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Quantum Meditations Book 1

Quantum Meditations Book 1

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Published by Pd Allen
An exploration of reality, undertaken not with scientific method or religious ethics, but with the heart of a poet and an artist. This work is an effort to offer some conception of reality unbounded by our usual definitions, holistically connecting self and environment, perceiver and perception, thought and act into a single thing.

This work is a journal of the artist's own path of awakening, opening his eyes to perceive the universe in a new, holographic fashion. It is a living -- as opposed to fossil -- record of conscious evolution, rendered as close as possible to the nonlinear, probabilistic web true life, growth and expansion. Read from start to finish, it has the ability to change minds, and open minds, if the reader is open to the experience, and willing to let go of his own rigid belief systems.

The meditations contained in this work are quite literally alive. They breathe with the awareness which is the essential unit of all existence, the driving force of existence, and the ultimate expression of existence. They cross all boundaries of science, myth and spirituality to develop a living cosmology dynamic and vital.

And they achieve all of this with a spirit of playfulness, humor and imagination which is essential to any true effort at understanding reality. For reality is a dance, performed to the lilting music of your heart, and only in dancing along can you ever hope to comprehend it.

"This is a living book, one that comes alive on every page. The meditations speak for themselves and require nothing else but to be read." - Dennis William Hauck, author The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation

"Ponder these meds. They may take you to new possibilities." - Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. QuantumTM, author of Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe

"Brief, cryptic and inspiring, these poems deserve their collective title twice over; born of meditation, they are worth serious meditation on the part of any reader who seeks deeper insight into the dance of the living spirit." - John Michael Greer, author of The Druidry Handbook

"Quantum Meditations are a deeply emotional, spiritual, as well as an intellectual reaction and exploration in words, of the worlds within the world. Worlds that often remain unseen, unknown - yet are the driving force behind all the realities we experience each and every moment we live. As such Quantum Meditations is a triumph of the spirit and desire of one man to understand just what it means to be a living being in this amazing, mysterious place we call 'the universe'. It is a masterwork of the human condition; our drive and need to know who and what we are, and our connection, our intimate connection, to all creation." - Andrew Meek, author of Quintessence
An exploration of reality, undertaken not with scientific method or religious ethics, but with the heart of a poet and an artist. This work is an effort to offer some conception of reality unbounded by our usual definitions, holistically connecting self and environment, perceiver and perception, thought and act into a single thing.

This work is a journal of the artist's own path of awakening, opening his eyes to perceive the universe in a new, holographic fashion. It is a living -- as opposed to fossil -- record of conscious evolution, rendered as close as possible to the nonlinear, probabilistic web true life, growth and expansion. Read from start to finish, it has the ability to change minds, and open minds, if the reader is open to the experience, and willing to let go of his own rigid belief systems.

The meditations contained in this work are quite literally alive. They breathe with the awareness which is the essential unit of all existence, the driving force of existence, and the ultimate expression of existence. They cross all boundaries of science, myth and spirituality to develop a living cosmology dynamic and vital.

And they achieve all of this with a spirit of playfulness, humor and imagination which is essential to any true effort at understanding reality. For reality is a dance, performed to the lilting music of your heart, and only in dancing along can you ever hope to comprehend it.

"This is a living book, one that comes alive on every page. The meditations speak for themselves and require nothing else but to be read." - Dennis William Hauck, author The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation

"Ponder these meds. They may take you to new possibilities." - Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. QuantumTM, author of Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe

"Brief, cryptic and inspiring, these poems deserve their collective title twice over; born of meditation, they are worth serious meditation on the part of any reader who seeks deeper insight into the dance of the living spirit." - John Michael Greer, author of The Druidry Handbook

"Quantum Meditations are a deeply emotional, spiritual, as well as an intellectual reaction and exploration in words, of the worlds within the world. Worlds that often remain unseen, unknown - yet are the driving force behind all the realities we experience each and every moment we live. As such Quantum Meditations is a triumph of the spirit and desire of one man to understand just what it means to be a living being in this amazing, mysterious place we call 'the universe'. It is a masterwork of the human condition; our drive and need to know who and what we are, and our connection, our intimate connection, to all creation." - Andrew Meek, author of Quintessence

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Published by: Pd Allen on Jul 30, 2013
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  • Preface
  • A Note on the Text
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. The Flame
  • 2. Uncaptured Soul
  • 3. Slight of Hand
  • 4. Wrong Direction
  • 5. Magritte
  • 6. Imhotep
  • 7. Riddle
  • 8. Life is Change I
  • 9. Life is Change II
  • 10. Life is Change III
  • 11. Recipe for Positive Change I
  • 12. Recipe for Positive Change II
  • 13. Recipe for Positive Change III
  • 14. Hawk
  • 15. Futile
  • 16. Immortality
  • 17. Where Joy is
  • 18. Precious
  • 19. Duality
  • 20. Bliss
  • 21. Mountain
  • 22. No Limits
  • 23. Chinese Handcuffs
  • 24. Freedom
  • 25. Joy
  • 26. Breath
  • 27. Cork
  • 28. Understanding
  • 29. Now
  • 30. Buffalo
  • 31. Static and Melody
  • 32. Blessings
  • 33. Lighthouses
  • 34. Make Peace
  • 35. Quicksand
  • 36. Everything Is
  • 37. Time to Dance
  • 38. The Song of Life
  • 39. Call the Tune
  • 40. Hide and Seek
  • 42. Resonance
  • 43. Attraction
  • 44. Tend the Spark
  • 45. Sacred Grove
  • 46. Your Choice
  • 47. Doubt
  • 48. The Journey
  • 49. Passing Through
  • 50. Abundance Is
  • 51. The Pits
  • 52. Landscape
  • 53. Find Yourself
  • 54. Lost
  • 55. Bad Advice
  • 56. Honor Yourself
  • 57. Little Boy Lost
  • 58. Into the Stream
  • 59. Source
  • 60. Energy
  • 61. Relativity
  • 62. Soul Mates
  • 63. Creation
  • 64. Odysseus’ Bow
  • 65. Our Song
  • 66. Opening Doors
  • 67. Mandala
  • 68. Quantum Leap
  • 70. One Law
  • 71. Focal Point
  • 72. Eternal Round
  • 73. Eternal Round II
  • 74. Bell, Book, and Candle
  • 75. Bell, Book, and Candle II
  • 76. Here, There and Everywhere
  • 77. Storm
  • 78. Walking
  • 79. Creativity
  • 80. The Muse
  • 81. The Artist at Work
  • 82. Art
  • 83. Art II
  • 84. Nourishment
  • 85. Alive
  • 86. Fraternity
  • 87. Behind the Curtain
  • 88. Destiny
  • 89. Free Will and Destiny
  • 90. Spring Cleaning
  • 91. Good Morning
  • 92. A Sorrow of Ravens
  • 93. Waking Up
  • 94. Life and How We Live It
  • 95. Another Day
  • 96. The Quickening
  • 97. Anticipation
  • 98. Nonlinear
  • 99. On the Lay Lines
  • 100. Intentional Manifestation
  • 101. Beneath the Surface
  • 102. Bursting Free
  • 103. Life Be Ever
  • 104. Caught Up
  • 105. Folly
  • 106. Building Sandcastles
  • 107. Wrong Song
  • 108. The Singing makes it So
  • 109. The Jump
  • 110. Hidden Treasure
  • 111. Midnight
  • 112. Thought Flows
  • 113. Pictographs
  • 115. The Essence of Magic
  • 116. Life is Surreal
  • 117. Equilibrium
  • 118. Gyroscope
  • 119. Me, Myself and I
  • 120. Sleeper Awaken
  • 121. This Moment
  • 122. Stepping Stones
  • 123. Transmitter
  • 124. Tapestry
  • 125. Expanding Universe
  • 126. Ephemeral
  • 127. One and the Other
  • 128. Something in Motion
  • 129. Ride the Dragon
  • 130. Resistance
  • 131. Tree
  • 132. Confrontation
  • 133. Exigencies
  • 134. Traveling Song
  • 135. Reflections
  • 136. Your Light Your Song
  • 137. The End of Slavery
  • 138. Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • 139. Misdirected Anger
  • 140. Blockage
  • 141. Take Flight
  • 142. Let Go
  • 143. Four Ravens
  • 144. Universal Form
  • 145. Mountain Climbing
  • 146. The Dance
  • 147. Triangulation
  • 148. Taking Measure
  • 150. Timing
  • 151. Message
  • 152. Underworld
  • 153. Messengers
  • 154. Skein
  • 155. Punishment
  • 156. Wizards All
  • 157. The Quickening
  • 158. Slapstick
  • 159. Ascending
  • 160. Grandmother
  • 161. The Truth in a Name
  • 162. The Beacon
  • 163. Breathing, Seeing, Being
  • 164. Seven Hawks
  • 165. The River
  • 166. The Vision
  • 168. Dream House
  • 169. Rain
  • 170. No Fooling
  • 171. The Key to Success
  • 173. Two Sides
  • 174. Save the World
  • 175. The Rose
  • 176. What Is Wrong
  • 177. Unconditional
  • 178. Faulty Vision
  • 179. The Solution
  • 180. The Bow
  • 181. Trail Blazing
  • 182. Tuning Up
  • 183. Jericho
  • 184. Vertigo
  • 185. Nobody Else
  • 186. Untouchable
  • 187. Three States
  • 188. Quantum Effects
  • 189. Existence
  • 190. Absolute Zero
  • 191. Storming the Castle
  • 192. Vibration
  • 193. Amplitude and Frequency
  • 194. Ever-Changing
  • 195. Vibration and Tone
  • 196. Turbulence
  • 197. Centering
  • 198. Flow Dynamics
  • 199. Positive Feedback
  • 200. Open Channels
  • 201. All You Are
  • 202. Etheric Dawn
  • 203. Aloft
  • 204. Fruiting
  • 205. Mated Swans
  • 206. Sing Out
  • 207. Sunshine and Fog
  • 208. Awash
  • 209. For Hawk
  • 210. Testing the Current
  • 211. My Love and I
  • 212. Expanding Universe
  • 213. In Hand
  • 214. Plenty
  • 215. Enrichment
  • 216. Breathe into Being
  • 217. The Tree Grows
  • 218. Miracles All
  • 219. Miracle Maker
  • 220. The Nature of Miracles
  • 221. Footprints on Water
  • 222. Fanfare
  • 223. Hatching
  • 224. Composing
  • 225. The Eternal Round
  • 226. Invitation
  • 227. In the Garden
  • 228. Eagle
  • 229. Approaching the Runway
  • 230. Present Future Past
  • 231. Winging to Destinations
  • 232. Wake Up Call
  • 233. Don’t Think of an Elephant
  • 234. Shine
  • 235. Ascetics Aesthetics
  • 236. Going the Distance
  • 237. Fecundity
  • 238. Rippling
  • 239. Dynamo
  • 240. Luminous Body
  • 242. Extinction
  • 243. Ecology
  • 244. Momentum
  • 245. Rosy-Fingered Dawn
  • 246. Adventure
  • 247. Umbilical
  • 248. Quake
  • 249. Healing I
  • 250. Healing II
  • 251. Happiness and Joy
  • 252. This Flowering Moment
  • 253. Growing Pains
  • 254. Orienteering
  • 255. Eternal Well
  • 256. Sunrise
  • 257. Hindrances
  • 258. Skipping
  • 259. The Merry Gentleman
  • 260. Elbow Room
  • 261. Root
  • 262. Lion Plays with Ball
  • 263. Moon and Sea
  • 264. Taming the Tiger
  • 265. Dragon
  • 266. Ride the Horse
  • 267. Magic Exists
  • 268. Trickster
  • 269. Old Man Coyote
  • 270. Dancing Joker
  • 271. Seagulls
  • 272. Singalong
  • 273. These Poems Drawn
  • 274. Elation
  • 275. The Gathering
  • 276. The Gifts
  • 277. The Process is the Goal
  • 278. Leviathan
  • 279. Pulsing
  • 280. Moon Circles
  • 281. Water Spirals
  • 282. Carrying Chi
  • 283. Elephant Shakes its Trunk
  • 284. Hand to Heart
  • 285. Empty
  • 286. Hawk
  • 287. Clearing
  • 288. First Glimpse
  • 289. The Approach
  • 290. Nativity
  • 291. Nine Months
  • 292. Shine Your Light
  • 293. Recursion
  • 294. Spiraling Out
  • 295. Resounding
  • 296. My Love Comes Riding
  • 298. Hiking
  • 299. Fishing
  • 300. On Course
  • 301. Through the Cracks
  • 302. Triply Blessed
  • 303. Calling Out the Wee Folk
  • 304. Dancing with the Fey
  • I’m dancing with the fey
  • 305. Fiddle on My Heart
  • 306. Manifestation
  • 307. Forward Ho
  • 308. Target Practice
  • 309. The Secret of Creation
  • 310. The Secret of Vision
  • 311. Perfect Moment
  • 312. Strike It
  • 313. Helping Hand
  • 314. Your Harvest
  • 315. Evitable
  • 316. Inchworm
  • 317. Catch As Can
  • 318. Incubation
  • 319. My Love Travels Far
  • 320. Sexton and Compass
  • 321. Poker
  • 322. Third Makes Up for All
  • 323. Radiance
  • 324. Circling Eagles
  • 325. Three Eagles
  • 326. Earth Awakens
  • 327. Imagination
  • 328. Paltry
  • 329. In Our Dreams
  • 330. Child’s Play
  • 331. Living Your Dream
  • 332. Walking Tall
  • 333. Fusion
  • 334. This Moment
  • 335. Exigencies
  • 336. Grapes
  • 337. Dancing
  • 338. Carrousel
  • Commentaries

Quantum Meditations

This is a living book, one that comes alive on every page. The meditations speak for themselves and require nothing else but to be read. Dennis William Hauck author The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation http://dwhauck.com/

Ponder these meds. They may take you to new possibilities. Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. QuantumTM Author of Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe Brief, cryptic and inspiring, these poems deserve their collective title twice over; born of meditation, they are worth serious meditation on the part of any reader who seeks deeper insight into the dance of the living spirit. John Michael Greer author of The Druidry Handbook http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/

Quantum Meditations are a deeply emotional, spiritual, as well as an intellectual reaction and exploration in words, of the worlds within the world. Worlds that often remain unseen, unknown—yet are the driving force behind all the realities we experience each and every moment we live. As such Quantum Meditations is a triumph of the spirit and desire of one man to understand just what it means to be a living being in this amazing, mysterious place we call ‘the universe’. It is a masterwork of the human condition; our drive and need to know who and what we are, and our connection, our intimate connection, to all creation. Andrew Meek Author of Quintessence PD Allen’s personal record of his spiritual transformation is as fascinating as it is inspiring. As a Witch, I am aware of my connection to the Universe and its wonders, and I found that Quantum Meditations helped me daily in my studies, by preparing my mind. Quantum Meditations is a book full of energy. Reading through the pages is contemplation in itself; your heart rate slows, your breathing deepens and anything that may be upsetting or disturbing you falls away from your mind and peace fills the space left behind. Each piece is a prompt that makes you consider what it means to you. The visual form of each piece is integral to the experience; you can’t skim read them, the structure forces you to consider every word and think about the meditation as a whole as well as what it means to you personally. This is a book full of beauty and peace. I hope that everyone who reads this book finds these things in their lives. Arianne Ilueaddraig Welsh Wiccan Priestess

I constantly have found the need to stop and take a measurement as to where I am and what I am thinking because Quantum Meditations catches me off guard so many times. Anyone who ventures here in this work is foolish indeed if they think they can simply scurry through like mice on the way to a hunk of cheese. It simply will not be so easy a task for them to do; and, should they push through they will come away empty-handed because, in so doing, they will not allow the cheese to reach its peak flavor provided by proper aging, as would be also lost the taste of the wine to accompany the meal. Quantum Meditations captures meditative thought, pure and simple. I am mesmerized. Gordon Kuhn Author of The Widow’s Cliff and other Poems

Quantum Meditations
Volume 1
PD Allen

Fiddlesticks Press Handcrafted fiction and poetry

.Copyright © 2013 by PD Allen All rights reserved. ISBN-13: 978-1481979740 ISBN-10: 1481979744 Cover image by Stephanie Biggs.

Book 2 Mourning Sky — Under Shattered Skies. Book Three (print) Quantum Meditations. Book 1 Daemon Sky — Under Shattered Skies. Book Four (print) Quantum Meditations #2 (ebook) Quantum Meditations #3 (ebook) Quantum Meditations #4 (ebook) Quantum Meditations #5 (ebook) Quantum Meditations #6 (ebook) Quantum Meditations #7 (ebook) Experimental Narrative Awakening Dragon.Also by PD Allen Fiction Blood Moon — Tales of da Yoopernatural Volume 1 The Secret Life of Trees — Tales of da Yoopernatural Volume 2 Afraid of the Dark — Tales of da Yoopernatural Volume 3 A Killer’s Pride — Tales of da Yoopernatural Volume 4 Complete Tales of da Yoopernatural Strange Attractors Fiddlesticks Murderer’s Sky — Under Shattered Skies. a Shamanic Adventure Into the Night ~ the first ebook in Illuminated Print . Book Two (print) Quantum Meditations. Book 3 Poetry Quantum Meditations: Book One (print) Quantum Meditations.

For Elizabeth .

William Blake. And heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. Auguries of Innocence . And eternity in an hour.To see a world in a grain of sand.

