How do you feel about the image of youth today?

• To analyse how youth is portrayed in the media •Key concepts: stereotype, media, self-image
Learning Objective:

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What does it mean to be a young person in the 21st Century? Tell a friend your answer to this question.


Vocab: •Whereas •In contrast •Similar •Different Share your sentence with your partner and be ready to feedback the best sentence. .How do you feel about the youth report? Write one sentence explaining the difference or similarity between your statement and the media portrayal of modern youth.

Write your sentence here! The one gang member was doing the gun pointing with his hand unfound prime minister The gang where carrying a knife the gang show that they had a drugs also dog (dangers dog) .

Write what is important to youth today on and around the body outline .

Level 7 + .6 basic points = Level 4 + 6 -7 basic and detailed points Level 5 + 7 – 8 – basic and detailed points – Level 6 + 8 + detailed points .Success Criteria 3 – 4 basic points = Level 3 + 5 .

Plenary: On the post-it note write one positive thing about young people today! .

Save your work!! • Save your work to your user area. • Save the document as – 001 Learning for Life .

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