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IDEC8008- Research Proposal

Research Proposal Student Name : Sophea Ly

Mar 2013 Student ID: u5123854

Course : Quantitative International Economics (IDEC 8010) Course Convenor : Professor Kaliappa Kalirajan Research Topic : Cambodias Economic Integration and Export Growth Analysis: Application of Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model

Introductory Background
Since emerging from war, over the last three decades, Cambodia has gradually transformed its economy from centrally-planned to market-based economy that favors investment, trades and private sector development within both regional and global context. In this direction, the speed of economic integration has gain momentum following Cambodia accession into ASEAN as the youngest member in 1999, and subsequent WTO membership as the least-development country in 2004.

Research hypothesis and question

Trade liberalization lead to Cambodia export growth and how the growth can be further analysed into different components of trade cost.

Related Theoretical review of stochastic frontier gravity model,. export growth decomposition. Empirical analysis of data using cross-sectional trade data between two periods 2000-2011


IDEC8008- Research Proposal

Key References

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