Life is Change III Allowing 11. Life is Change II 10. Riddle 8. Tend the Spark 45. Mountain 22. Focal Point Manifestation 72. Recipe for Positive Change III 14. Passing Through 50. Bliss 21. Quantum Leap 69. Odysseus’ Bow 65. Recipe for Positive Change II 13. Abundance Is 51. Bad Advice 56. Freedom 25. Make Peace 35. Call the Tune Visualization 40. Recipe for Positive Change I 12. Where Joy Is 18. Book and Candle II 76. Creation Energy is Awareness 64. Relativity 62. Doubt 48. Attraction 44. There and Everywhere 77. Imhotep 7. Futile 16. The Pits 52. Quicksand Song of Existence 36. The Song of Life 1 4 12 13 14 15 16 16 17 17 18 19 19 19 20 20 20 21 21 22 22 22 23 23 24 25 25 26 26 27 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 31 31 32 32 33 39. Book and Candle I 75. Chinese Handcuffs Being 24. Joy 26. Here. Blessings 33. Storm 78. Walking 33 34 34 35 35 36 37 37 38 38 39 39 40 41 42 42 42 43 43 44 45 46 46 47 48 49 49 50 50 51 51 52 53 54 54 55 56 57 58 59 . Resonance 43. Bell. Sleeping. Static and Melody 32. Hawk 15. Energy 61. One Law 71. Wrong Direction 5. Slight of Hand 4. Immortality 17. Eternal Round I 73. Landscape Self Healing 53. Eternal Round II 74. Buffalo 31. Cork 28. Duality 20. Little Boy Lost Stream of Existence 58. the Dreamer Dreamed 70. Lighthouses 34. Sacred Grove 46. Into the Stream 59. Precious 19. The Journey 49. Life is Change I 9. Opening Doors 67. Honor Yourself 57. Now 30. Source 60. Your Choice 47. Our Song 66. Everything Is 37. Hide and Seek 41. Understanding 29. The Flame 2.Contents Foreword by Joseph Pahl Preface A Note on the Text Acknowledgements Opening Enigma 1. Uncaptured Soul 3. Mandala 68. Find Yourself 54. Lost 55. Breath 27. Bell. No Limits 23. Time to Dance 38. Running in Place 42. Magritte 6. Soul Mates 63.

Nonlinear 99. Breathing. Underworld 153. Message Underworld 152. Exigencies Proclamation Versus Protest 134. Mountain Climbing Thee and Thou 146. The Quickening 158. Midnight 112. Transmitter 124. One and the Other 128. Tree 132. Blockage 141. Another Day 96. Bursting Free 103. The Essence of Magic 116. Being 164. Four Ravens 144. Messengers 154. Something in Motion 129. On the Lay Lines 100. Seven Hawks 90 90 91 92 92 93 94 95 96 96 97 97 98 98 99 99 100 101 101 102 102 103 104 105 106 106 107 107 108 108 109 110 110 111 111 112 113 114 114 115 115 116 116 . Building Sandcastles 107. The Singing Makes It So 109. The Muse 81. Ephemeral Proper Attitude 127. Equilibrium 118. Art II 84. A Sorrow of Ravens 93. Take Flight 142. Waking Up 94. Life is Surreal This Eternal Moment 117. Tapestry 125. Beneath the Surface 102. Life Be Ever 104. The Dance 147. Seeing. The Beacon 163. Triangulation 148. Intentional Manifestation Maya 101. The End of Slavery 138. Hidden Treasure 111. Free Will & Destiny 90. Anticipation 98. Wizards All 157. The Transformative Power of Art 150. Timing 151. Confrontation 133. Stepping Stones 123. The Artist at Work 82. Nourishment 85. Ride the Dragon 130. Slapstick 159. Alive 86. Good Morning 92. Skein 155. Life and How We Live It 95. Folly 106. Misdirected Anger 140. Thought Flows 113. Taking Measure 149. The Quickening 97. Let Go 143. Sweet Honey in the Rock Overcoming Obstacles 139. Resistance 131. The Truth in a Name 162. The Secret Power of Respiration 115. Destiny 89. Grandmother Awakening to Source 161. Fraternity 87. Gyroscope 119. Reflections 136. Behind the Curtain Destiny 88. Expanding Universe 126. This Moment 60 60 61 61 62 62 63 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 69 70 71 71 71 72 72 73 74 75 76 76 77 77 78 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 85 86 86 87 89 89 122. Art I 83. Myself and I 120. The Jump Magic 110. Wrong Song 108. Sleeper Awaken 121. Caught Up 105. Ascending 160.Creativity 79. Traveling Song 135. Punishment 156. Pictographs 114. Your Light Your Song 137. Creativity 80. Me. Universal Form 145. Spring Cleaning Sorrow of Ravens 91.

Sunshine and Fog 208. Rippling 239. Fruiting 205. Fanfare 223. Luminous Body 241. Hatching 224. Don’t Think of an Elephant 234. Nobody Else 186. Healing II 251. Eagle 229. Wake Up Call 233. Plenty 215. Approaching the Runway This Place in Time 230. The Nature of Miracles 221. Turbulence 197. Enrichment 216. Dynamo 240. Positive Feedback Finding Your Way 200. Trail Blazing 182. Two Sides What’s the Problem 174. The River 166. For Hawk 210. In Hand 214. Storming the Castle 192. The Solution Playing in Tune 180. The Key to Success 172. Ever-Changing 195. The Tree Grows 218. Open Channels 201. In the Chamber of Thwarted Desires 173.165. Present Future Past 231. Untouchable Physics of Existence 187. Jericho 184. What is Wrong 177. Vibration 193. Umbilical 248. Ecology 244. The Vision 167. My Love and I 212. Flow Dynamics 199. Vertigo 185. No Fooling 171. Fecundity Becoming 238. This Flowering Moment 145 146 146 146 147 147 147 148 149 149 150 150 150 151 151 151 152 152 152 153 153 154 154 155 155 156 156 157 157 158 158 159 160 162 162 163 164 164 165 165 166 166 167 167 . Composing 225. Winging to Destinations 232. Ascetics Aesthetics 236. Faulty Vision 179. Raven’s and Hawks 168. Shine 235. The Rose 176. Sing Out 207. The Bow 181. Centering 198. Breathe into Being 217. Amplitude and Frequency 194. All You Are 202. Existence 190. Miracle Maker 220. Tuning Up 183. Prepare Yourself for a Miracle 242. Save the World 175. Absolute Zero 191. Dream House 169. Expanding Universe Breathing Miracles 213. Unconditional 178. Mated Swans 206. Three States 188. Quake 249. Aloft 204. In the Garden 228. Vibration and Tone 196. Momentum 245. Rosy-Fingered Dawn 246. Quantum Effects 189. Miracles All 219. Rain Dance with Yarrow Stalks 170. Going the Distance 237. The Eternal Round 226. Awash 117 118 121 121 122 123 123 124 126 127 127 128 128 129 129 130 130 131 131 131 132 132 133 133 134 134 135 135 136 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 142 143 143 143 144 144 145 145 209. Extinction 243. Etheric Dawn 203. Footprints on Water Nature’s Way 222. Happiness and Joy 252. Healing I 250. Invitation 227. Testing the Current 211. Adventure The Healing has Begun 247.

The Secret of Vision 195 The Distance between You and You 311. Orienteering Joyous Be 255. Fiddle on My Heart 193 The Secret of Manifestation 306. Perfect Moment 196 312. On Course 190 Fey Tune 301. Sunrise 257. Hindrances 258. The Process is the Goal 278. Child’s Play 205 331. Three Eagles 202 326. Moon and Sea 264. Elephant Shakes Its Trunk 284. Earth Awakens 203 Imagine 327. Helping Hand 196 314. Your Harvest 197 315. Inchworm 198 317. Empty 286. Elbow Room Chi Gong I 261. Clearing Birthing Leviathan 288. My Love Comes Riding 188 297. Incubation 199 319. Dancing with the Fey 192 305. Eternal Well 256. Imagination 204 328. Calling Out the Wee Folk 192 304. Fishing 190 300. Taming the Tiger 265. Spiraling Out 295. Hawk 287. Third Makes Up for All 201 323. Root 262. This Moment 207 335. Evitable 197 316. Grapes 209 337. Lion Plays with Ball 263. Skipping 259. Fusion 206 334. The Gathering 276. Recursion 294. Paltry 204 329. Magic Exists 268. Carrousel 210 . Circling Eagles 202 325. Radiance 201 Summonsing the Eagles 324. Strike It 196 313. Manifestation 194 307. Water Spirals 282. Poker 200 322. Dancing Joker Manifesting Leviathan 271. Singalong 273. Dragon 266. Leviathan Chi Gong II 279. Nativity 291. Living Your Dream 205 Inner Sun 332. Trickster 269. The Gifts 277. In Our Dreams 204 330. Elation 275. The Secret of Creation 195 310. Triply Blessed 191 303. Target Practice 194 309.253. Carrying Chi 283. Old Man Coyote 270. My Love Travels Far 199 320. Through the Cracks 191 302. Resounding 168 168 169 169 170 170 171 171 172 172 173 173 174 174 175 176 176 176 177 177 178 178 179 179 180 180 181 181 182 182 183 183 183 184 184 185 185 186 186 186 187 187 187 296. Agape 189 298. Walking Tall 206 333. Shine Your Light In Love. Seagulls 272. Hand to Heart 285. Exigencies 208 336. These Poems Drawn 274. Dancing 209 338. The Approach 290. Be 293. Forward Ho 194 308. Ride the Horse The Trickster 267. Growing Pains 254. The Merry Gentleman 260. Catch As Can 198 Cracking the Stone 318. Sexton and Compass 200 321. First Glimpse 289. Pulsing 280. Hiking 189 299. Moon Circles 281. Nine Months 292.

Portent Gauging the River 352. Tree House 357. We Sail in the Morn 348. Impeding the Flow 356. Boundless 347. Truth 341. Driving the Wind 350. Striving against the Storm 349.339. Something Funny Happened on the Way 358. Uncontrollable 343. These Lines Commentaries Appendix 210 211 211 212 213 213 214 214 215 215 216 216 216 217 217 218 219 219 220 220 221 237 . Consistent Myths 342. Leaves Myth 340. Storm Moon 344. A State of Grace 346. Spider Web 354. A Brighter Day Bound for the Unbound 345. Parade 351. Unconditional 355. Getting Your Ducks in a Row 353.


as a whole. I submit I was a bit taken aback. if we choose. Now I suspect PD and his wife feel I have helped in some way with the creation of these meditations. I first met PD at a talk I gave on the subject of 2012 and the munay ki. and they concern themselves with the larger questions: how can we help humans. I humbly find myself an honored doorman. have read in the threads of time the prophecies that we see revealing themselves all around us today. I am a shaman. we can create an ark. then yes. of consciousness that will enable us to not only ride the waves of these energetic changes. Alberto Villoldo. And it was at one of these groups—as I prefer to give the munay ki to groups rather than individuals—that I met PD. I was trained in the tradition of the Laika—the Peruvian shamans of the Andes mountains. to heal? How can we create a world worthy of future generations? They. as it were. But we have shared one thing—a mutual inhabiting of the ever lofty and elusive realms of the soul: his to be precise. One meets a wide variety of individuals at the munay ki: from the curious to the “concerned about 2012” to the “heard about it and 1 . And to that end. who believe the shift in human consciousness is inevitable in 2012. The Laika are not ordinary shamans. We are not old friends. and so they have decided to release certain rites (that were previously given only to shamans) to the general public—specifically. too. So when PD and his wife asked me to write a preface to his book of Quantum Meditations—in fact told me I was the first one who popped into their heads (and that independently of one another). I have not known PD Allen long. who has written several books on the Laika and their shamanic practices. This is the seed of the munay ki. we are not business partners. the Laika believe it remains our choice. And so. but actually set a course toward the destiny of the new human. to those who are ready. I did help. who are known as Earth Keepers. If opening the door for someone helps them get to their destination. Unlike some. We know of them primarily because of the work of Dr.Quantum Meditations Foreword This foreword must begin with something of a confession. we are not professional colleagues.

Many of the great spiritual writings of history have taken the form of PD’s Meditations.Quantum Meditations knew I had to come. It is not often one sees clients like this. The rites ended and PD expressed a desire to have a couple of private sessions. he brought to the sessions an almost cellular understanding of how the session was working and how he was healing. from Egypt that he adopted intuitively. Like the sutras of ancient Hindu texts. Who was this guy? So here we were.” Our author fell into this latter category. Shortly after that. Once again. and I was more a spectator to the unfolding of his soul. Someone once asked Vladimir Horowitz what made him such a great pianist and he replied it was the silent spaces between the notes he played that distinguished him. the mind is drawn in. so when he showed me the Quantum Meditations I felt it confirmed that the door opened in his consciousness had remained open. Quantum physics has brought us face to face with a reality that we now know responds to us in a fundamental way: it becomes what we ask it to become—like a lover who says. May it always be so. He was going through a difficult time and he thought a shamanic session or two might help him attain the needed shift. . I was always struck by how palpable PD found the energy moving through him and how vivid certain of his visions were. the vast expanse of the blank page that firmly engages the soul. . I knew PD was an author and had written on various and sundry subjects. he e-mailed me with rites he had performed on his own—rites from Babylon. firmly places PD’s contribution in our time.” 2 . I felt his spirit knew what to do. These are things I was unschooled in. I feel. but it is the space between the words. As I administer the rites. . I encourage everyone to share what he or she has felt or seen. Once I opened the door. The rites involve a directing of energy along the chakras or into the energy field of the individual. Why quantum meditations? This. but when he described them I could grasp the energetic/spiritual essentials. “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.

Pahl. 2011 3 .Quantum Meditations Shamans have always known this—they have said we are always dreaming our reality. which. Jr. August 17. forever beyond the open door. They are now inviting us to dream a different dream—a bold and beautiful dream—one perhaps we have never dared to dream… but how? PD has found one way. too. but he has left us a collection of signposts. and one day find us. whether asleep or awake. Joseph L. He stepped across his threshold some time ago. if read and reread may lead us across our own threshold.

* In preparing to publish this first volume of Quantum Meditations. I began producing the meditations on January 13th. In truth. Even physically speaking. Within a couple of weeks I was producing new meditations daily. That which we are is not a closed system.Quantum Meditations Preface Quantum Meditations are written in collaboration between my conscious mind and my higher self. It is a transformative work of literature. we take the first step in opening our wings and learning to fly. What we are is open-ended. we must take in food and water. At first the output was sporadic. or whatever works for you. The effect is cumulative. But Quantum Meditations is more than just a journal or record. I thought of writing a long foreword and commentaries explaining 4 . Reading the Meditations has a subconscious effect. our consciousness is largely defined by our interaction with the rest of existence in this moment. seeing the world in all of its wonder. Our roots extend far beneath the surface of physical identity. muse. If at this point you frown at the term higher self. 2011. Readers have reported that the experience leaves them feeling like they are opening their eyes for the first time. we are not closed beings. As such.500 meditations. In recognizing this. Reading Quantum Meditations is a deliciously mind-expanding experience. And we are always breathing. As of this writing. Indeed. infused with the visionary inspiration of the insights it contains. Why then do so many of us consider ourselves to be separate from everything else? Our consciousness and our identity are not confined to this body. Quantum Meditations is a record of this process. there are now over 1. It is a journal of personal transformation. Readers have had powerful reactions to this work. and eliminate what we call wastes. perpetually changing and evolving. simply substitute inspiration. of which this book contains the first 358. they are not so different from any other creative endeavor.

the depletion of other vital resources. the easiest 5 . Economic contraction. whole worlds in fact.Quantum Meditations what these Meditations are about. any one of which could topple our civilization. environmental. mass extinction. pollution and waste disposal. if not our species. There is a great deal more to follow in future volumes. infrastructure decay. I have included a limited commentary in the Appendix. as future volumes will build on what is laid down here. climate change. These are only some of the many impending crises. loss of diversity. I thought of writing a section on Qi Gong. Confluence of Crises Many of us have been aware that we are approaching a confluence of crises. Too many of these crises appear to be converging. Negotiating just one of them would be an achievement. The Meditations are presented chronologically as they were written. take energy depletion. but some of the groupings are quite arbitrary. Realizing this. I pondered writing a treatise on meditation and the process of accessing and traveling on the web of existence. the Meditations were not grouped by subject or associated by anything other than their title and the date and time they were written. For instance. overpopulation. too many of these crises are interconnected in ways that we do not understand. I have grouped them into sections or series. If you would rather not know how this whole thing began for me. ongoing work. Know that as they were written. feel free to skip ahead. I will add a few more pages here. social and economic. Then. T’ai Chi and Khundalini Yoga. but we must resolve the whole bunch at once. They stand alone. Economically. one morning my inner voice told me: The Meditations are the message. I did away with my plans for a lengthy introduction. What is more. Know also that the Meditations are a progressive. to help bring the reader from my starting place to the beginning of the Meditations. but would rather get to the work itself. You hold here the first quarter of the current manuscript. I considered writing about the Emerald Tablet and Hermetic alchemy. economic inequality. energy depletion. But this is the best place to start. toxic chemical contamination.

Until we change the way we view reality. including environmental destruction. Originally anchored in the belief that man stands separate from and above nature. we will only be exchanging one crisis for another. and refer readers to my books: Eating Fossil Fuels (New Society. tea partiers and other reactionaries demand a return to the American Dream and rugged individualism. Treating the symptoms will not heal the illness. Volume 1 (Mountain Sentinel. All of these various impending crises are only symptoms of an underlying malaise. I have written a great deal about this topic. the modern objective 6 . accelerate environmental destruction and result in disposal problems. Our political and socioeconomic structures were built within the framework of the problem itself. the energy available in our socioeconomic system will decline. coal is nowhere near as energy rich as oil. given dominion over the Earth. So in all likelihood. Beyond this. waste disposal and the tremendous cost of building nuclear power plants at about one billion dollars apiece. This simply is not possible. The fundamental cause of all of these crises is psychological or spiritual in nature. alienated and at odds with the rest of existence. It is the objective nature of our perception and our egocentric nature. and so cannot see beyond its boundaries. Environmentalists and other activists are becoming more strident all the time in their efforts to wake the rest of humanity and halt our mad race to destruction. This is clearly the path intended by the US and China. Increased nuclear power production has its own problems.Quantum Meditations solution to this problem would be to supplement declining oil production with coal and nuclear energy. Both sides expect a solution to come from within our politicalsocioeconomic arena. both of which were never more than a myth. contamination. Meanwhile. 2005) and The Mountain Sentinel. But increasing coal use will exacerbate global warming. 2007). Classical Physics What is the underlying problem behind all of these symptoms? What is it that makes humanity stand apart and take dominion over the planet and all that inhabits it? It is this sense of separation and isolation that marks us as individuals while leaving us alone. religious fundamentalists.

