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In present dissertation a VB program is prepared for analysis of single pile as well as three dimensional pile group connected with rigid cap under axial and lateral force considering non-linearity of soil. Finite element procedure is employed to cater non-linearity of soil. Matrix stiffness method is used for used for analysis of pile groups. The behavior of pile under axial load is analyzed using t-z approach. Pile is discretized in number of finite elements to accommodate non-linear behavior of soil. Soil is modeled as vertical springs connected along the shaft as well as at tip of pile. One dimensional element having linear displacement function is used for modeling pile elements. The behavior under lateral loading is based on p-y concept and analysis is carried out using finite element formulation based on cubic displacement function for lateral displacement. Soil is modeled as horizontal springs along the shaft of pile. This program is versatile because of its adaptability for including variable moment of inertia of pile cross section, piles with different rakes and inhomogeneity and non-linear behavior of soil deposits. It is well suited for computer analysis of single as well as pile groups connected by rigid cap. In the first chapter introduction, aim and scope of present work is presented. In second chapter review of literature regarding analysis of axially and laterally loaded pile is outlined. Theoretical formulation for present study is shown in third chapter. Development of finite element model for analysis of pile under axial and lateral load is also shown in third chapter. Fourth chapter deals with computerization and VB coding of theoretical formulation. Conclusion and scope for future work is shown in fifth chapter.