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Published by: Naughtygadget on May 22, 2009
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The traditional way to make this work is to submit articles (complete with links back to internal pages of your
website) to general-topic or on-topic article directories or article aggregators (with the same criteria applied
here as for directory submissions).

However, that’s not an effective way to work – submitting your article to 10 different article directories is time
consuming (note: if you do it manually) and yields little benefit compared to other link building methods.

My solution for this is to use a three-step approach. Here I’ll assume that you have 3-5 articles written and
ready for distribution.

Step 1:

Submit a fresh and original article to 2-3 article directories (changing only the main keyword
to specific phrases – such as changing “home theater systems” to “home theater audio systems” – and
fixing the article where necessary to make ‘sense’.

Step 2:

Find topical article directories (search for “keyword” + directory or “keyword” + articles in
Google) and repeat Step 1 there, but with a second, different article.

Step 3:

Contact potential link partners (next chapter) and ask them if they will allow you to add content
to their site in the form of an article (in exchange for a link back to your site). In most cases this will
amount to a paid link, but as a strategy for getting in-context links from on-topic sites it’s a no-brainer.

Now, as I mentioned above, article submitting manually is time consuming, tedious, and not very effective
because of that.

We’ve created a free software program that will automate the tedious task of submitting your articles to popular
article directories. The program is called Article Submitter and you can download your free copy here: http://

Guest Blogging

Another way to submit articles is as ‘guest submissions’ on blogs in your niche (or in related niches). In fact,
many blogs will allow you to sign up as a contributor and either give you a full profile page or the ability to link
back to your site (and internal pages) through bylines in every post (just like traditional article submissions).

However, since we are dealing with blogs and not article directories, the posts you write will probably have some
editorial criteria and will need to be original and fresh material. Usually people start guest blogging on popular
industry blogs as a means of building their reputation and audience, which is a good strategy for you to follow if
you’re in a niche for the long haul.

The ideal strategy to get a guest blogging gig on a popular industry blog is to have a portfolio of articles
plus a handful of ideas ready before you pitch yourself to the blog owners. Having a portfolio (and especially
something that showcases past blogging experience) is very critical – you might want to start off by writing on
your own site blog first.

A good place to learn more about blogging is Performancing.com.


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