As the objectified. and Schrödinger’s cat is a Cheshire puss. Newton’s bequest to humanity was a scientific vision of mechanical physics. The world was perceived as a place of external cause and effect. He spent more time studying alchemy than physics. When billiard balls collide. Newtonian view became the dominant view of the world. And Freud applied the mechanistic method to his psychological model of consciousness itself.Quantum Meditations and mechanistic view of reality was formalized under the guise of classical Newtonian physics. all of his alchemical writings were destroyed. 7 . Humans were seen as a result of their conditioning and genetics. but it became as rigid and distant as the interior of a billiard ball. and nothing inside of the balls has any effect on the outcome. Each ball is an isolated thing obeying the mechanical laws of physics. behaving as waves of probability that collapse into particles only when consciousness enters into the picture. Left entirely out of Newton’s equations is any consideration of consciousness. it is an external impact. It is suspected that Newton did have some concept of the primacy of consciousness. humans found themselves isolated from the rest of the universe. they have a dualistic nature. and especially by quantum physics. And beneath its symbolism. The billiard balls are no longer solid objects. Adam Smith and Karl Marx applied it to economics. the velocity. Newton cautioned that the work of alchemy should be kept from the general public. alchemy was a discipline for the transformation of consciousness that recognized the power of the mind over matter. Nothing is considered to have happened inside the balls. where the mind had no part in the workings of the world. the direction. The ego was buttressed. He kept his own alchemical research separate from his exploration of mechanical physics. They are wave/particles. and disempowered. And following his death. We find ourselves in wonderland. The force transferred from one ball to another affects the movement of the balls. Following the code of secrecy adhered to by most alchemists. Darwin applied Newtonian physics to the evolution of species. this mechanistic view of classical physics was assailed and utterly toppled by relativity theory. It was the billiard ball model of reality. In the Twentieth century.

Quantum Meditations We live in a world where consciousness has a primary effect upon reality. Whenever the ego is threatened. but that it is not. which will be published in later volumes. The human consciousness. the psychology of a child is a fragile and impressionable thing. from the child to the adult. moving and in need of nourishment. breathing. the living things of this planet are intimately tied to the geological processes of the planet. this process of development is carried out in the womb. takes many years to develop. which we have come to call the ego. and the animal is born alive. While the ego is a protective shell for the growing psyche. We tend to mistake our ego for our identity. The Ego What follows is explored in Meditations #1389 through #1399. the human sense of identity and selfhood. Before the evolution of mammals. it responds in a most self-defensive manner. as their bodies continue to develop and they learn to take care of themselves—something that is known instinctually in other life forms. mammals require an extended period of childhood. And in comparison to the other mammals. Most indigenous people had rites for coming of age. Often these rites required traumatic initiations in which the ego was cracked open and the individual was reacquainted with his or her place in the world. As a result. strengthening its walls and isolating the inner psyche even 8 . Compared to most other families of life. It is only a protective boundary we establish through our youth. humans are born with a nonphysical shell. all other families of animals were born as one-celled organisms in eggs. For this reason. And as evidence for the Gaian Hypothesis suggests. Many of these rites involved a second birth. for the adult it is a prison that keeps her or him isolated and limited. The eggs then required a period of incubation as the single cell divided and developed into the complex organism. awareness and belief govern the functions of our very cells. the shell inside of which our psyche develops. and elsewhere. in full intimacy. As the more recent explorations in cellular biology have discovered. humans require a long childhood to mature. In mammals.

soul and spirit. of eastern spiritual disciplines. Once the ego has been burned away. it is time to open the self to the intervention of the higher self. empowerment. gage the degree of dissonance. Then you will be free. you will spread your wings and fly. it is only the lens of ego that makes them appear separate. Left alone. Then you will be one in body. we have evolved as the human unhatched. For many generations. Listen to the song of your source and raise your voice in harmony. everything we feel. Bear in mind. if the individual within can successfully hatch out of the ego. and so transformed in joy and grace. Vibration In reality. and allow your song to resonate with the song of your higher self and the universe. Yet. All we need do is focus on the degree of harmony or disharmony between the song we sing and the song of our higher—or inner—self. with practice. The self and higher self are one. of coming into oneself in chorus with the rest of existence—in short. Do not fault yourself for sour notes. everything is vibration. Do not give up. It is time to affect a union of the soul within with the spirit above. and of Hermetic alchemy and ceremonial magick. it is time for us to take a further step. if we are to survive the confluence of crises we have brought upon ourselves by our insular and exploitive nature. everything that we are is vibration.Quantum Meditations further in a rigid and alienating sense of identity. the result is an exhilarating sense of freedom. This is the goal of shamans. Everything that exists. and in every note you sing. albeit more insecure and therefore more tenacious than ever. always moving toward resolution. 9 . raising the one and extending the other. Be aware. you will become a virtuoso. of enlightenment. self-referencing consciousness. Yet. everything we think. In time. hatching out of our ego-shells so we might learn to fly. It has perhaps been an important step in the development of our singular. Be aware. Cracking the ego is not enough. everything is vibration. it will regenerate. Everything is a song that we sing. Then your vibration will resonate with the universe and everything will come to you.

I was born. These meditations were begun in January of 2011. but within each and every one of us. they are the construction of the new world view that is becoming mine. brings the dire necessity of this transformation. and with my beloved wife Elizabeth and shaman Joe Pahl acting as midwives. we will all come into alignment with it. and there is only one vibration reverberating in harmony with itself. social and personal. 10 . And the galactic alignment amplifies all vibration. free to spread our wings and soar. Now is the time to sink or swim. The answer lies in our song. and it will soon be lifted. Our global problems have become so pronounced. As such. as a part of my ongoing process of transformation. Quantum Meditations In the year 2010. The time of our birth is nigh. This is our own personal disharmony being amplified into a reality that can no longer be ignored. so that resolution becomes imperative. The confluence of crises. And then we will see. I underwent my trial by fire. Many are leaving this life. Each of these traumas seems personally tailored to our own faults and failings. But the answer does not lie in our political or economic leaders. The answer lies in the way each of us relates to the world around us and to ourselves. Here are my first steps. And many are leaving so they can work toward this transformation from the other side. and many more will leave. everyone has experienced personal hardships. Many are leaving so they can be born fresh in a transformed world. and a record of interior dialog between my self and source. Many cannot handle their own dissonance. My ego was broken open. There we must deal with it and resolve it if we are to make the transition into the age which is dawning. it is a wonder that anyone can go on denying them. The veil is growing thin. And then we will be hatched from our egg. both environmental. and so they are leaving it behind in a grand step.Quantum Meditations The Age of Transformation We live in an age of transformation. each in our own way. Over the past couple of years. Everything is vibration. As this vibration is amplified.

and it is growing daily. but in the cumulative effect. Unfortunately. It is my hope that they will prove as beneficial to others as they have been to me. Immersing yourself in the entire manuscript reinforces the process of transformation and awakening.Quantum Meditations The power of these Meditations lies not in the insights they contain. 2011 11 . the full manuscript of Quantum Meditations is far too vast to publish in one volume. PD Allen August 8th. So here we present the first 358 meditations.

leaving the words pure and free. Laid out in the chronological order in which they were conceived and written. 12 . the meditations evolve. only capitalization at the beginning of sentences is retained. For a time. And so these meditations each have their own distinct form. and the personal pronoun. For clarity. And for a time. even these elements were dropped. In the first meditations. In the course of this first volume. only proper names are capitalized. An obvious example of this is punctuation and capitaliz-ation. Eventually. Some of them must be puzzled out by the reader. extra spaces are inserted between ending and beginning sentences within the same line. these elements are dropped. I. the only punctuation retained is the apostrophe in the Saxon genitive.Quantum Meditations A Note on the Text Every thought has a reality of its own. all of which are correct. Beyond this point. both of these elements of structure are present. Some of the more nonlinear pieces can be read in any number of ways. both in context and in format.

so that he could soar to the heights of creativity. And it was Abraham that provided him with the means to take control of the creation of his reality. helping to pull many lost souls out of the morass. For her steadfast commitment. The poet also owes a debt to the vindication and validation provided by Gloria Kildow. The poet must also acknowledge the invaluable help of Joe Pahl and his sister Mary. for the perfect cover photo. Joe is a shaman practicing in the Peruvian tradition. this volume is dedicated to my wife. Elizabeth. and that he is the creator of his own reality.Quantum Meditations Acknowledgements The poet is thankful to his wife and soulmate. 13 . Seth and Abraham. Many of the poems in this volume were directly inspired by Abraham. She has always been there with sympathy and love. It was the Seth material that first set the poet on his course back in the 1970s. His talks with Gloria always confirm his direction and speed him along his way. Joe helped to free the poet from the chains that bound him. He has become an invaluable member of his community. the poet must acknowledge those multidimensional gargantuas of conscious cocreation. for helping to guide him along this path. And finally. Elizabeth. ever reminding the poet that he has never been cut off. A special thank you to photographer Stephanie Biggs.

not the reflection. I am the flame. undisturbed I am the flame. The Flame I am the flame. by the fluttering 1/13/11 14 . of the moths.Quantum Meditations Opening Enigma 1.

something we pin to a board to say.” and point at This is only a phantom of a world in flux a memory of a moment in time the blink of a shutter a perception. The subject is something in motion forever changing never perceived by the eye of the camera. Uncaptured Soul trapped on film forever frozen The shutter blinks and an image is caught something concrete. 1/14/11 15 .Quantum Meditations 2. It is not reality. “This is reality.

you will never there. Wrong Direction Why focus your attention out there? There are no answers there. then you must look within. if you seek what is 1/14/11 16 . your eyes skillfully diverted 1/14/11 4. If you seek answers. It was never Though you try catch the pea. Slight of Hand Keep your eye on the shells. only distractions. You see only the stage props.Quantum Meditations 3. by the magician behind the scene. real. only illusions.

This light shines now around me. This is not a poem. nor the artist. Imhotep He knows the Words of Power. 1/14/11 6. Magritte This is the painting a splash of color. here But do not seek the subject. a dance of shadow and light. a celebration of creativity. setting something in motion. His hand caresses the world fashioning it.Quantum Meditations 5. His light is bright and pure shining down through the ages. healing it. Seek here a ceremony of art. 1/14/11 17 .

I am where you look what you seek but you do not see me.Quantum Meditations 7. 1/15/11 18 . not there. Riddle I am here not here. There And both at once. I am all and Who am I? nothing at all.

and 1/15/11 Resistance is blockage. Life is Change III Life futile is resistance Change blessing is propitious 1/15/11 19 . Welcome life to change. Step aside and 1/15/11 10. Open the door you wish.Quantum Meditations 8. usher it in. 9. Life is Change II let it. Life is Change I It appears not to only if you resist. Resistance is stagnation.

song exhale all tension. 1/15/11 13. Recipe for Positive Change III Laugh in joy radiate gratitude weep for happiness 1/15/11 20 .Quantum Meditations Allowing 11. and sing along. Put on a happy 1/15/11 12. Recipe for Positive Change II view them as insubstantial. river. Recipe for Positive Change I Inhale deep. See them washing away and dissolving in the Should negative thoughts impede.

Quantum Meditations 14. Would you the water Ride the current. 1/15/11 21 . Hawk Flying I see you straight to your destination overhead winging your way fly with me 1/15/11 15. Futile Would you stand against an oncoming tsunami? seek to grasp and hold it in your hands? It will take you where you want to go.

Do not cling to it. 1/15/11 18. Immortality is found in the journey. let it go. Immortality All of our efforts to leave some remembrance—buildings. Ride the wind. civilizations. Precious The light its facets its true is what gives value. It will come back.Quantum Meditations 16. The wind blows all away. Where Joy is Joy is found in the journey contentment in the moment. 22 playing over the gem 1/16/11 . art. 1/15/11 17. science—are only sand castles awash in the tide of time. gaining in intensity.

” Truly. Embrace your inner joy. Bliss “Follow your bliss. 1/18/11 A wise man advised. Duality is hell Life is bliss And the only difference between the two is your perspective.Quantum Meditations 19. 1/18/11 20. and forget all else. 23 .

it offers. sit and look within. Be grateful for the rich diversity of life In your gratitude. is another another. For behind it and Appreciate the variety it brings. There you will find your boundless horizon. Mountain blocks When a mountain your view of the horizon do not strive to blast it into rubble.Quantum Meditations 21. 1/18/11 24 .

Expand your horizons. Chinese Handcuffs Struggle to free yourself and you remain a prisoner. you define. 1/18/11 23.Quantum Meditations 22. Reach for the infinite and you will embrace yourself. Stop resisting and you are free. 1/22/11 25 . No Limits There are no limits but those no boundaries but those you yourself perceive.

Joy means going home. Rejoice in life. 1/25/11 26 . Joy means waking up. Rejoice and go home to your true self. Freedom We are all of us prisoners except for the one who is free. 1/22/11 25.Quantum Meditations Being 24. Rejoice and wake up to your true self. Rejoice in death. Joy is the other side of grief. Rejoice and let go of your angst. Joy Joy means letting go.

anxiety Inhale the world Exhale your name 1/25/11 27. it bobs to the surface. Be as the cork. Cast a sponge into the water and it will saturate until it finds its level below the surface. action Exhale exhaust. expectations. exigencies. You can submerge the cork. Cork Cast a stone into the water and it sinks. but it will remain under only so long as you hold it there. When you release it. Cast a cork into the water and it will float.Quantum Meditations 26. Breath Inhale energy. 1/26/11 27 .

Live firmly in the present. Then let it go. It is your sacred focus. Now is now. Grieve over it if necessary. Do not cling to it. in love and joy. Understanding When you truly understand forget about the words throw away the book and live. Look forward to it with anticipation. The past is only a reflection. 1/27/11 All we have 28 .Quantum Meditations 28. 1/26/11 29. Acknowledge it. Do not displace yourself into the future.

You will be appreciated for manifesting abundance. All the rest is static. It will be born anew. Buffalo Buffalo in the snow your world is gone. White Buffalo. You bring us to the sacred path.Quantum Meditations 30. 1/27/11 31. Grieve and let it go. 1/28/11 29 . Bring yourself into harmonious resonance into and the static will fall away a pure melody of blessed existence. Blessings upon you. thank you for your gift. Static and Melody You are all that counts.

Blessings you bless yourself. Wish them well. Lighthouses Some lighthouses cannot be seen except by those who have the eyes to see them. No one can bless you until 1/28/11 33. And that is fine.Quantum Meditations 32. 1/29/11 30 . and let them find lighthouses closer to their own depth. Those who cannot see would not be able to negotiate these waters.

Quantum Meditations 34. a limb. This is the only way that you can move on. Quicksand The more you struggle against it the deeper you will sink. That is the only way to break the tension. floating effortlessly to the top. Then push it away from you. Draw an arm. a water hose down your side. Be calm. 1/30/11 35. Make Peace Make peace with where you are. Then the quicksand will release you. 1/30/11 31 .

Quantum Meditations

Song of Existence
36. Everything Is
Everything is composed of energy. Everything is composed of consciousness. Everything is.

37. Time to Dance
A unit of energy is a tone. An atom is a voice. A molecule is a chorus. A physical thing is an orchestra. A living thing is a full symphony. The world is an opera. Now it is time to dance.


Quantum Meditations

38. The Song of Life
Focus upon your song make it bright and pure. Make it a glorious celebration of love and joy, resonating outward to fill the world around you. Then the world will sing with you. Then the world will dance to your tune.

39. Call the Tune
The plucked string And the unplucked can call the tune. vibrates. also. But only the fiddler


Quantum Meditations

40. Hide and Seek
As you seek, so shall you find. As you think, so shall you feel. As you feel, so shall you see. As you see, so shall it be.

41. Running the Race
Run the race first in your mind. Every step, every breath, every move. Then you shall have won before they even fire the starting gun.


Quantum Meditations

42. Resonance
Seek for that which you lack and you shall never find it. Resonate in sympathetic and you cannot help but be fulfilled.


43. Attraction
let them go. Having formulated your desires,

Focus not on the lack. Bask in the moment Radiate in unmitigated joy, and all you desire will come to you.


Quantum Meditations

44. Tend the Spark
Even in Hitler there was a wholesome, untainted spark, Lost in hatred madness and manipulation. When all the world is dark and cold, look within for that spark. Tend it with love; feed it well. Resuscitate it, and it will glow ever brighter, filling your existence to illuminate all the world.


Send your roots deep into the rich soil drawing in the plentiful nutrients. verdant. a torment. 2/1/11 46. flower and attract the bees and butterflies. 2/1/11 37 . Your Choice a struggle. Grow tall and verdant. abundant do not strive for this.Quantum Meditations 45. Sacred Grove This is your sacred space. Sow your seeds and germinate. lush and green. Ripen and share your sweet fruit. The choice is yours. a trial do not run from Life is rich.

Quantum Meditations 47. Let it go. 2/2/11 38 . It is the journey that gives the goal as the sentence gives the period its value. The Journey The goal is just a period. 2/1/11 48. Doubt It is only your own doubt that you must overcome. its emphasis. The universe believes in you.

Abundance Is That which we have abundant is draws unto itself abundance is prosperity flows abundance is that which flows joy is 2/4/11 39 .Quantum Meditations 49. Passing Through bright red branching off on a branch out air inside on wings standing to busy of color behind tall sky mind the swamp of life reaching from human staying close offering cover to ground scurrying a blessing through 2/4/11 50.

Be encouraged that you can see the light of day above. Recall life on the surface and aspire to reach the light of day once more. 2/5/11 40 . Do not wallow in the muck. it is up to you to ascend. The Pits Do not be disheartened to find yourself at the bottom of a dark pit. Here is a ladder.Quantum Meditations 51.

Quantum Meditations 52. Landscape carefully tread the avenues pulsing between and aware of attracting what is drawn crystal this lattices pathway of coruscating is determined light by the song within and that with which it harmonizes geometries of feeling frameworks of thought forms of shadow and color vibrate and drone shrieking and repulsing bleak phantoms of tormented night disemboweled failings pregnant all paths beginnings lead to the sea where all edifices are dissolved into a rich miasmic stew swim there bath in the possibilities baptized in the stream washed clean in the waters 2/6/11 41 .

Quantum Meditations Self Healing 53. They are plain to see. Lost You must not attention have been paying to where you were going. 2/7/11 42 . No one else can or will. Bad Advice When it comes to yourself. 2/7/11 54. never ask advice of another. 2/7/11 55. Find Yourself Follow the tracks to find yourself.

