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(2nd Fortnight Report of Internship Activities at UBL Kassowal)

From 15th of July to 28th of July

Sent To:
Sir Asad-ur-Rehman

Sent By:
Muhammad Hamza Javed BBS-10-38



Department of Business Administration

Daily Activities at United Bank Limited

15-July-2013 After another weekend it was a busy day. I spend the whole day in account opening department and now I am fully aware about the account opening procedure. Today I have opened 4 accounts. 16-July-2013 It was another day in account opening department and today I worked on the Resolving Discrepancies of accounts. 17-July-2013 Today 1 officer was on leave and whole day I was on his seat and whole day I performed his duties in the bank. 18-July-2013 Today I came to know that how to upload data of new applicant for an account on the head office central processing unit. 19-July-2013 It was my last day in account opening department and from the Monday to Friday I have opened 10 new accounts of applicants. It was a great week in account opening department and my internship in charge is very corporative with me.

20-July-2013 Saturday (off)

21-July-2013 Sunday (off)

22-July-2013 After another weekend today I continue my internship program again and I learn about the types of slips and remittances forms e.g. online forms which are used when a customer wants to transfer money by using online way.

23-July-2013 I am aware about the types of checks and there functions. For example bearer checks, cross checks etc.

24-July-2013 Today I meet with an agent of NIFT who provides services to all banks in the region. Basically his work is to transfer checks in the banks and he work for clearing house.

25-July-2013 I came to know about drafts and traveler checks. We can take a valued piece of paper from bank it is easy and convenient way to take money from one place to another without any danger.

26-July-2013 Today I learn that Ubl grant loans. Ubl provides agricultural loans to the people but there is a condition that the person who wants to take loan he must have an account in ubl. There are many more things that bank require from customer I will mention it in my internship report. 27-July-2013

Saturday (off) 28-July-2013 Sunday (off)