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TEST TERM ONE Mark Teachers comment

Question I: Listen and tick ( ) the 1. classroom school 2. please meet 3. you book 4. nice fine 5. pen pencil Question II. Listen and number: Good afternoon, teacher. Im fine, thank you. And you? Good morning, class. How are you today? Fine, thanks.

words you hear: library friend room hi big

Question III: Complete the sentences. School / small / name / hello A:...Mai. This is my.. B: Whats its ..? A: It is Dinh Hoa School. B: Oh. Its . Question IV: Choose A, B or C. 1. Thatmy classroom. A, am B, is C, are 2. Bye. See later. A, you B, your C, yours 3, Whats your? A, name B, school C, book

4., please. A, you B, my C, your 5. It is Van Hai A, pen B, school C, book 6. up, please. A, stand B, sit C, open 7. Hemy friend. A, am B, is C, are 8.May I . out? A, pen B, see C, go Question V: Match column A with column B. 1. 2. 3. 4. A Who is she? Whats your name? Nice to meet you. Is your book big? B a. My names Nga. b. She is Mai. c. Yes, it is. d. Nice to meet you too.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Question VI: Using the following words to make sentences. 1. Who / she ? 2. Open / book / please. 3. My name / Hoa. The end!