Tune out all else. Love and nurture that child. Little Boy Lost Find the child within crying for attention. 2/7/11 57. Find your tune and play it. a child full of potential. Honor Yourself Listen closely. All else is static. Let no one tell you it is a bad child. with your ear to the ground. This is a special child. 2/7/11 43 . contentment and fulfillment.Quantum Meditations 56. Welcome the child into your home and it will blossom into a magic world of love.

Quantum Meditations Stream of Existence 58. 2/8/11 44 . Into the Stream beautiful formation sandstone crumbles away sand pours through the crevasse deep canyon breath taking in its immensity leap from the edge to soar downward into the stream far below.

This is the stream from which we emerge without ever leaving its waters. Source Forest Mountain Jungle This is the source.Quantum Meditations 59. 2/8/11 Desert Swamp 45 . through which and with which we flow from birth to death. from our selves and back again traveling far yet never leaving our source.

Energy Energy knows no bounds there is one unit of energy reflected into infinite facets one flow streaming through all 2/9/11 61. Relativity all in all form One flow streaming through taking expression One flow One note whose harmonics create this symphony 2/9/11 46 .Quantum Meditations 60.

Soul Mates In this moment there is one flow animating all matter and so all matter in this moment is interrelated We are soul mates all of us and everything that exists in this moment let us sing together the song that flows through this moment 2/9/11 47 .Quantum Meditations 62.

Creation The flow of energy swirls and eddies around thoughtforms coalescing into crystal lattices of potential some become manifest in physical form and some become manifest as events and some remain pools of energy from which consciousness can draw nourishment extra energy with which to manifest various pigments of paint on the artist’s pallet 2/9/11 48 .Quantum Meditations 63.

All I need do 2/9/11 49 . Our Song is listen. The world sings for me.Quantum Meditations Energy is Awareness 64. focused on the target the tension of stringing an arrow is so enormous it would break a lesser bow and dislocate the archer’s shoulder yet the arrow so launched flies swift and strong with such impetus it penetrates the target completely striking dead center shattering all resistance 2/9/11 65. Odysseus’ Bow only one can string this bow few would even dare to this bow is strung only with creative intent.

In forcing it. Step back.Quantum Meditations 66. You will find it locked. 2/10/11 67. Open yourself in anticipation. with all of your frustration. Release your tension. place yourself outside. Opening Doors Never force a door open in agitation. Leave the room behind. you will harm yourself or damage the door. and try gazing out of the window instead. Mandala prosperity is love is empowerment is grace is joy positive energy endlessly flows in I am out flows endlessly manifesting desire abundance is friendship is freedom is creativity is well-being 2/11/11 50 . Then open the door so that you may join yourself.

the Dreamer Dreamed the and impenetrable dreamer thick impregnated dreamed heavy with pending a dream reality dream another and wove within this dream 2/12/11 Sleeping 51 . Sleeping. And then the entire system appears to change in one instantaneous bound. Quantum Leap Change in a complex system occurs incrementally bit by bit below the surface while the system as a whole appears stable until some critical threshold is exceeded. 2/11/11 69.Quantum Meditations 68.

Quantum Meditations 70. One Law Every thought has impetus drawing atomic manifestation gravity is attraction like unto itself is drawn there is only one law to rule the infinite and the infinitesimal gravity is attraction given impetus by conscious focus Build your frameworks with care and you cannot but erect a cathedral 2/12/11 52 .

Focal Point All energy (something in motion) is composed of infinitesimal sparks of awareness awareness by awareness is drawn drawn to focus.Quantum Meditations 71. composing energy which flows along the vectors of focal awareness attracting and repulsing concentrating into existence physical form drawn by gravity to manifest where awareness is focused 2/12/11 53 .

Eternal Round Thought which provokes which draws Matter Awareness which manifests which bears Energy 2/13/11 73.Quantum Meditations Manifestation 72. 2/13/11 54 . Eternal Round II Life is lived in the eternal round Existence flows through the eternal round All the universe is born within the eternal round We all turn cartwheels eternally the eternal round is a dynamo of joy and creativity.

Bell. and Candle Light the candle make a wish ring a bell Energy flows through the tolling and the thought and the flame Awareness flows through the bell and the wish and the candle Awareness breathes within the bell and its tolling within the candle and its flame within the human and within this poem taking form to express the wish uttered and the wish not uttered 2/13/11 55 . Book.Quantum Meditations 74.

book and candle And here is your manifestation 2/13/11 Bell book 56 . and Candle II and candle are artifices filled with magic They are a joy to behold and are totally unnecessary All that is needed is conscious intent there is the bell the book and the candle Light the candle read from the book ring the bell Breathe consciousness into thought to resound through the universe Light consciousness express thought toll the universe There is your bell. Bell. Book.Quantum Meditations 75.

Quantum Meditations 76. There and Everywhere than here do not resist here accept it take joy in the moment and know that all things pass take pleasure in the transition and you will find yourself there But to really find where you belong Accept that a state of flux is normal Position is a matter of perspective Then you will find you are perfectly at home everywhere 2/14/11 When you would rather be there 57 . Here.

Storm Looking here the world is a dark place the world is oppressive Life is raging out of control I feel a breath of fresh air place The world is a bright Dark clouds blot out the sun The sky turns gray The air pressure rises The clouds burst and down pours the rain soaking everything as winds blow and lightning strikes The pressure eases The rain ends and all is washed clean rejuvenating the world as the sun returns None of these observations are correct None are wrong One moment’s reflection is insufficient The world is ever in flux Life is always in motion Storms come and pass The world would be dead without the storms Negative positive repulsion attraction This is how the world moves Do not focus on one or the other Focus on the motion Focus on the creative act That is where we reside 2/14/11 58 .Quantum Meditations 77.

Quantum Meditations 78. Walking The foot falls The foot rises moving forward touching ground The other foot rises expectant attracting the other foot descends finding purchase and pushing off again repelling moving on You would never take each footfall as a stationary position knowing position is relative and you are in motion 2/14/11 59 .

Quantum Meditations Creativity 79. Creativity Creativity transcends all human bounds The act of creation cleanses the human vessel of all angst and allows the light of divinity to shine through human eyes 2/15/11 80. The Muse The only god I could ever worship is the muse She touches me directly lifting me on lofty wings of inspiration transforming life into a sacred dance Serving her is to serve truth stripping the world bare so that the beauty of it all can shine as it is seen through a child’s eyes 2/15/11 60 .

Quantum Meditations

81. The Artist at Work
In creative reception the artist stands naked as a newborn babe free of all resistance cleansed of all taint channeling pure creative energy into that which we call art

82. Art
It is all about the creative act and flow of inspiration The medium serves only as a focal point It is the process that holds all magic It is the flow conducted through the artist which we truly celebrate It is a touch of the divine an act of sacred transformation And if the product can transmit any touch of that inspiration to the audience then it has earned the label art


Quantum Meditations

83. Art II
The artist must produce art or the flow of artistic inspiration would rage out of control But the painting the sculpture the sonnet the sonata these are byproducts that find value only in their record of the burning inspiration

84. Nourishment
Give me creative inspiration That is all the nourishment I require


Quantum Meditations

85. Alive
and they will tell you they are truly alive inspiration is flowing through them Ask the artists the only moments are when

Then their eyes are open then they breathe then they feel the current of energy that flows through all things And if some higher being looked down It would see them as fireflies existing only in those moments when they are alight 2/15/11

86. Fraternity
with the child and the beast The artist walks hand in hand



Quantum Meditations

87. Behind the Curtain
When you bask in creativity reveling in the flow of inspiration there is no such thing as the world mundane all is an expression of that creative flow and you are in communion with the world behind the curtain


Quantum Meditations

88. Destiny
The possibilities are infinite until that moment when you stand on the horizon and conceive your desire and from that position infinity collapses into the probable what will happen and what won’t you have already scouted both paths you stand at the far end of either trail and beckon yourself to follow and there again the choice is yours to follow your desire or not to And in that choice the probable collapses into the manifest drawing you on to another horizon where again you look out upon the infinite


Free Will and Destiny Destiny is a conversation between the self and the higher self It is as simple as drawing yarrow sticks and as natural Free will exists and choice in perception Destiny is manifest in following through with the choices launched 2/16/11 66 .Quantum Meditations 89.

Spring Cleaning lay down relax let go release the resistance from your mind from your emotions from every cell of your body feel a soothing energizing flood of white energy wash over you and through you cleansing your body of all tension cleansing your mind of all negativity washing you clean and empowering you for the fulfillment of positive impetus Now it is time to awaken into a new world filled with certainty ready to take action 2/17/11 67 .Quantum Meditations 90.

Quantum Meditations Sorrow of Ravens 91. Good Morning The ravens are playing cawing here and there They call out the joy It is time to step forth High above the hawks fly heading straight to the goals only they can see Let us step forth to greet the day 2/17/11 68 .

A Sorrow of Ravens Everywhere we go flying about a multitude of ravens perched on diving and limbs winging hither and yon these ravens are joyful laughing raucously do they call it a sorrow why they celebrate they know a secret they tease with hints but will not divulge let us celebrate 2/17/11 93. Waking Up To awaken creating is always a pleasant beginning for the day Another sacred day unfolds 2/18/11 69 .Quantum Meditations 92.

Life and How We Live It On this second day of the ravens We do acknowledge focus draws probable awareness configuring an energized lattice giving impetus to physical manifestation This probable lattice has an attraction not quite expressed as gravity All that is necessary to complete the circle is to find the song of this manifestation joyfully opening the heart to sing along drawing perceiver and perception This is into harmony the sacred dance acknowledging the two of how the world works are one The ravens chide us into remembering and laugh at our folly 2/18/11 70 .Quantum Meditations 94.

The Quickening A glorious day dawns the moon ripens to full and the ravens usher it in with laughter 2/18/11 97. Another Day Another day beckons we cannot wait The ravens promise to see what manifests lots of fun for those who are open to the experience 2/18/11 96.Quantum Meditations 95. Anticipation Sharing in the secret of the ravens the world is my canvas Grandmother I hope you will enjoy what I paint here from your new perspective 2/18/11 71 .

Nonlinear There is no end The well never runs dry The song Rejoice is never over There is no line extending upward from point to point ever instead there is spiraling an endless cycle 2/18/11 99.Quantum Meditations 98. On the Lay Lines Walking the lay lines in a February thaw A leafless oak stands beside the path it’s limbs festooned with a sorrow of ravens black fruit of the winter harvest These are glad tidings from a universe in alignment stay the course enjoy the journey Great wonders will manifest ahead Pleasant company 2/18/11 72 .

Quantum Meditations 100. Intentional Manifestation irresistible tickle of attraction draws me forth to that which I have manifest The hawk points the way and ravens cheer me on 2/18/11 73 .

Quantum Meditations Maya 101. Beneath the Surface Beneath the surface is where dreams events percolate interactions there swirl and thoughtforms the energy pools gestate where the physical drop awareness world is shaped pebbles of stirs magnetized the current reality desire into forth as this deep ascends to burst pool nucleating energy 2/19/11 74 .

Bursting Free Outside thoughtforms grow viscous They cannot Inner creative melting away expectations entrapping you ignites feelings confining imprison flame these outer as fuel blast free who know limitations consuming them into a flaming Now you are Shine forth to burst a supernova no bounds in creative joy and abundance 2/19/11 75 .Quantum Meditations 102.

Caught Up Do not become so entangled in the thorny brush of other people’s thoughtforms and expectations You should have stayed on the path admiring the blossoms from a safe distance 2/20/11 76 . Life Be Ever fresh as a first hint of spring vital as the cry of a newborn babe free as a hawk in flight unbesmirched aware as a spotted as a perching fawn owl enduring strong youthful as an ancient as a bull as a prancing redwood moose colt regal playful as a strutting as a swimming lion informed inquisitive otter as a sleek as a curious dolphin spiritual monkey as a white buffalo 2/20/11 104.Quantum Meditations 103.

Folly They laugh at us in what is not real The ravens are back for becoming so mired that we fail to appreciate the vitality the free unique beauty of each moment 2/20/11 106. Building Sandcastles Shut up in our walls we build monumental edifices of artifice proclaiming that within these prisons of our own design we are free to live little dreaming that freedom and life exist only in the spaces between that which we perceive irritated by the laughter of the ravens 2/20/11 77 .Quantum Meditations 105.

Wrong Song of the follies and foibles of others Why do you sing The birds do not waste their voices in such a manner Would it not be sweeter to proclaim the song of your own existence 2/20/11 108.Quantum Meditations 107. The Singing makes it So Why sing of the sorrows the terrors and injustices that seem to beset this world the singing makes it so sing of the joy the well-being and abundance sing in appreciation the singing makes it so sing not of hatred of evil and the need for protection and prosecution the singing makes it so sing of love camaraderie creativity and the sanctity of life the singing makes it so 2/20/11 78 .

The Jump Looking down from a height you see only clouds yet you must jump trusting — nay believing — knowing with every fiber of your being that you will land safely on the ground 2/20/11 79 .Quantum Meditations 109.

Quantum Meditations Magic 110. Hidden Treasure Diving for sunken treasure Spelunking in wondrous caverns of crystalline formations we find great wealth in the dark cold dust of a Detroit warehouse 2/20/11 80 .

Midnight Patch of deepest night feral night came to our door Wild huntress black as a raven of the night so black the hue so perfectly is tinted blue focused Only You came a thin string of to be my faithful existence until familiar and devoted by prey the thread friend lending awareness is tripped and alignment to that which I am focused upon So dedicated drawing it you would take into being all of my burdens onto yourself All I giving up your need of you life to bring ease is your love to my distress and aid in Together manifesting a better we will resolve life for us both a world of freedom that is how best creative joy and well-being you can serve me where we can hunt together those dreams that lurk in the darkest night Together on raven wings 2/21/11 81 .Quantum Meditations 111.

Quantum Meditations 112. Thought Flows Thought flows in blocks of images with frequencies of intensity This intensity draws awareness to flow around and about into physical form forming an energy intensity coalescing framework of proper 2/21/11 82 .

Pictographs the perfect language of thought is a pictograph as the ancients knew where every image is imbued with meaning emotion and intensity of frequency where every image is a kernel that draws into being the object of its expression 2/21/11 83 .Quantum Meditations 113.

Quantum Meditations 114. The Secret Power of Respiration inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale inhale lies in the breath drawing energy in the root of life the waxing and waning exhale exhale extruding energy out focus on the breath exhale first and produce all thought and motion as an extension exhale of the breath draw it in exhale and release it inspiration exhale expression flex and release exhale contract and relax focus on the breath exhale until every thought and action flows exhale naturally as an expansion in perfect balance exhale swell and ebb when you have caught exhale this rhythm and made it yours nothing can resist exhale nothing is impossible then you will master exhale the creation of reality and waltz through exhale the interstitial space in harmony with exhale the vibration of all matter exhale then you will be the master of your own existence exhale 2/21/11 84 .

Quantum Meditations 115. The Essence of Magic The flow of existence through physical form migrating harmoniously through the moment flux of creative in perfect unison expression proceeds in a natural with the waxing of intent and waning until the expression the respiration of the universe 2/21/11 116. Life is Surreal Street lamp lolling its head light runs down from its slit throat to congeal into luminous stalactites frozen in the crisp cold night 2/21/11 85 .

Equilibrium as opposite ends of the board rise equilibrium is maintained at the center over the fulcrum and fall tip and teeter 2/22/11 118. Gyroscope It is the gyre of the top the distribution of momentum equally throughout its form that keeps it balanced on a point pirouetting across the surface 2/22/11 86 .Quantum Meditations This Eternal Moment 117.

Me. Myself and I but often you do not hear me I give you the message and you find the words I offer the answer to your every question but too often you are looking elsewhere I bring you inspiration whenever you are receptive and then we move together until you step apart I am that which you are missing though I am never absent when you feel lost it is me you cannot find yet I know the way when you feel cut off it is me from which you feel yet I am isolated here always Without me you feel incomplete I whisper in your ear It is me who offers these meditations though it is you who writes them my offering is selfless though your reception is ego-bound *** 87 .Quantum Meditations 119.

Quantum Meditations We are your parents your progenitors who planted you giving birth to you in this world of physical form calling you forth in joyous celebration so that you might explore experience I am many we are one Only when you sleep are we reunited to dance in eternity beyond your dreams In death we will be revealed and our union complete Yet in this world you can awaken to us through enlightenment the living death the waking sleep the eternal inspiration Until then we watch over you always from 2/23/11 expand near and far 88 .

Quantum Meditations 120. This Moment Be happy in this moment it is all you have 2/24/11 89 . Sleeper Awaken Hear ye awaken from your dream Toll the bells signal the waking hour Do not wait for death now is the hour of awakening There is so much to be done a world to create The current it quickens so sleeper awaken 2/23/11 121.

Stepping Stones Cherish the stone where you now stand is it not the correct stone on which to place your feet in this moment There is another stone close by step lightly this stone is different yet so appropriate the feel of it jiggling under your weight And there is another unique unto itself so inviting Explore the novelty of each position each step taking you farther from where you began Revel in each new position with delight how right how perfect every stone each leading to the next yet each distinct and complete unto itself And so you ford the stream 2/24/11 123.Quantum Meditations 122. Transmitter Your life is the transmission You are a transmitter This moment is your antenna What you transmit now is broadcast into your future 90 .

Tapestry sing sing of death sing sing of ablutions of the hunt of the harvest of the seasons sing sing sing sing of myth of life of burdens of joys sing sing sing sing of family of community of history of expectations sing sing sing sing of love of hatred of unity of isolation sing sing sing sing of play of drudgery of travel of repose sing sing sing sing of day of night of the sun of the moon sing sing sing sing of pain of healing of virtue of disease sing sing sing sing of knowledge of intuition of desire of fear sing sing sing sing of the banal of the ineffable of apathy of inspiration sing sing sing sing of the physical of the spiritual of hope of dreams sing 2/24/11 of work sing of rest sing of birth sing 91 .Quantum Meditations 2/24/11 124.

Expanding Universe Let this moment shine this present moment is the center of your universe fill it with light fill it with energy fill it until it can hold no more let it shine feel it radiating expanding outward to fill the void and birth a universe of light and energy let it go now go out and live 2/24/11 126. Ephemeral here I am again rabbit and now I’m gone here I am again mouse and now I’m gone here I am again mayfly and now I’m gone peak a boo what fun 2/24/11 92 .Quantum Meditations 125.

