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Industrial Dispute

MEANING OF INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE:Any dispute or diff. b/w employers & employers, or b/w employers & workmen, or b/w workmen & workmen which is connected with the employment or nonemployment or the term & conditions of employment of any person.

(a) Dispute or diff must be b/w employers & or workmen. (b) The dispute or diff. must be connected with the employment or terms of employment or with the condition of labour of any person. WHO CAN RAISE A DISPUTE:When some demand is made by workmen & it is rejected by the management or vice versa,& the demand is relating to the employment.

Causes of Disputes
The causes of industrial dispute can be classified into two broad categories: a) Economic Causes and b) Non Economic Causes Economic causes includes : i) Wages and allowances ii) Condition of work and employment iii) Unjust dismissals and Retrenchment

Iv) bonus etc. Non Economic Causes: i) victimization of workers ii) ill-treatment by supervisory staff iii) Sympathetic strike etc iv) Leave and hours of work

Preventive and settlement machinery for industrial dispute

Preventive Machinery for Handling Industrial disputes: A) workers Participation in management B) collective Bargaining C) Grievance Procedure D)Tripartite Bodies E) Code of Discipline F) Standing orders

Settlement Machinery: i) Conciliation ii) Court of enquiry iii) Voluntary arbitration iv) Adjudication ****************