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Microsoft Dynamic Part 3

Microsoft Dynamic Part 3

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Microsoft Dynamic Part 3
Microsoft Dynamic Part 3

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Published by: emin3mfan7756 on Jul 30, 2013
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CULTURE Focus on Transparency. Accountability. and Oversight Open Government Initiative Citizen Engagement Platform Improving Customer Service .

CULTURE RESOURCES Economic impact on revenue and budgets Do more with less .

interaction. and responsiveness Deliver on the mandates of the Culture and Resources .CULTURE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES Leverage innovative solutions to improve communication. collaboration.

increase service and decrease costs . with consent. usually through usually through “opt-in” Cross-referencing citizen information may violate policy / legislation Efficient. businesses. respecting privacy policy. restrict high-cost low margin channels Increase revenue and market share. cost-effective. decrease costs Collect citizen information with consent. accessible service for all Offer broadest possible range of channels Increase transparency and compliance.Private Sector CRM Customers typically external to organization Identify “best” customers Public Sector CRM Customer can be citizens. usually through “opt-out” Cross reference disparate customer information Retain existing customers. respecting privacy policy. grown market share. other government departments. Universality is the guiding principle Collect all available information on customers. other governments Treat all citizens equitably. “fire the worst customer” Close-down.

Permits & Certification Management . and … Outreach & Contact Economic Development Accountable Request & Task Management Licenses.Case & Claim Management Complaint & Incident Handling Grants Management Field Inspection & Investigation Traditional CRM.


Dynamics Public Sector xRM Functionality .

Dynamics Public Sector xRM Functionality .

Video – Urban Hero .

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