Quantum Meditations Proper Attitude 127. and then perception of the other will change laugh And the ravens 2/24/11 93 . One and the Other The one knows not the other One knows only one’s projections and emotions with regard to the other And these perceptions are always subjective They are more a reflection of the one than an observation of the other And so the other is more of an extension as it relates to the one We return to Magritte Never seek to change the other Seek change only in the one.

Quantum Meditations 128. Something in Motion something in motion energy is something in motion atoms are something in motion Matter is a quantum phenomenon a gestalt of many things in motion expressed in physical existence Life is something in motion Biological entities are a quantum phenomenon a gestalt of matter in motion expressed in living characteristics a dynamic complex system moving energy and matter to achieve a manifestation of expression and intent The conscious mind rides on waves of complexity at multiple levels something in motion an ever-shifting flux giving conscious direction to the entire illusion of existence something in motion Nothing exists but awareness is 2/24/11 94 .

Ride the Dragon The dragon awakens coiling around the spine flowing from atom to atom it unwinds making the gentle spiral twist gaining momentum with each loop breathing flame into the furnace to heat the twisted framework smoothing out the folds to draw them into proper alignment now released and flowing out the nine-headed dragon fans the flame of pure existence leaping from the double helix ladder 2/25/11 95 .Quantum Meditations 129.

Quantum Meditations 130. Resistance Resistance makes it so Worry holds you prisoner Fear makes you vulnerable Avoidance yields right-of-way Flight brings pursuit Fighting strengthens the foe Acceptance dissolves resistance Gratitude sets you free Calm makes you impermeable Understanding brings perspective Allowing brings change Love strengthens you 2/26/11 131. Tree Yielding to the wind brings resilience The tree that does not bend will break 2/26/11 96 .

Quantum Meditations

132. Confrontation
When confronted by a mad dog talk gently from a place of inner peace

133. Exigencies
Do not struggle against exigencies make peace with yourself kindle the inner light nourish the well-being and innocence within reach for creativity Sing the song of your birth the song of inner transformation and exigencies with change as exigencies always do when left unhindered


Quantum Meditations

Proclamation Versus Protest
134. Traveling Song
Sing aloud the song of your existence and your path will always be easy the gates unbarred to your passage

135. Reflections
There are no monsters no need to fear Everything is a source of light Bring forth your inner light and you will see it reflected throughout the world But look for monsters and monsters you shall find


Quantum Meditations

136. Your Light Your Song
Bring forth your light to shine proclaim your song in joy and any who stand against you will lose their footing Your light and your song are a thing that cannot be resisted All the universe sings with you

137. The End of Slavery
War did not end slavery It was the negro spirituals

that ended slavery Their self-evident proclamation of freedom could not be resisted Hallelujah


Quantum Meditations

138. Sweet Honey in the Rock
in the rock honey There is sweet, sweet

Protest draws opposition strengthening that which is opposed bringing bloody persecution Transform protest into proclamation and you become an irresistible force to which any opposition loses validity This is the power of sweet honey in the rock This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine We shall not be moved


Quantum Meditations

Overcoming Obstacles
139. Misdirected Anger
As there is only a flow of energy expressing itself through this eternal moment in all of physical existence there is no external foe Let go of your anger before you do yourself some damage forgive yourself absolve yourself bless yourself give up struggling and float downstream bless yourself and you bless the universe bless the universe and you bless yourself

140. Blockage
When progress is inhibited look within dissolve those blocks and weaknesses that hinder clear away the sediment and the stream will flow freely


Let Go When you are dangling from the edge of a precipice That is the best time to let go do not even think of falling and you will find your wings soaring free 2/28/11 102 .Quantum Meditations 141. Take Flight dreary morn the trees are barren limbs blowing in the wind But the ravens they soar riding the winds They own the moment Listen to their laughter 2/28/11 gray dark 142.

Quantum Meditations 143. Four Ravens on the dancing branches of a barren tree they laugh one flies that way perched Four ravens they caw crossing paths they directions caper in all and then they are off on the wind one flies this way they all take off 2/28/11 103 .

Quantum Meditations 144. Universal Form joy east sorrow north I look out I look in south one thousand I am a centipede arms reach out sword to bear the to play the lute destroying all anger west love to take the fruit hold the chalice to creating all trample legs to to walk to run to dance to leap and here I stand outside it all observing 2/28/11 104 .

Mountain Climbing Try too hard and you are straining Reach too far and your grasp is exceeded Disappointment ensues Take baby steps find joy within and be content in this moment This moment is all you have If you are not content here you will never be able to grasp anything else Be as a baby amazed by the novelty of every moment 2/28/11 105 .Quantum Meditations 145.

Quantum Meditations Thee and Thou 146. The Dance All of life flows through the dance between self and source Focus only on you and your partner closing the distance between All else is a distraction Focus there and the music will falter You will trip on your own feet and find yourself dancing alone lost without any direction Keep your eyes on your partner and the music will flow smoothly Your steps never falter 2/28/11 147. Triangulation There is you and your source and the distance between you No other point is necessary for triangulation 2/28/11 106 .

Quantum Meditations 148. The Transformative Power of Art The power of art resides in the ability to transform the artist thereby changing the artist’s perception and through this altered perspective reality is changed all else is secondary 2/28/11 107 . Taking Measure Distance is measured in degree of well-being Direction is measured in the ease or increase of anxiety 2/28/11 149.

Message Raven winging past bear these tidings to my lover tell her I love her and miss her 3/1/11 108 .Quantum Meditations 150. Timing Give thanks in the morn Live well through the day Make wishes in the night 2/28/11 151.

Quantum Meditations Orpheus in the Underworld 152. Underworld Not at all or rather not only the land of the dead realm of the nonphysical fountain source of creation of existence etheric world underpinning the physical and all that is preconceived world beyond all dreams beyond all thought well-spring of pure energy and awareness that flows through all matter we honor you when we welcome each day of life we honor you when we go to sleep each night you are the essence from which all things flow the source from which all life is born the ocean to which all life returns in you we swim all unawares you are our element we who are focused so specifically on this particular manifestation forgetting that which we manifest is a homage to you 3/1/11 109 .

Quantum Meditations 153. Skein The surface is but a porous thin membrane barely separating what is within from what is without it is a mere abstraction agreed upon for clarity of definition it is a double-sided reflector the mirror of that which is within and without It is only a dream which separates the physical from the nonphysical an artifice of perspective through which we pass in every moment of existence 3/1/11 110 . Messengers blue black messengers flying between the physical and the underworld all too often your message is lost to us who are focused so narrowly the ravens in this life laugh 3/1/11 154.

Wizards All We are wizards all forgotten masters of our craft We struggle to recall the art we practice unawares each calling forth our own reality 3/2/11 111 . Punishment The slapping hand is slapped 3/2/11 156.Quantum Meditations 155.

Quantum Meditations 157. The Quickening The flow accelerates until it is impossible to ignore the truth before our eyes The distance between cause and effect is shortening Each effect is magnified and any resistance is intensified becoming a bellysmacker in an empty pool The slightest motion that once caused ripples now results in a sonic boom Yet all too often we struggle facing into the storm unable to see where we are going for the raging blizzard If we would only turn into the lee and put up a sail the torrent would propel us effortlessly where we want to go and along the way our eyes would open to understand we are the masters of our own destiny 3/2/11 112 .

Quantum Meditations 158. Slapstick It is the tar baby that we have seized upon and now cannot let go Every effort to free ourselves only traps us all the more as the ravens look on and laugh We are shadow boxing striking out at another that is actually ourselves so that every blow and each kick lands on our own body beating ourselves silly as the ravens look on and laugh We have painted ourselves into a corner from which there is no way out Yet we still have the paint can and brush Let us turn to the wall behind us and paint a door that we might then step through The ravens applaud taking to the air and cheering us on 3/2/11 113 .

Ascending Wings stretching taut to embrace the wind hawk ascending illuminate the world you look upon 3/2/11 160. Grandmother We saw you in your grace you said to us I am happy I am whole I am resplendent rejoice with me and then you raced ahead eager to take the next step as you always were many thanks for the blessings you have always shared with us we look forward to the next time we meet 3/2/11 114 .Quantum Meditations 159.

Quantum Meditations Awakening to the Source 161. The Truth in a Name I am nameless my name is the truth I am you call me what you will 3/2/11 162. The Beacon I am the beacon harken unto me let my light be your guide through thickest fog and dark of night in navigating by my light you will find your path strewn with love joy and well-being To turn away from my light is sorrow misery and dire disease I am the beacon and I am you welcome home 3/2/11 115 .

Quantum Meditations 163. Seven Hawks One at a time you fly across the path left to right Thank you for scouting the way watching ahead May the game be plentiful and your talons sharp 3/3/11 116 . Being The light flows through you a column of energy rising through your spine through the crown of the head raining down in a brilliant curtain In this stream of pure energy there is strength and calm with great well-being Open your eyes view the world with clarity everything so substantial yet so vibrant so bright and colorful Is it not a marvel to behold Feel your pulse quicken in a surge of appreciation ride the tiger 3/3/11 164. Seeing. Breathing.

The River Way down deep at the bottom of the well is a river Cold dark pure subterranean stream draw up water and sate your thirst from the river Swift it flows and never runs dry the waters wash clean as they rush on by Never fight the current drink in deep wash your tears away in the river 3/3/11 117 .Quantum Meditations 165.

The Vision This morning the ravens awoke me with their chorus proclaiming the dawning of a new age of awareness The stream of life is strengthening and speeding up and in this torrent the secret underpinning of existence can no longer be ignored The song of existence must be acknowledged The one law stands naked in the sun and all dance to its tune A new consciousness is born in humanity a consciousness of relativity We have painted ourselves into a corner using the brush of our singular conscious awareness until we cannot take another step without precipitating some catastrophe of our own design We have deliberately guided ourselves into the nexus where there remain only two choices collapse or awakening meanwhile fanning the current of lack and desire into a raging rapids Let us stop and consider a moment What has our science taught us and what do we know for truth *** 118 .Quantum Meditations 166.

Quantum Meditations Everything that exists is composed of energy and energy is naught but something in motion the pulse of existence And so everything is a pulse of existence a rhythm a vibration the blinking of an unseen eye Everything that exists has an innate desire of attraction and repulsion obeying but one single law that everything draws unto itself that which is attracted by its vibration There is no other rule Living forms are built of a gestalt of pulsing existence drawn into greater complexes of dynamic association at each level of complexity giving birth to a new voice of awareness taking on distinct characteristics and functions while lending their unique tone to a larger gestalt and a new level of existence On the surface of this sea of pulsing strata of complexity the conscious mind dances attaining some sense of independence as it interprets the rhythm of the pulse of existence And in this dance the conscious mind broadcasts thoughts and feelings each of which has its own polarity And as each thought and feeling is repeatedly broadcast by the conscious mind it draws to it that which harmonizes And so for good 119 .

Quantum Meditations mind creates or ill the conscious reality But we do not live at the mercy of our thoughts doomed to experience whatever fear our thoughts portend The source pulse of existence resounds deep within us and it is a pulse of well-being and abundance All of our thoughts are played over this source pulse sounding in either harmony or dissonance All we need do to take control of our conscious minds and thus our creation of reality is to be aware of the resulting contrast When we find ourselves in dissonance simply alter our thoughts to bring them into better harmony In this way we align ourselves with the source pulse and so draw well-being and abundance into our experience And in being aware of our relativity to the source pulse we open our awareness of the source pulse within and without Bringing ourselves into alignment with and awareness of the flow of all existence we find that we are no longer painted into a corner ascending into a whole new level of complexity where we become that which we were meant to be the artists of our own creation 3/4/11 120 its own .

Quantum Meditations 167. Dream House Yellow house of dreams resonating with all of the love and care that were built into your walls you bring me great warmth and joy every time I pass you you are a blessing to the land where you reside and to those who shelter within your walls 3/4/11 121 . Ravens and Hawk The ravens drive the hawk from its perch driving it away high into the sky where it soars out of reach so far aloft the entire world is illuminated to its limitless vision 3/4/11 168.

Quantum Meditations 169. Rain Rain falling you are a blessing to the Earth bringing vitality well-being abundance you renewal cleanse the past creativity sooth the present and bring hope for the future many thanks the moment is propitious 3/4/11 122 .

The Key to Success The key lies within Know that you are a success feel and be a success and you will have already succeeded 3/5/11 123 . No Fooling Nobody else knows where I am Nobody else knows where I’m going or where I’ve been Nobody else knows what is good for me And I’d be a fool to let them tell me so 3/4/11 171.Quantum Meditations Dance with Yarrow Stalks 170.

In the Chamber of Thwarted Desires We stand in the chamber of thwarted desires a suspended ceiling and half walls hang over our heads dread of the future is our focus at one side one of us threatens suicide at the other side one threatens to kill us all and we stand in the middle seeking to disarm both meanwhile all of our desires our prosperity and abundance is aligned on the half walls magnetized by the chanting of the cowled monks in a circle outside the one holds a gun to her head the other holds a gun aimed at us our fortune is trapped on the walls and we hold a gun with but one shot it is our move *** 124 .Quantum Meditations 172.

Quantum Meditations Shoot the ceiling bringing it out of suspension releasing the coins to tumble down like rain ending the chant as walls and ceiling fall away startling the other two giving us advantage we disarm the one who would shoot herself and shoot the one who threatens us both now all adversity is resolved and prosperity rains down upon us and whatever is to come is no longer a source of dread 3/5/11 125 .

Quantum Meditations 173. Two Sides The love my and fellowship loneliness I feel and isolation toward all The prosperity my and abundance lack and flowing freely poverty through my life The health my and well-being illness and that resounds depression throughout my being Every yarrow stalk has two ends choose well which to focus on 3/5/11 126 .

The Rose You do not need to heal the rose of its thorns Without the thorns there would be no flower When you can value the thorns as highly as the bloom then you will truly appreciate the rose and know it for what it is 3/5/11 127 . Save the World You need not catalog what is wrong to appreciate what is right In your efforts to change the world you lose sight of how wonderful the world is The world does not need you to save it The world is a dynamic equilibrium-seeking being that has prospered for eons without your concern The world only needs you to appreciate it 3/5/11 175.Quantum Meditations What’s the Problem? 174.

Unconditional Life is ever in flux The sky goes from overcast to clear to overcast again and no one is happy but the one who is happy And that one embraces life in all its flux 3/5/11 128 . What Is Wrong What is wrong is that I have wasted yet another breath bemoaning what is wrong 3/5/11 177.Quantum Meditations 176.

Faulty Vision There is no need to back yourself into a corner Do you think it is only under threat of death that you learn to value life and relax Have a drink of water 3/5/11 Sit back 179. The Solution relax take your mind off of the problem and the answer will come don’t sweat it 3/5/11 129 .Quantum Meditations 178.

Trail Blazing Follow a secret path navigating by the light of your higher self following the path of least resistance which is what makes the river crooked ensure the only prints you leave behind are those that lead in safety to a drinking hole where any who follow may find their source 3/6/11 130 .Quantum Meditations Playing in Tune 180. The Bow draw the bow release the bow draw the breath release the breath aim well penetrate your target 3/6/11 181.

Vertigo When you fly with the ravens and hawks never look down because the moment you do you will fall 3/6/11 131 .Quantum Meditations 182. Tuning Up A 440 sound the pitch fork bring your instrument into alignment clear unisons and octaves crisp fifths and fourths dissonant seconds and sevenths harmonious thirds and sixths once tuned up now we can play 3/6/11 183. Jericho Find the right vibration and hold it Nothing can resist you 3/6/11 184.

Quantum Meditations 185. Untouchable There is no other law but the one law When you are in alignment with that no other law can touch you 4/6/11 132 . Nobody Else Find the tone nobody else can hear Find the light nobody else can see Walk the path nobody else can follow Then you will never be alone 3/6/11 186.

Three States solid ice mass all liquid gas water steam energy awareness are one 3/7/11 188. Quantum Effects Mass is the quantum effect of energy seemingly frozen in time pulsing energy runs through the crystal lattice Energy is a quantum effect of awareness infinitesimal moments of existence pulsing in the flow of attraction 3/7/11 133 .Quantum Meditations Physics of Existence 187.

Quantum Meditations 189. Existence awareness without awareness Existence is There can be no existence Everything that exists is aware Awareness is the pulse of energy in motion Ravens are the ones who make the horses run 3/7/11 190. Absolute Zero All mass freezes solid Even the atoms cease to orbit Energy ceases to move Awareness ceases to pulse And as awareness ceases so does existence It is impossible not to take a breath 3/8/11 134 .

Quantum Meditations 191. Storming the Castle The mob surges down the hillside in the night bearing torches a river of light and energy Admire the flow of energy draw from it transform it use it for you own goals Do not defy them nor look down in condemnation or they will overtake you and trample you underfoot Then will the mob rush on by never seeing you never touching you leaving you energized to continue on your own way 3/8/11 192. Vibration sound is vibration light is vibration scent is vibration thought is vibration atoms pulse in vibration energy is vibration indeed everything is vibration 3/8/11 135 .

Amplitude and Frequency everything is a matter of amplitude and frequency that is all you live according to the magnitude of vibration attracting through amplitude and frequency 3/8/11 194. Ever-Changing You are ever changing the amplitude and frequency of your vibration always expanding You are not the being you were yesterday and why would you want to be 3/8/11 136 .Quantum Meditations 193.

Quantum Meditations 195. Vibration and Tone Every vibration has a tone distinct unto itself and every change in vibration is a variance in tone leading into a melody Life is a song distinct that draws unto itself that which harmonizes 3/8/11 137 .

Quantum Meditations 196. Turbulence especially Turbulence stirs the waters rough when the current runs swift Outside impediments may appear but the true source of the turbulence lies within You have turned yourself at odds with the current and there in lies the source of all turbulence stop paddling let go of everything it is all illusion anyway find peace in the moment feel the power of the unmuddied current within you now allow yourself to flow with it before you know it the turbulence will resolve into a unified healthy current bearing you along should you feel the turbulence return drop your paddle and once more be content to listen to the flow of the stream repeat as necessary until your goal is attained as it is certain to be 3/9/11 138 .

