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Ring Topology
Ring Topology

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Published by: Munimbkr on Jul 30, 2013
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Ring Topology A ring topology provides redundancy by providing two data paths in a single ring.

A ring can sustain two faults before that data connection is lost. You should consider a ring when your devices (Controller and I/O) are single port (A only) and media redundancy is required. Only the 1786-RPFRL and 1786-RPFRXL repeater modules support ring topologies. In a ring topology on the ControlNet network, you can use: • Up to 5 repeaters by using one 1786-RPA/A repeater adapter. • The 1786-RPA/B repeater adapter allows for a maximum of 20 1786-RPFRL (long distance) or 1786-RPFRL/X (extra long-distance) ring repeaters.

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