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Ben Crouch First Subsea

First Subsea
Introduction to First Subsea Subsea Mooring Connectors Pipeline Recovery and Repair

First Subsea
Formerly BSW Ltd Ballgrab Established 1994 Patented ball & taper technology Extensive oil and gas experience Based in NW England Employ 40 staff +representatives worldwide Queens Award Winner 2004 Certified QMS to ISO 9001:2000 World leading Forging Metals Research

Engineered Solutions
Complete Engineering Service FEED Studies Undertaken Conceptual Design Bespoke Detailed Design Prototyping and Testing Installation and Operations Total Product Support

First Subsea

Subsea Mooring Connectors Pipeline Repair and Recovery Tools Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors Deployment and Recovery Tools Handling and Pull-in tool Decommissioning Tooling Autoswage Pipeline Connectors Pile Handling and Connections

The Ballgrab Principle

Mechanical Mechanism Friction / Wedge Locking Individual Multi-Point Grip Grip Elements in Compression Grip is proportional to load Self Aligning / Self activating Connect in any orientation No Release under load Fully scaleable design Bespoke design solutions

Why Use Ballgrab?

Quick make up Full vertical access Heave tolerant Simple ROV-operated release system Simple mechanical design High strength connections Custom design High quality forged materials Approved by a wide range of certifying bodies

Ballgrab Mooring Applications

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) SPAR Buoy Mooring Disconnectable Turret Buoys (STP) Single Point Mooring (SPM) Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Pipeline End Termination (PLET) Riser Tie Down (RTD) Mid Water Arch (MWA)

Red Hawk Spar Installation

Murphy Kikeh Spar Mooring

1st deepwater development offshore Malaysia Dry Tree Unit Spar mooring Tender Assisted Drilling semi-submersible West Satia

mooring TOMI suction pile design, pre-installed female connectors 4,462 ft (1,360m) mooring depth 18 Ballgrab connectors

Vincent Submerged Turret Buoy

Offshore Australia tow-out issues: shallow coral reef on

route 9 off series 2 Ballgrab Connectors Ballgrab mooring approach Permitted installation of mooring lines later Buoy fitted with female mooring receptacles Simpler load out Easier and safer tow out Final connections made subsea

Chinook-Cascade Mooring
Pre-installed female connectors on buoy Chinook-Cascade FPSO, Gulf of Mexico Easier transport and installation (testing images) Deepest STP mooring so far 2,645m Submerged Turret Buoy (STP) 11 Ballgrab connectors

Pipeline Recovery

Ball and Taper technology Pipeline acts as female connector 2 30 pipeline recovery Rigid and flexible pipeline Seabed and under rock recovery ROV interface / Dewatering Innovative reverse Ballgrab grip for small pipes

Autoswage Pipeline Repair

Ball and Taper technology Quick Connect = Quick Release Point Push Connect Umbilical Intervention Connector Pipeline Repair and Jumpers

First Subsea
Proven Ball and Taper technology Over 250 SMC installations Many deepwater Firsts
Perdido Spar Chinook-Cascade Kikeh

Growing range of subsea tools

Pipeline Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors Fender tools

First Subsea
Thank you Ben Crouch Sales Engineer, First Subsea