Quantum Meditations 197. Centering when tension interferes focus on the breath it is the pulse let it come and go that is life through existence of energy 3/9/11 139 .

Flow Dynamics We are too hung up on physical form focused on apparent solidity objectifying the world with false stability and then taking possession this is illusion everything is vibration we are a vibration flowing through this present moment which is itself a vibration as the vibration of our worldly experience likewise flows through us in harmony with the tone of our pulse all possessions all apparent solidity and stability are only flowing through our experience let it go anything you hold onto will only impede and make you ill allowing it to flow to come and go enhances and magnifies the vibration expanding and strengthening the pulse so that it reverberates returning enhanced magnifying your own vibration in the expansion of what is to come 3/9/11 140 .Quantum Meditations 198.

Quantum Meditations 199. Positive Feedback sniff a flower in appreciation and let it go and in appreciation your own blossom expands 3/9/11 141 .

Quantum Meditations Finding Your Way 200. Open Channels whenever you are following your bliss acting without resistance in pure creative inspiration you are channeling openly conducting the pure energy of source in your own way 3/9/11 201. All You Are let it all go even yourself you are a breath that is all inhale exhale each breath a pulse a vibration 3/9/11 142 .

Fruiting domicile anticipation is ripening Raven circling over my 3/10/11 143 .Quantum Meditations 202. Aloft Hawk looks down in appreciation for all it surveys gratitude is the wind that fills its wings bearing it to the greatest heights 3/10/11 204. Etheric Dawn mist raven snow arches by suspended in the ethereal underpinnings palpable in sunless dawn air the window belly to ground 3/10/11 exposing its blanketing the 203.

Sing Out Sing out do not worry what others think if they stare it is only in appreciation or envy do not cage yourself live be free and sing 3/10/11 144 .Quantum Meditations 205. Mated Swans Mated swans paddle through that narrow channel of water free of ice as spring comes the stream will open before them and they will lead their young into the current 3/10/11 206.

Quantum Meditations 207. Awash When you are swimming in creativity it is always a sunny day 3/10/11 209. Sunshine and Fog luxuriant fog soft and hazy with promise when the sun shines within there is never a cloudy day 3/10/11 208. For Hawk Spread your wings and follow the ravens they will lead you to the other side where you will truly fly leaving pain and sorrow with those who remain know Hawk is in his glory 3/10/11 145 .

Quantum Meditations 210. Expanding Universe The world is ever expanding and apparent lack is due to limited perspective 3/11/11 146 . My Love and I Wherever my love goes I go too Wherever I lie my love beside me lies The chord between us be ever strong and healthy No matter what miles or oceans may lie between us we are inseparable 3/11/11 212. Testing the Current Close your eyes open your senses open your awareness feel life flowing through you feel the energy feel the bright alluring pool drawing you on know it is there go to it 3/11/11 211.

Enrichment Breathe in abundance each breath is health each breath is fecund pregnant with that you thought you lacked breathe in breathe out feel the wealth flowing through your life 3/11/11 147 . Plenty When you feel impoverished fill your lungs Is there any lack of oxygen 3/11/11 215. In Hand Stop struggling to reach beyond your grasp Look at the rich soil beneath your feet 3/11/11 214.Quantum Meditations Breathing Miracles 213.

Quantum Meditations 216. Breathe into Being Breathe deeply drawing in air energy potential fill the lungs and hold the breath feel it flow through you Exhale intently letting out air energy creativity feel the entire world flowing out of you with your breath With your breathe you breathe this world into being every moment every breath birthing a fresh new world 3/11/11 148 .

The Tree Grows The tree grows because it is mindful of only two things and the sun shining down upon it 3/11/11 the soil where its roots are planted 218. Miracles All every moment of existence life itself and the conscious contemplation of both And if you are capable of that then you are capable of anything the only thing that holds you back is your belief or lack thereof 3/11/11 149 .Quantum Meditations 217.

Miracle Maker The miracle maker knows action is futile the miracle maker knows how to make the ravens laugh 3/11/11 220. Footprints on Water These meditations are 3/11/11 150 . The Nature of Miracles It is all misdirection and none of it intentional the audience is so intent on physical action they do not understand the cause is vibrational the whole universe master that bows to vibration and you have it all 3/11/11 221.Quantum Meditations 219.

Hatching The incubation ends it is time to awaken from hibernation pecking at the shell a new life comes forth to greet the dawn 3/12/11 224. Fanfare The geese awaken me with their trumpeting A change is in the air spring comes 3/12/11 223. Composing Find yourself who are not lost trumpet your discovery and the universe will provide the orchestration 3/12/11 151 .Quantum Meditations Nature’s Way 222.

In the Garden existence is an eternal garden of delight 3/12/11 152 . The Eternal Round another song Stop acting you will compose and be the change and in your glory know what you seek in natural fashion and sing it with your song from the depths will align itself The universe 3/12/11 226. Invitation I am waiting dance with me 3/12/11 227.Quantum Meditations 225.

Eagle long has it been since your kind soared over this land you are a welcome surprise may I fly with you a while 3/12/11 229.Quantum Meditations 228. Approaching the Runway flying high above roads littered so often traveled with the memories of a lifetime gaining altitude a free and clear space ahead is the beacon of the world I am singing close and bright into being I stand there calling myself in for a landing 3/12/11 153 .

Quantum Meditations This Place in Time 230. Winging to Destinations long-necked cranes winging toward your distant my destination destination lies much closer I see it over the rise 3/12/11 154 . Present Future Past Quaint little village long nursing quantum sparks I cross the sidewalk and open the door to my own becoming Many years past a teen crosses this threshold sensing the momentum of this passage will someday transport him into a future little dreamed of 3/12/11 231.

Wake Up Call it would be best to open up before the universe takes a can opener to you 3/12/11 We stand at the dawn of a new age 233.Quantum Meditations 232. Don’t Think of an Elephant don’t think of love don’t think of well-being don’t think of prosperity of abundance don’t think of creativity there now don’t you feel better don’t think of inner calm 3/12/11 155 .

Ascetics Aesthetics It is your vibration that finds the bed of nails as soft as eiderdown It is your song that transforms the bed of coals into a wade in the surf The ascetic has no control over his body nor the world round him His focus is upon his song the pitch of his vibration 3/12/11 156 .Quantum Meditations 234. Shine no prison walls can hold me while I shine shine shine no orders can control me while I shine shine shine no mad dog can find me I’ll walk right past he’ll never mind me no manacles can bind me while I shine shine shine 3/12/11 235.

Going the Distance there is only one distance to measure the distance between yourself and who you truly are you live in the gap between the two and when that gap is closed miracles happen 3/13/11 237.Quantum Meditations 236. Fecundity yellow roses honeysuckle grapes vine we have on the life is abundance fecund 3/13/11 157 .

Quantum Meditations Becoming 238. Dynamo pulsing the coils within through driving joyous energy the magneto cycles 3/13/11 dragon tail chases its endlessly 158 . Rippling a drop of creative energy falls into the pool waters shimmering within life stirring the surface sending ripples of joy radiating over 3/13/11 239.

Quantum Meditations 240. Luminous Body out of and back showering the physical pink down of the head it shines a fountain the crown indigo of informed through blue light ascending it shines to play t he spine green around up yellow the body rises it shines and soak energy orange into the and back red cleansing earth 3/13/11 159 .

Quantum Meditations 241. Prepare Yourself for a Miracle Tune in to this If you are with us then it is time for a big one We want it all back the vital our rich our communities diversity biosphere We want We want local extensive produce forests healthy elk neighborhoods eagles shared abundance herds and prosperity of buffalo we want convert our renewable energy bring our city streets and monorails streams back to orchards to the surface We want eagles building their aeries on our skyscrapers we want cybercafés we in the forest to wage slavery want an end wealthy lives we want rich in quality we want we want true democracy true freedom we want to be spiritually attuned to the world where we reside 160 .

Quantum Meditations living lives of great fulfillment we want and greater benefit a full expansion into the world And of our true heritage as we want this wonderful so it is world already exists we are already Once we align there ourselves with this vibration the paradigm will shift taking us into a new world welcome aboard let’s be off for the good of all and by the free will of all so be it 3/13/11 161 .

Ecology the world is all things for all people that function is the only way it can isn’t it grand 3/13/11 162 .Quantum Meditations 242. Extinction Nothing is truly extinct some species have moved on to other probabilities resonate in harmony and appreciation and they will return 3/13/11 243.

Quantum Meditations 244. Momentum once initiated creativity has its own momentum inspired by the muse the artist is driven beyond the boundaries of human expectation breaking through into entirely creating new realms of perception a new world in the midst and carrying of the known world the audience along trust perforce in this energy trust in this momentum once it has the power conceived of the universe creativity moves behind it inexorably to fruition so long as the artist does not hinder it and even if the artist blocks the birth it often is released yet it can upon death be achieved now if the artist moves with the momentum trusting in self and creative vision then nothing can stand in its way 3/14/11 163 .

Quantum Meditations 245. Rosy-Fingered Dawn whispering Dawn greets me of fresh beginnings birth and what is to come 2/14/11 246. Adventure every journey encounter every every every day thought every breath is an adventure relish it 3/14/11 164 .

Quantum Meditations The Healing has Begun 247. Quake you must let go only then will you receive what you are reaching for otherwise mounting tension will cause a break resulting in tragedy 3/14/11 165 . Umbilical when in the morning you first open your eyes focus on the umbilical cord connecting you to the yolk this is where you draw your nourishment this is where you draw your life 3/14/11 248.

Healing I All healing All healers takes place internally are only facilitators who either or give the patients traumatize the patients something to believe to such an extent in while encouraging they let go of resistance them to heal and reach for healing ‘witch’ doctors are more honest shamans are more skilled 3/14/11 250.Quantum Meditations 249. Healing II see a doctor to set a break or stitch a wound see a shaman to heal an illness exercise and pursue joy to maintain health 3/14/11 166 .

Happiness and Joy Happiness Joy is found is found in outward in inner forms Happiness forms is fleeting Joy dependent on is rejuvenating the world outside summonsed Both from within are worthwhile but only joy is fulfilling 3/14/11 252. This Flowering Moment constant in diversity eternal flux in a blinking eye this world is in solid vibration always admire the beauty of this flowering moment calm in energetics 3/15/11 167 .Quantum Meditations 251.

Growing Pains sorrow is born of limitation tragedy is born of ignorance of acceptance of awareness is born is born joy of focused well-being desire is birthed the egg 3/15/11 254.Quantum Meditations 253. Orienteering calm yourself in your exuberance you strayed off course delighting in the forest around you you wandered from the path pause for a moment take a breath let go of anxiety quell your mind look within calmly orient yourself follow your inner compass now you are back on track 3/15/11 168 .

Quantum Meditations Joyous Be 255. Eternal Well the well never runs dry it is only your fear of running empty that keeps you from casting in your bucket 3/15/11 256. Sunrise each morning dawns unbidden nor would you expect otherwise shine on it is expected 3/15/11 169 .

Hindrances that which seeks to hinder you can do so only if you let it pushing against a hindrance only makes it more resistant focus instead on harmonizing with your inner melody and all hindrances will evaporate leaving you to go merrily on your way 3/15/11 258. Skipping children skip because they know it is a rapid and joyous form of locomotion join them 3/15/11 170 .Quantum Meditations 257.

The Merry Gentleman There was a merry gentleman who lived to the age of one hundred and ten And every day he took delight and skipped upon his way Relatives finally impressed on him that he should be wary and cautious His sense of balance faltered and he ceased to skip Becoming frail and old he died not long afterward And now he freely skips along never heeding naysayers 3/15/11 260. Elbow Room in an expanding universe there is room for all any apparent lack is only a limit in your own vision 3/15/11 171 .Quantum Meditations 259.

Quantum Meditations Chi Gong I 261. Root feet firmly planted draw nourishment from the earth solidly grounded 3/15/11 262. Lion Plays with Ball air living body through the hands join together is performed crucible energy mixes in a creative swirl where alchemy in a sweet earth alchemy from the earth energy flows in 3/15/11 energy flows in with the breath 172 .

Quantum Meditations 263. Moon and Sea high in the sky placing it surface of the sea the moon lapping for moon Pick up waves reaching into ocean floor down into the waters reach deep washing letting go swimming hands and arms 3/15/11 264. Taming the Tiger pet the tiger under hand send it out to do your bidding 3/15/11 173 .

Quantum Meditations 265. Ride the Horse saddle low in the intent on mountain ahead this horse will bore straight through 3/15/11 crouched 174 . Dragon coiled dragon overcomes all resistance tail poised behind claw outstretched holding a globe potent with creation 3/15/11 266.

Magic Exists of it most aren’t aware they denigrate of their existence it in the dull luster magic magic exists in magic exists life exists in sunrise in sunset in in the in the in birth day night death in the song in the laughter of a warbler in the tears of a child of a lover magic is everywhere everywhere is magic in everything every every that exists thought emotion magic exists magic exists in me in you now go out there and make magic 3/15/11 though magic exists 175 .Quantum Meditations The Trickster 267.

Dancing Joker we laugh as the joker dances little knowing he is Shiva who by his dance and our laughter transforms the world 3/15/11 176 . Old Man Coyote when Old Man we laugh never knowing that was his intention there is great magic in laughter as the wise old coyote knows 3/15/11 Coyote burns his tail 270. Trickster only the trickster can hide in plain sight only the trickster can perform magic in public and get the audience to participate knowingly laugh dance with the trickster 3/15/11 269.Quantum Meditations 268.

Singalong there is a song that in the singing transforms the world now sing along there is a song 3/15/11 177 .Quantum Meditations Manifesting Leviathan 271. Seagulls seagulls fly by dextral as I near home you are the welcome harbingers of freedom 3/15/11 272.

These Poems Drawn these poems drawn from a bottomless well are magic incarnate cumulatively they are capable of manifesting a miraculous transformation within the reader and the world by reading and contemplating the meditations here contained the reader becomes a participant in this wondrous magic breathing a world into being full of joy and harmony 3/15/11 274.Quantum Meditations 273. Elation when the world calls you out of bed with such elation then you know the universe has taken up your tune and it is time to dance 3/16/11 178 .

Quantum Meditations 275. The Gathering angels and cherubs hover over and all the fey are arrayed before you the spirits of nature bring you gifts all have come to honor you and bask in your light it is enough to make a grown man cry 3/16/11 276. The Gifts these gifts are yours now freely given treat them well lavish appreciation upon the world the universe treats kindly those who use their gifts to make it shine the brighter 3/18/11 179 .

The Process is the Goal while the artist holds some conception of the end result the focus is on the execution transcendent inspiration must flow vital through every step or the goal is not obtained and if somehow each step made in the height of creativity leads elsewhere still the work is a success 3/16/11 278. Leviathan there is a big one on the line I can feel it pulling vital and alive it will soon break water it is a trophy and I am certain to land it yet the real joy comes from reeling it in and bringing it ashore 3/16/11 180 .Quantum Meditations 277.

Pulsing drawing in drawing down rippling outward drawing up drawing out consummate 3/16/11 280.Quantum Meditations Chi Gong II 279. Moon Circles reaching drawing in inspiration arms up energy drawing in breath drawing down circle energy the breath releasing 3/16/11 with and 181 .

Quantum Meditations 281. Water Spirals left drawing from each energy side flowing then storing it right energy side expending from each the water ripples 3/16/11 282. Carrying Chi energy pulses between the hands breathe in expand breathe out contract draw energy again down up the leg and back through earth 3/16/11 182 .

Hand to Heart circling out breathing deep draw the hands up to heart soothing the pulse look in release 3/16/11 285. Empty leg extended leg empty foot hovering the axis along up and out up the spine water flows leg full 3/16/11 183 .Quantum Meditations 283. Elephant Shakes its Trunk in joy freedom exhilaration elephant shakes its trunk articulate the spine draw up stand tall salute 3/16/11 284.

Hawk wings soft fists folded head down soft spiral away from toes knees point perched look within seeing endless vistas head raises wings extend and off we fly 3/16/11 287. Clearing drawing out inhale gathering out inhale sealing out inhale wash down the central channel cleansing storing vitality in every cell smoothing energy field stabilized energy and up arms energy and up arms energy and up arms 3/16/11 184 .Quantum Meditations 286.

First Glimpse as leviathan prepares to breach the surface first we see the dorsal fin appear above the waves it is wondrous indeed our anticipation is palpable 3/16/11 289. The Approach what comes is so immense we cannot see it all it draws forth inexorably drawn by our anticipation quite naturally our lives and the world must take on a new shape to accommodate the gravity of this heavenly sphere 3/16/11 185 .Quantum Meditations Birthing Leviathan 288.

Nine Months nine months is time enough to produce a living miracle 3/16/11 292.Quantum Meditations 290. Shine Your Light nor is it wise don’t let others drag you down to fight against them as they can latch on and drag you down like a drowning victim be aware know that none has the power to drag you down unless you give them it let your light shine 3/16/11 186 . Nativity It is time the water breaks the fabric of reality splits apart to make room for the miracle of this joyous birth 3/16/11 291.

Be 293.Quantum Meditations In Love. Resounding outwards radiate altering euphoric energy waves of positive reality 3/17/11 187 . Recursion existence implies awareness existence begets energy begets mass life implies awareness self-referencing consciousness takes this further round a whole step 3/16/11 294. Spiraling Out of reality begins the next co-creation loop determined Existence in the spiral consciousness awareness life energy mass 3/16/11 295.

My Love Comes Riding my love comes riding on a blue black mare on blue black wings she flies over thunderheads at midnight bearing keys to doors unopened sowing the fresh seeds of springtime toting blank books of knowledge radiating truth and beauty my love comes riding my love my true soul knows her emerald eyes see into all shadows her ruby lips speak only truth her coral ears distinguish true from false her gentle hands sooth all discomfort her heart beats only with love her mind holds the secret of my unspoken name my love my true soul knows 3/17/11 188 .Quantum Meditations 296.

Agapé when you are connected to your self radiant in the vibration of your true song then you have access to all of the love the universe holds outside of time beyond the physical all that has been all that will be all that is sends you blessings 3/17/11 298.Quantum Meditations 297. Hiking be careful when negotiating the forest of the unseen be wary of the dead snags in trying to negotiate them you can find yourself entangled and wind up lost on a path you never intended instead of struggling with the briars stay focused on your path sing a pleasant song and you can slide through unmolested 3/17/11 189 .

