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Fill up the Blanks?

i) ii) Duration of a frame is _______4.65__________ ms.


One multi-frame contain _____26_______ no of traffic frame and __51____ no of control frame.

iii) iv) v) vi)

Each MSC have a _______VLR_________ in GSM.( VLR,HLR) No of RF Channel in GSM is ____________124________ . One PCM can carry _____15_________ no of TRU s using LAPDm.(10,13,15) Cells are ___________HEX_________ in structure. (Circular, hexagonal, rectangular)

vii) viii)

GSM uses __ ,3___ Sectored cells with __24__ unit frequency. (4, 12, 3 , 24) While doing modulation data are encoded in __________code for minimizing error.(HDB3,Gray,AMI)


The link between MS and BTS called ____RADIO_______ link and universally standardized by Um interface. (OFC/Radio/RS232)


TRAU is located at _______BTS________. (BTS, MS)

Q4) Do as directed.


i) State the frequency used by GSM? a) UP Link: b) DOWN Links:

ii) State at least two reasons for handover in mobile communication. a)


iii) What are the two type of antenna diversity preferred in GSM?


b) Q5) What are the different subsystem in GSM? [M-2]