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I. In GSM terminology UP-Link is the signal transmitted from BTS to MS. F II. In GSM frequency Hopping methods improve the C/I. T III. In a cluster of cells the available frequencies are used once and only once. T



Fill up the Blanks?

i) ii) Duration of a frame is _______4.65__________ ms.


One multi-frame contain _____26_______ no of traffic frame and __51____ no of control frame.

iii) iv) v) vi)

Each MSC have a _______VLR_________ in GSM.( VLR,HLR) No of RF Channel in GSM is ____________124________ . One PCM can carry _____15_________ no of TRU s using LAPDm.(10,13,15) Cells are ___________HEX_________ in structure. (Circular, hexagonal, rectangular)

vii) viii)

GSM uses __ ,3___ Sectored cells with __24__ unit frequency. (4, 12, 3 , 24) While doing modulation data are encoded in __________code for minimizing error.(HDB3,Gray,AMI)