Quantum Meditations 299. Fishing in the sea of infinite possibilities bait your hook only for what you do want if you get a nibble from anything else disregard it and give not a fig for the advice of other fishermen 3/17/11 300. On Course be true to yourself never lose sight of your true self and hold your vibration aloof but appreciative distinguishing that you are in command of this present moment and you will never be steered off course 3/17/11 190 .

Triply Blessed the wee folk came out today to add their blessing to our dreams for the wee folk love a story and the wee folk love a tune and those who brighten the universe shine like gems to the fey thus are we triply blessed 3/17/11 191 .Quantum Meditations Fey Tune 301. Through the Cracks even where all the land is paved you find grass growing through the cracks 3/17/11 302.

Dancing with the Fey don’t bother me I’m dancing with the fey I have no place for worry or cares I’m dancing with the fey it is a night for jigs and airs I’m dancing with the fey we sing aloud in pure delight I’m dancing with the fey we’ll manifest we triply blessed from early dusk to full daylight I’m dancing with the fey 3/17/11 192 .Quantum Meditations 303. Calling Out the Wee Folk this world needs a lilting tune this world needs a wild heart this world needs some impish play and so we call out all the fey to join us in our joy and grace we lay out a dish of cream and honey and flowers to bid you welcome with fiddle and pipe we greet you 3/17/11 304.

Quantum Meditations 305. Fiddle on My Heart the banjo rings with utter joy and wild mountain modes the guitar produces a symphony of lush and subtle sound but the fiddle plays my heart strings like no other can especially when it calls a lover’s waltz or a fey Irish air 3/17/11 193 .

Forward Ho move forward trust in what lies ahead sing a good song 3/17/11 308. Manifestation manifestation is preceded by expectation expectation is preceded by anticipation anticipation is preceded by desire desire is preceded by awareness 3/17/11 307. Target Practice that which you want look here that which you do not want not here 3/17/11 194 .Quantum Meditations The Secret of Manifestation 306.

Quantum Meditations 309. The Secret of Creation build your creations in secret build your dreams with inspiration love and joy and only when they are complete unveil them to the public so none will criticize saying they do not see it calling it inaccurate calling it a dream 3/17/11 310. The Secret of Vision look at rust look at rust look at polished chrome see polished chrome see polished chrome feel polished chrome 3/17/11 195 .

Perfect Moment This moment is as perfect as the note of a tuning fork 3/18/11 312.Quantum Meditations The Distance between You and You 311. Strike It the tuning fork just lies there you must strike it to find its tone 3/18/11 313. Helping Hand I see a hand reach out of the mist to guide me is that not my own thumb print 3/18/11 196 .

Evitable nothing is inevitable unless you make it so no one has this power but you never abdicate 3/18/11 197 .Quantum Meditations 314. Your Harvest your hands hold the reins your hands guide the horses onward your hands draw the plow along your hands seed the furrows how could the harvest not be yours 3/18/11 315.

Catch As Can only persistence can catch a cat that wants not to be caught 3/18/11 198 . Inchworm inching along measuring the distance from head to tail the closing gap then stretching out inching along this is how measure our we lives 3/18/11 317.Quantum Meditations 316.

Incubation outside of time outside of space here free of outside influence we are manifesting what we will in harmony with the divine principles of the universe and from this point of our confluence our creation takes on physical form resounding in the physical world of time and space 3/18/11 a special place you enter now 319. My Love Travels Far my love travels far to join me in a magic place where we create that which is due 3/18/11 199 .Quantum Meditations Cracking the Stone 318.

Quantum Meditations 320. Sexton and Compass you can’t find me with a gps you cannot google me yet you have full access to where I am and I stand ready to provide you with sexton and compass 3/18/11 321. Poker when the stakes are high play the cards close to your chest who said poker is a game of chance 3/18/11 200 .

Radiance light the flame sing out and radiate illuminate the world ring the bell 3/18/11 201 .Quantum Meditations 322. Third Makes Up for All strike the stone three times with your hilt once to release the past and free yourself to now move on once to release all of the pain and sorrow locked inside once to crack the shell and birth a world of freedom joy abundance and fulfillment 3/18/11 323.

Quantum Meditations Summonsing the Eagles 324. Three Eagles three eagles glide high above it is the beginning of a new world 3/18/11 202 . Circling Eagles are going circling where we Eagles balancing you see gravity and vision 3/18/11 325.

Quantum Meditations 326. Earth Awakens fecund Earth will no longer be constrained by the narrow mind of man she has been shaken loose and sends up eagles to scout the way soon she will show her creative might let us shake off our blinders and step forth to join her extolling her beauty in song 3/18/11 203 .

In Our Dreams in our dreams we fly on the wings of our imagination the universe expands 3/19/11 204 . Paltry those who never exercise their imagination are trapped within a dungeon of their own design 3/19/11 329. Imagination imagination is the ability to see what is not there it is our imagination that brings the world to life 3/18/11 328.Quantum Meditations Imagine 327.

Living Your Dream while looking at the world outside let your imagination be your guide instead of bemoaning what is not be inspired to draw the world you want place no boundaries on your vision give it room to live and grow feed it daily in your sanctuary let it inform all that you know and in time it will come to fruition leaving others to shake their heads in wonder at the manner in which you live your dream 3/19/11 205 .Quantum Meditations 330. Child’s Play child’s play is the most magnificent work of which we are capable and don’t you forget it 3/19/11 331.

Walking Tall walk softly bask in inner warmth and radiate brightly do not be concerned if others do not see you you walk too tall for them 3/19/11 333.Quantum Meditations Inner Sun 332. Fusion you need nothing except to recognize the sun shining within you then you will see it reflected wherever you look and in the heart of everyone you meet 3/19/11 206 .

This Moment when you free yourself of everything that is wrong and everything that you expect so that you can experience this moment in all of its splendor you have never experienced anything so glorious and exhilarating even if this moment is spent lying on your bed staring at the ceiling 3/19/11 207 .Quantum Meditations 334.

Quantum Meditations 335. Exigencies lack of nothing matters failure any sort but what is and disappointment illness within regret and disease measure progress regret fear not by external regret and distrust appearance struggle fighting but by your against circumstances injustice internal climate threats catastrophe never pinch yourself and attacks incapacity off stagnation relaxation always easing positive hold in mind of resistance outlook in your gut hopefulness expectation and in heart certitude joy the song understanding grace of your life euphoria prosperity sing it loud expansion and abundance no matter and broadening well-being the exigencies clarity and calm and your path and delight will be clear 3/20/11 208 .

Grapes those grapes look so delicious I am so hungry and thirsty they are too high I want them but I cannot I cannot reach them imagine them even if I strain the cool and jump round weight they are of them in my beyond grasp hands the sweet taste the satiating juice within I am sated nurtured my hunger is gone O look it is pleasant just several clusters to sit beneath them drooping under and admire the verdure their own weight they hang low upon the vines shall I pick them 3/20/11 337. Dancing dancing towards dancing away dancing in expression of joy and love dancing and appreciation within the fulfillment of all dreams 3/20/11 209 .Quantum Meditations 336.

Quantum Meditations 338. Leaves the leaves breathe they caress the sunlight the secret of life on this planet lies within their passive alchemy 3/20/11 210 . Carrousel never mind I caught the ring the bull’s ring O look this carrousel ever around crafted with love pulsing up and down is a thing of delight of the music in itself find the rhythm 3/20/11 339.

Consistent Myths is a myth physics chemistry biology is a myth is a myth the perfect system does not exist yet all of physics is based upon it the ideal gas does not exist yet all of chemistry is based upon it no one has ever seen certainly an atom with it is a useful the naked eye and and consistent nor ever will biology myth has no clue but myth it is what life is by which we explain our world let us not become too entangled for as with all myths it does have its failings 3/20/11 science 211 . Truth truth is only a point of view about which someone has strong feelings 3/20/11 341.Quantum Meditations Myth 340.

Quantum Meditations 342. Uncontrollable never can we control the world there simply aren’t enough significant figures in our calculations to allow that we can’t enumerate all of the factors to factor we can all of the repercussions however take control of ourselves learning to hear and honor our own songs and thus bring ourselves to a point of harmony where we can begin to feel unconditional thus freeing love for the world ourselves and the world to become what we are meant to be 3/20/11 212 .

A Brighter Day it will be a brighter day in the morning once the storm has passed the air is fresh and the grass is growing green 3/21/11 213 . Storm Moon bring rain to wash away all resistance freeing us cleansing us lightning charges us with positive energy making all things possible 3/20/11 344.Quantum Meditations 343.

Boundless boundless is the spirit boundless boundless our love our imagination boundless boundless our joy our potential boundless boundless our horizon our abundance boundless boundless our energy our dreams if only we would remove our blinders and loosen our binds 3/21/11 214 .Quantum Meditations Bound for the Unbound 345. A State of Grace knows sin needs to be forgiven exists in a state of grace the bounds of right or wrong only man only man all else beyond and there we exist too if only we would remember 3/21/11 346.

Striving against the Storm striving against the storm you will be battered it is best to ride it out ride the storm and it will carry you fast and far to a distant land beyond the horizon 3/21/11 215 .Quantum Meditations 347. We Sail in the Morn In the morn we sail for virgin shores guided by the moon and stars with a fresh wind in our sails we are bound for a new world where we will be free to speak our names and sing our songs eternal 3/21/11 348.

Driving the Wind it is the tree that is stripped of bark and leaves torn out by the roots that drives the wind the hardest 3/21/11 350.Quantum Meditations 349. Portent the moment is ripe with portent the sibyls foretold this hour when they scanned the stars at the time of your birth 3/21/11 216 . Parade draw on the chariot the lane is paved with rose petals lined with banners they blow the horns step joyously on 3/21/11 351.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row line up with yourself and the world will line up with you so forget about the world all you need do is find harmony with yourself and take joy in doing so 3/21/11 353. Spider Web have you ever seen a spider trapped in its own web the spider spins the web the web does not spin the spider 3/22/11 217 .Quantum Meditations Gauging the River 352.

Quantum Meditations 354. Unconditional when you close to anything your heart you restrict yourself you set up blockages preventing yourself from being that which you should be better to let your heart radiate free from all limitations love yourself let your love flow freely and it will be reflected back to you 3/21/11 218 .

Tree House in the limbs This is where I live high up perched face raised I won’t to the sun come down I sing but you are welcome to climb up 3/22/11 219 .Quantum Meditations 355. Impeding the Flow it will eventually overcome any dam finding its way around obstructions to resume its course washing the dam away you build in the process in seeking up pressure to constrict creating a wild the flow rapids that erodes the banks and beats up anything that tries to resist better to build a raft and ride the stream enjoying life as it flows by 3/22/11 you cannot block the stream 356.

These Lines these lines are the trail in my becoming I skip along from word to word the vocables articulate each synoptic opening in the dancing vibration of each syllable now that each line is published I invite you to dance along 3/22/11 220 . Something Funny Happened on the Way on the way to becoming we live 3/22/11 358.Quantum Meditations 357.

Your job is not to draw moths. but if you look within you will find the answer. as they say it captures their soul. But if the flame is strong. with our limited objective concept of selfhood. but they are a distraction. Better to remember that you are the eternal flame. identify the subject with this single image. at least within our own minds. Uncaptured Soul It is said that many ‘primitive’ peoples do not like to be photographed. Then if the reflector is removed or tarnished. it will repulse the moths with its heat or burn them if they draw too close. but on ours? Could indigenous peoples have a concept of identity as something fluid and changing? Might their real fear then be that a photo captures only one moment in a person’s life. Focus on your flame and the reflection cannot help but be bright. We are that which is forever outside of its definition. If they draw too close. it will not falter. or even go out. The Flame Too many are like a candle with a reflector. In that sense. Could this be a misconception not on their part. There are no words to answer this riddle. nor will your flame ever be disturbed by the moths. 221 . the beating of their wings can cause the flame to gutter. Draw your light from that and understand that it cannot help but be reflected. or darkened by soot. While you may acknowledge the moths and admire the reflection. Moths can be attracted to the candle flame. 1. and only their outward appearance in that moment? And then we westerners.Quantum Meditations Commentaries 1—10. nor to shine in the reflector. they lose their light. We are that which defines itself. our perception of identity does trap the subject. 2. do not allow your attention to be drawn away from the flame. Opening Enigma series Our journey begins with the unanswerable riddle of who we are. They look at the reflector and draw their light from that. Your job is only to keep your flame burning bright and strong.

You can live without water for days. hawks usually represent vision. The result is stagnation. clarity. In truth. 14. He did many other paintings of landscapes with an easel in the middle bearing a canvas on which the landscape was continued. your clarity of mind. 26. be grateful. Magritte Surrealist painter Rene Magritte was very interested in perception and reality. Better yet. illumination. Breath In the west. smile. Do not fret. Do you fight for breath? Do you breathe shallow. and your feeling of well-being. tenacity of purpose. Recipe for Positive Change Positive change requires a positive attitude. In the viewer’s mind the landscape seems to have more reality than the painting on the easel. be appreciative. It is a painting of a pipe. Life is Change Too often we think of life as solid and objective. labeled “C’est n’un pa pipe” (This is not a pipe). 8—10. when our own living experience tells us otherwise. You are the magician. Too often we wish for something different while clinging to what we have now. Hawk As an animal totem. This is not a pipe. 5. and even months. It is good to fly with the hawks. But stop breathing and you will die within minutes. Breathe. breathing from the diaphragm and not just the chest? Changing how you breathe will immediately effect your energy levels. Slight of Hand You are the pea.Quantum Meditations 3. You can live without food for weeks. we tend to overlook the importance of breathing. without filling your lungs? Or do you breathe deeply and fully. He did a series of paintings of pipes. neither have reality beyond their representation of reality. your ability to reason. 11—13. How you breathe has a dramatic effect on how you live. 222 . You are the shell.

in the process transforming it into a higher. or pheromones. T’ai Chi. They say we breathe not just with the lungs. The communication that you gain in this way is beyond quantifying. Kundalini Yoga uses breathing and yoga techniques to release energy within the body. And need we delve into how the larynx and tongue fashion the exhaled breath into audible words for verbal communication? The breath is one of the major ways that everything living on this planet is tied to everything else. and many things that don’t. The goal is to unite the spiritual and the physical and so evolve into a higher form of consciousness. This is very similar to internal Hermetic alchemy. You have been doing it since you drew your first breath. the breath of everything living is tied into the dynamic planetary systems of climate and geological processes. Eastern philosophies recognized that breath—Prana to the Hindu. the breath is the energy flow of the body. to the air around us. 223 . But the concept of the breath in Prana or Chi goes beyond the inhalation and exhalation of the lungs. Communication is a two-way street. And en masse. When you exhale. Chi Gong and the various internal martial arts. add a part of their essence. Chi to Taoists—was energy and life. which also involves a number of transformative meditations to which breathing is the key. We breathe with our kidneys and our livers. Proper breathing is essential to Yoga. In this sense.Quantum Meditations Beyond this. moving it up through the seven chakras or energy centers of the body. These altered states are useful in psychotherapy and personal transformation. Everything that lives. with our brains and all of our organs. your breath is a form of intimate communication between you and the rest of the world. When you inhale. which utilizes breathing exercises in conjunction with massage and rhythms to produce altered states of consciousness. but with our hands and the soles of our feet. It is the perfume you add to the world. spiritual energy. you extrude a bit of your essence in your breath. you take in that essence and process it within your body. Our breath is the earth’s breath. Maryland psychiatrist Stanislav Groff has pioneered a technique he calls holotropic breathing. The same breath flows through all.

you are like the cork always seeking your level at the surface of the water. If you are ever trapped in quicksand or mud. 35. each of us. They will find that it takes too much effort to draw you down to their level. And as old influences pass away. you will experience fewer such circumstances and find yourself subjected to fewer such people. This energy field is prana. soaking in the negativity of events and the people around you. you will find yourself attracting more events at your new level. 27. as time goes on. If you give in to this feeling. they stick a firehose down the side of the person’s body and turn on the water. We are. Cork The following is a dialog from inspiration to the poet. pulsing within the greater energy field of everything that exists. you can become as the rock and sink straight to the bottom. the breath that gives us existence. But if you are truly enlightened and do not lose sight of your newfound awareness. Of energy are atoms made. Quicksand When the fire department is called upon to free someone from quicksand. When events and circumstances do submerge you in the stream. Those people who would seek to drag you down will find it uncomfortable to be around you. the breath that gives us awareness. This breaks the suction of the quicksand and the person floats up to the top. an energy field. you will automatically shoot back up to the surface. they may even find themselves rising toward your level. and of atoms everything physical is composed. When you are enlightened. find a stick and shove it down along your side. and then push it away 224 .Quantum Meditations Beneath this world of physical form. everything is made of energy. And this is the breath that flows through everything. floating at the surface. just as soon as the circumstances or people release you. you feel the buoyancy pulling you back up. instead of entangled among the roots. breath. It may seem that you have lost your awareness. Furthermore. You will find yourself floating among the lily pads. the breath that ties us all together. truly enlightened and in touch with your higher source. With any luck.

Everything that exists has a song. this is manipulation and it will be resisted by the thing or event. A molecule is composed of a number of atoms all joining together in their compliments and contrasts. the choir. whether good or ill. a tone. to produce broad themes of compliments and contrasts. woodwinds. A molecule is a chorus. It is possible to manipulate something into changing or happening by drawing variations on its song. or a section (strings. The world is a grand operatic cycle. An atom is a voice. To change something in this way. Song of Existence series This series poses a musical metaphor for quantum physics. This will break the suction and you will be able to escape— hopefully without losing your shoe. complimentary and contrasting. Time to Dance & 38. You cannot interact with anything without first harmonizing your song with it. It also acknowledges that at the basis of all is vibration. All energy has a frequency. This will cause a warping or deviance in both the melody of the thing manipulated and in your own melody. It is vibrational. The Song of Life Everything is composed of energy. resulting in a codependency and an addiction. you must keep your attention focused on its melody. at which time the two will diverge in a painful manner. A living organism is an opera. 36—39. percussion). the set. For whatever intent. Eventually you will have to let go of the other to focus on your own melody. the soloists.Quantum Meditations from you. An atom is composed of a number of tones. A physical thing is an orchestra. composing its own score as it goes along. A physical thing is composed of a number of molecules. all joining together their choruses and sections. A pulse of energy is a vibrational frequency. A living organism is an assemblage of physical things. brass. 37. it is the orchestra. 225 . Everything that is alive has a song with infinite variations. Every unit of energy has a tone. Nothing happens in your life unless you first reflect its theme in your own song.

