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Nu Flow South Africa Licensee Retrofits Drain Lines Under Slab

Nu Flows unique drain lining solution can rehabilitate any pipe line within a building. Using existing access points,
technicians first clean the drain lines and then install the Pull-in-Place liner without having to dig into the slab of the
building. This process is non-disruptive to residents, and it saves the customer time and money when compared to
a traditional pipe repair.
Project: Rehabilitate failing
drain lines in-place using
the non-destructive Nu Drain
pipe lining system.
Customer and Site: Belle
France is a 50-year-old
apartment building in Sea
Point, South Africa.
System: Cast iron drain
lines with diameters of
50mm (2 inches) and 110mm
(4.3 inches). The pipes are
located in the floor slabs on
the third through fifth floors.
Problem and
Circumvention: These
aged and failing drain lines
were leaking in between the
floors. Since the pipes are
located beneath the floor,
a traditional pipe repair
would comprise of chopping
through the concrete slab.
This would be messy,
expensive and cause a
large inconvenience to

Nu Drain was used to retrofit the failing drain lines that are
located underneath concrete slab within residents homes.
The customer was satisfied with the non-destructive solution
that took a fraction of the time that a traditional pipe repair
would have taken.

Solution: Water Damage Services, a Nu Flow South Africa licensee, first cleaned the pipes using Nu Flows unique
Micro Cutter cleaning tool. Water Damage Services then used Nu Flows Pull-in-Place pipe lining system, Nu Drain,
to reline the rusted cast iron pipe in-situ. The pipes were rehabilitated without having to break through the buildings
walls or floor slabs, so there was not any disruption to residents. The job took a fraction of the time that a traditional
repipe would have taken. This new, seamless pipe-within-a-pipe will prevent leaks and other failures.

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