opinion as the best course of action to resolve your technical questions. 2. and suggest a solution to the problems you have seen: 1.

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