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Written Assignments Assessment Rubric

Written Assignments Assessment Rubric

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Published by: John Phillips on Jul 30, 2013
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WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS ASSESSMENT RUBRIC WRITER’S NAME: ______________________________________________ FIRST / SECOND RENDERING TUTOR: ________________________________________________________

1 – 2 -3 Several levelinappropriate language mistakes (e.g. agreement / tenses). Simple structures and lexis. Not readerfriendly. Main point not clear. Connectors inaccurately used or absent. Unclear presentation of events 4 -5 A few levelinappropriate mistakes (e.g. agreement / tenses). Inaccurate use of complex structures. Main point clear, but segments seem to be unconnected. Very few linkers. Main plot clear, but some events seem to be unconnected 6 -7 Correct use of language. Even though some mistakes have been made, they do not hinder communication. Both simple and complex structures. Main point clear and some segments smoothly linked. Some connectors are inaccurately used or absent. Most events clearly narrated. Anachronies are confusing at times 8-9 Almost no language mistakes have been made. Accurate use of complex structures and lexis. 10 No language mistakes have been made. Varied use of lexis and advanced grammatical structures.

Use of English

Coherence and Cohesion

Readerfriendly. One point leads to the next one. Accurate use of connectors. Very clear narration of events. Anachronies have been handled well.

The piece has unity and facilitates reading. Connectors have been accurately used and other connecting strategies have been employed. Narrated events clearly presented both in flashbacks and the fictional present Lexical items are specific and accurately used. Varied vocabulary.

Use of Specific Lexis

Poor lexical choice. No use of specific vocabulary related to topic / theme.

An attempt has been made to use specific vocabulary, but it has not always been used accurately. The task has been partially fulfilled.

Most of the specific lexical items have been correctly used. Some vague concepts are present.

Specific vocabulary has been used accurately. Very few instances of vague language. The task has been fulfilled in an integrated way. Very few ideas need expansion.

Task Achievement and Content

The task has been poorly carried out. Off subject or irrelevant answer.

All aspects of the task have been covered but one is not very well developed. Ideas need expansion.

The task has been fully achieved. The answer provides evidence of integration of linguistic knowledge. Very interesting ideas.

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