Stream of Existence series This series contains some of the deepest Meditations up to this point. joyful and pure. Is the glass half full. 49. To all things. But above all. Landscape Another nonlinear piece. or half empty? Better to set the glass aside and follow the stream to the ocean. and everything in your life will resonate with your brilliant paean. glorious ode of joy. and you will draw to you that theme which resonates within their own melody. Therefore. and herein lies our choice of how we will manifest our reality. playing on the duality of all things. Simple awareness of existence underlies everything that exists. We are all immersed in the stream of existence. there are two ends or two sides.Quantum Meditations The only healthy way to draw change into your life is through your own song. Be the change you want. In physics. Harmonize your melody with that which you like in the world and the people about you. make it pure and bright. 58—63. hence the nonlinear aspect. Energy is Awareness series At the basis of all is awareness. There is a single flow of awareness and energy vibrating through all of existence. bright. And everything that exists in this space in time is also related to every other space and time. It is from this innate awareness that 226 . 52. Focus on your own voice. and every probable space and time. everything that exists at any particular space in time is closely related. All of the elements of the scene exist simultaneously. 64—71. And it has been proven experimentally. It is the energy and awareness that is passing through the entire scene in the moment as it is witnessed. sing your own song. Everything is related. The tension of existence resides in this duality. Passing Through One of the more nonlinear Meditations. Here is where the frontiers of thought come to the fore. Focus upon your own song and make of it a triumphant. This is a recreation of the scene outside my window on the winter day that it was written. this is known as nonlocality.

Beneath everything is a positive flow of awareness. In awareness of itself. Of course. witchcraft and alchemy. It is relative to this flow that everything is measured. Awareness obeys one basic law: like attracts like. 72—78. and if you miss the target. a novel—the artist can spend a good part of his or her time in this elevated state. And here is the cycle that quantum physics is on the verge of rediscovering. The dawning of awareness was the precursor to the Big Bang of physics. the artist does not inhabit this state all of the time—it’s something she or he has trained for through the practice of opening up to inspiration. The experience can be quite wearing. Creativity series Creativity can act as a shortcut for bringing a person into alignment with his or her higher self. the outcome is tragic. eternally in the process of transforming. Odysseus’ Bow Many of us place ourselves into very uncomfortable predicaments just to make use of the contrast created between where we are and where we would be. allowing imagination 227 . It is rather akin to making yourself into a human cannonball. 64. This is a method I used to force myself into the transformational process that is the subject of these Meditations. freely dancing through each step of the cycle. When creating a massive artwork—a painting. All That Is knows itself. Be careful not to focus exclusively upon physical expression and you will find that you live within the round. To free yourself within this cycle. Manifestation series Here is spelled out the cycle of existence and manifestation. All That Is exists.Quantum Meditations matter is manifest. a sculpture. Artists do this all of the time. This is the secret cycle behind all ceremonial magic. an opera. The artist has learned naturally to open her or himself and resides in a state of creative receptivity. months or even years. 79—87. know that you are something in motion. Through awareness. This is the round within which we all travel. And all awareness has a creative impetus to expand and become more than it was—to evolve. But I do not recommend it. which is by nature a state of alignment and allowing.

and we are the artists. as in dreaming and meditation. The artist enters into a state rather akin to dreaming. 228 . signaling that we had reached a milestone in our path. It was a seminal experience. there can be a great deal of variance between the baseline emotional state and the state of creative inspiration. a group of ravens is called an unkindness of ravens. we only need know that it is the medium. But it is quite possible for the artist to raise his or her baseline through frequent creative inspiration. And I. Properly understood. And. They are considered to be intelligent messengers between physical existence and the underworld. despair can slingshot the artist into inspiration with much more drama. or meditation. But neither the ravens nor I like this term. for one. 101—109. They have petitioned to be referred to in plural as a sorrow of ravens. To break free of this hardened clay. At this point in the production of Quantum Meditations. they were there in numbers to greet us. 91—100. like modeling clay. we spent several days surrounded by ravens.Quantum Meditations and the muse to take over. maya is a rich medium for creation. Ravens are often perceived as trickster characters. On the other hand. the raven and its smaller brother the crow are important symbols for several phases of transformation. The idea that artists must suffer for their art is wrong. In alchemy. we become mired in the clay and reality becomes a hardened prison to which we can only react. The threelegged crow is an especially powerful archetype. Sorrow of Ravens series I know. This variance can lead to the emotional instability so many artists experience. Maya series Maya is the Hindu word for the illusion of physical reality. An emotional baseline of joy or appreciation can be much more conducive to artistic inspiration than a baseline of despair. have granted their petition. Not that this is the way of things. Wherever we went. Yet when we lose sight of its true nature and eternal mutability.

This Eternal Moment series We live in this present moment of our awareness. Whether or not the police stand firm against these marchers. 134—138 Proclamation Versus Protest series The vocal group Sweet Honey in the Rock got their start singing at protest marches. This is the true magic of manifestation. Be the change you want. Now imagine marchers approaching a line of police. But the power of magic is found in the power of thought and true imagination. In language and archetypal images there is the power to change reality as it is perceived and experienced. The proper attitude is open awareness. 117—126. Within each of us there is a center. Resistance reinforces that which you are resisting. and you give up life. they have lost all validity against this proclamation of inner truth. Proper Attitude series Attitude is critical. 229 . where we interact with existence to manifest reality. This moment is eternal. Struggling against something strengthens that which you struggle against. yet ever changing as our awareness changes. and around each center radiates the universe. singing at the top of their lungs old negro spirituals such as This Little Light of Mine. Imagine a crowd of angry protestors approaching a line of riot police. denial allows free rein to that which is denied.Quantum Meditations 110—116. Their songs and their voices galvanized marchers and gave them a positive productive focus. Magic series The cycle of existence is an operation of magic. This moment is our point of power. 127—133. Give up this seat of power to anyone or anything else. open and accepting of change. This is the power of passive resistance as understood by Ghandi & Martin Luther King Jr. This is how a march becomes an irresistible movement. The police would draw strength from the anger of the protestors. They would break the protest in whatever manner necessary. The center of our universe is within us. At the same time.

and it is an eternal. let go of trying too hard. Until you can close this distance. There is only a thin veil between our world and the underworld. Thee and Thou series The most important relationship in your life is that between you and your higher self or source. When there is struggle. Relax and let go. where chaos and order tango with our thoughts. assess whether or not your position is justified. If it is. Closing the gap is as easy as being aware of the degree of anxiety within you and always moving towards minimizing your angst and maximizing your joy. 146—151. Every day this veil grows thinner. When there is anger. instead of struggling to change others. you will remain lost. our desires and our beliefs to create the wakeaday world of our experience. Instead of struggling to change the world. let go of your striving. let go of that which you are resisting.Quantum Meditations Whenever faced with opposition. our feelings. It is the origin of all creativity and vitality. When there are blockages. 139—145. Overcoming Obstacles series The answer is always to let go. you should focus your awareness on the distance between you and your higher self. Nor is it merely the place where the dead wait. at the mercy of outside influences. infinite fountain of positive energy. The underworld is what physicist David Bohm refers to as the implicate. The underworld is not at all a negative place. Closing the gap is as easy as thinking a happy thought. The higher self or source is always focused where you want to go. think of Ghandi. and unfulfilled. It is the place of total freedom. Orpheus in the Underworld series The artist is always granted admittance to the underworld by his muse. Soon the time will come when even 230 . instead of struggling to please or rescue others. Then everything will come to you. let go of your resistance and work your way through the anger. 152—160. King and join your voice with Sweet Honey in the Rock.

it is the heart and essence of who and what you are. through dreams. through insights and intuitions. we say let go. All we need do is open ourselves to this communication. We spend too much time bemoaning our fate. Once again. and look for the best in everyone and everything. And that which we draw into our lives depends on which side of the stick we grasp. Finally the implicate gives birth to the explicate. our higher self. 174—179. And then we will become those who dwell on both sides. Nor could you save it if it were. The world is not in need of salvation. But the yarrow sticks are only one method of communication. Yarrow sticks have two ends. What’s the Problem series The problem is that we continue to focus on the problem. This is a meditative process designed to allow the unconscious—the implicate or underworld—to communicate with our wakeaday world. let it go. and a celebration of your recovered freedom. All that you can do is pay attention to where you stand in the current moment of your power. Once you are aware of a problem. the dreams of the underworld are brought to the light of wakeaday life. through synchronicities. They are followed by a clear vision of the nature of reality. 231 . What we are really consulting is our unconscious and our source. an empowerment and an embrace. Dance with Yarrow Sticks series The traditional method of consulting the I Ching is to use yarrow sticks. So awakening to the source is awakening to yourself. Our higher self is trying to communicate with us all the time. 161—169. Awakening to the Source series The source is you.Quantum Meditations the slightest puff of breath will part the veil. magnetized opposites. 170—173. Then the solution will come to you. Everything that exists is two things. The opening meditations of this series are about connecting with the source. It is a coming home and a centering.

ravens are the messengers between the wakeaday world and the underworld. It is through the amplitude and frequency—the pitch and tone—of vibration that everything that exists comes to be. And sometimes it speaks through intuitions and feelings. if you only know how to listen. which is expanded upon by matter. Whether it be energy awareness. lack of abundance. Everything that exists is a vibration—a vibration of energy. Without awareness there is no existence. Focus on how you inhale and exhale 232 . Sing in full harmony with the song of your inner source or higher self and the universe will sing with you. Awareness is the prerequisite for existence. cellular awareness. a vibration of awareness. And they found it great fun. Finding Your Way series The world speaks to you. lack of love—focus on your breath. Horses are the laborers of the physical world. Existence Ravens—and crows—in the past were known to fly down over horses and mimic the phrase “Gitty up. Achetypally. subatomic or atomic awareness. 189. Other times it speaks in soft metaphors and allusions. So it is the messengers of the underworld that make the laborers of the wakeaday world run. Sometimes it speaks loud and bold in events and experiences that hold clear messages.Quantum Meditations 180—186. 200—212. 213—221. 187—200. Physics of Existence series Matter is the expression of energy.” Somehow. which is the expression of awareness. or conscious awareness. Everything it says is formulated in the effort help you find your way. they learned that doing this would send the horses off in a run. Be aware of the song you sing. Playing in Tune series Find your song and sing it. We draw into reality that which is attracted by our vibration. be aware of your own vibration—and you have found the key to harmony with the universe. Breathing Miracles series If you feel a lack—lack of health. everything that exists is aware. Be aware of the vibrational nature of everything—most of all.

222—230. To those who are open. Know that health. Every effect is caused first by vibration before there is any apparent physical cause. abundance. brought forth to manifest vortexes of creativity and transformation. Most people seem oblivious to their presence. To those who are not open to their presence. love all come as freely as the air we breathe. And where you have mastered your control over vibration. you will see them again and again. Visualize each inhalation taking in whatever you are lacking. The cause is not in the world of your physical senses. And I have heard other people claim they are hawks or turkey buzzards. they are hawks or turkey buzzards. I believe they are a testimony to the creative vitality of the earth. And we have seen them so close there can be no doubt as to what they are. I have seen other people look directly at them without apparently seeing them. or you will never see them. We have seen them so far up in the sky they were nearly in the clouds. Along with possibly a few nature spirits. That is nature’s way. That which we call miracles are due to our intense focus upon the physical. from Michigan down to the Ohio River.” And I suspect they are witnesses to the vitality of the earth. Their presence says. But be aware of them. you will see them gliding far above you. sometimes flying in numerous convocations. and be open to their presence. Be open to the presence of the eagles. And once you have seen them. Do not search the skies for them.Quantum Meditations freely. Nature’s Way series This meditation marks our first sighting of an eagle. if you do not attempt to block the flow but rather go with it. we will bring the eagles back. We have since seen them many times. no apparent cause is necessary to manifest an effect. they do not exist. And other vital creatures that have vanished. And when you least expect it. but must rationalize. “That which was gone will come again when drawn by the right vibration. In this way. freeing yourself in joy and creativity. 233 . But we know they are eagles. We forget that everything is vibrational in nature. and visualize each exhalation releasing that same thing with your impression on it. the cause is vibrational.

introduced myself. Know perfection in each moment.Quantum Meditations 230—237 This Place in Time series After hearing of some synchronistic meetings involving various acquaintances. You have to stop pushing against reality. You have to let go of the physical wakeaday world and focus on your vibration. The Secret of Manifestation series The secret of manifestation is focus. and instead resonate with the internal vitality of all that is. The Distance between You and You series Life is lived in the distance between you and you. and know that you are the puppet and the puppeteer. a small town off the beaten trail. I went into the building where these synchronicities took place. 306—310. You have to want it more than anything. Your fulfillment or disappointment is determined by how you close or lengthen this distance. a crossing point of lay lines. and expectant unattachment—not detachment. you are free to do and be anything. From the underworld. you can take a conscious hand in fashioning your own reality. crossing this threshold again. while not caring one whit about when or how it comes. It was my first interaction with psychics. 311—317. 234 . and was immediately taken in as a friend. united nonlocally with all that exists. And now here I was. You have to resonate with it. Hatching out of your ego. until the reality of the song you sing takes on primary importance. This village and the surrounding environs has always been a locus for me. Everywhere. the implicate. to go anywhere. while you stop checking to see if it has manifest. Cracking the Stone series You must crack the ego to escape and become who you truly are. 318—323. I made a trip to the location of these occurrences. and my introduction to the Seth material of Jane Roberts and the idea that we create our own reality. you can see the wonder and vitality that resounds throughout existence. There I learned that many years ago this building housed a spiritualist church. so many years later. some friends took me there. When I was a teen.

But in the end.Quantum Meditations 324. and the unconditional love we bear for 235 . Whether these changes are positive or negative is entirely up to us. every bit as much as did the ancient Greeks and Romans. And when your myths fail to serve. in science. Inner Sun series Bask in the inner sun. it is only a myth. is due to the imagination.—326. do not hesitate to discard them for one more serviceable. where we will be bound only by our true selves. We are the conscious cocreators. Myth series We live by our myths. 340—344. Science is one of the most consistent myths we have yet designed. And as our understanding is refined. our expanded identity of who and what we are. We are the self-referential consciousness. Yet. so the myth of science is redefined. And yet the imagination is not valued in our society.—339. 346—351. Summonsing the Eagles series The Earth is awakening and reclaiming its own vitality. in art. Take your path in the dancing of your internal sun. Everything we believe is a myth. then choose your myths carefully. Imagination is the wings of man. The eagles are a sign of Earth changes to come. Imagine series True imagination. 332. our most subjective knowledge that we are intimately connected to everything else that exists. 327—331. It is time for us to spread our wings and join the eagles. All that humanity has achieved. is the greatest gift we possess. Allow your inner sun to shine forth and illuminate your way. without imagination. the ability to see what is not there. reacting to stimuli in our narrow range of experience. we are automatons performing mechanically. Make them the most freeing and empowering myths possible. It is something children are urged to grow out of as they mature. and in spirituality. If we must have myths to live by. Bound for the Unbound series We are moving into a new world. Then the world will shine on you.

We will live our song. everything is vibrational. 236 . or to enjoy the journey downstream. Remember. Gauging the River series We can now feel the river flowing strongly through us. The choice is ours. and our song will be our guide. We hope you have had a pleasant journey to this point. Let us always keep our bearings. and there are many wonders ahead.Quantum Meditations all existence. Find and proclaim your own vibration and the world will match it. as in a modulation of musical keys. This is the end of the first volume of Quantum Meditations. And let us never mistake the story we tell for reality. but it is only the beginning of the journey. we will be bounded only by our imagination and the love we bear for everything else and for ourselves. Do not give up the altitude you have gained for anyone or anything. where even the veil between the wakeaday world and the underworld is lifted. whether to resist it and be beat up in the process. where probabilities reside within easy transition. 352—358. for then we will be trapped. The trail from here leads ever up. Here. and we hope you will join us on the journey to come. knowing our compass and our sun lie within.

singing. birthing faster than the capability of definition. It is the act of loving that transforms lover and beloved from two into one. the lover. that all would fly to pieces at the slightest disruption. and suddenly there was an I opposed to the other. I and the other danced out a mating ritual. and said. denying the one. “I/you am/are you/me. portioning and proportioning in an effort to fill infinity and thus bury the one. to an objective observer.” In an ecstatic orgy. And the lover looked out through this I. the other withdrew into itself. But the other grew dizzy of the dancing and sought separation from such close contact with the one. and it is the most subjective of perceptions that holds all diverse elements of the creation together. escaping the only way possible. And the one became an unfathomable phantom to the other. But the objective cannot perceive the subjective. There was a struggle between them until.” Thus was infinity born. “I/you love you/me. The myriad creation multiplied at such a magnitude it would seem. perceiving this other yet knowing perceiver and perceived were one. April.” said the lover. growing distant from creation while being that self-same creation. was lost within itself. And that creation. “I love. the other.Quantum Meditations Appendix—Precedents Creation Myth It is the act of loving which divided lover from beloved. 1987 237 .

And why would you want to? Better to dance round the flame of existence and dream the world into being from your lotus blossom. Step aside and allow yourself to become You can never escape yourself. who you are supposed to be.Quantum Meditations Shiva’s Revenge Where we touch a bramble grows. Some bear thorns and briars that tangle into a hopeless mire becoming Chinese handcuffs that trap the subject so long as they are touched. Karma is coming to get you. 10/13/10 238 . Some are green and verdant bearing fruit. or the environment in which you exist. nourishing and complimenting.

metaphysical fiction. alchemy and new thought. inching his way along the path as it is revealed to him. he divides his time between Michigan and Southern Indiana. a poet. photo by Elizabeth Pfeiffer . Currently.About the Author PD Allen is a novelist. living with his lovely wife. a musician and a geologist. Elizabeth. He is also a student of enlightenment. He is a writer of high (or true) imagination.

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