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|] TEACH YOURSEL RABIC P| R. Smart s a complete course in written and spoken Arabic. you have never learned Arabic before, or if your rabie needs brushing up, Teach Yourself Arabic is for | nu, Teach Yourself Arabic is unique. Jack Smart explains erything clearly along the way and gives you plenty of portunities to practice what you have learned. The aded structure means that you can work at your own ice, arranging your learning to suit your needs. The urse contains: A detailed introduction to the Arabic script and pronunciation Units introducing and explaining the basic constructions of Arabic Further units of dialogues, reading passages, notes on gulture and more functions of Arabic ction on Arabic numerals __ BE sisos =o (guided learning —with more than 30 million win ii | vies sold workdwide—the Teach Yourself series | * fades ver 200 titles inthe fields of languages, ey fs ts spr ander ese svc hie oMreosactes7sn0 i 1S8N 0-1 Hes s7si-s | Ml : 4 g 6 6 i a a a g az 5 5 = 5 5 ARABIC ARABIC J. R. Smart TEACH YOURSELF BOOKS