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Coast Miwok & Tamal Machchaw Fededration Indian groups - Coas Miwok all of marine & southern sonata

county 1572 - first contact biggest devastation was decease big contact was in early 1700s with Spain & Russia 30-70k in area (low number as deceases moved ahead of Spanish) Dense population Today only membership is 1200 all related to 14 survivors Mission system people moved away from habitation area and forced on Mission after entering mission had a life span of 4 years Mexico control missions secularized - into Hospitals indians moved into territory Indians could not move back into original area because Mexican gov had sold land (homeless) CA became a state 1850 1906 - congress made program to help homeless indians 1920 - when BIA started 1923 - when Reserve was set up little funds no infrastructure Ranchoreas - combined many different people into one group/land 1924 - citizenship's given to all Indians 1950s - termination acts End Rancheries rather than deal with them (hopping for indian assimilation) No vote - illegal Now had to pay taxes = lost land because no money 1992 - Group wanted to move into Marine county to set up land base even though local group did not have own land Restoration process - 1996 congress act could be undone by congress again Bush administration took away tribe - so had to go into gaming

2nd only to Alaska with number of Indians - 700k but not much land & spread out other indian groups sent to urban areas from other States Impacts on people

Missions - brough in cattle, decease, and invasive plants Gold Rush - murdered people lost language from forced boarding schools \ trying to relearn the language from one person help from Berkley Baskets most are in Europe and Russia because of trading during gold rush Scholars found them and found new scholars in europe with similar information money was shell disks and woven into baskets made out of truly & rissoles, feathers, grasses, Gunkus, sedges, pine-nutes & baked shells trade beed inaccessibility - vineyards and pesticides Museams - have them stanford & De Yung, classes Film festival (second week of november